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I’ve been searching
for it since morning. Where did I put it? Mom, where is it?
– It’ll be near the pen stand. No, I didn’t find there.
– It’ll be there somewhere. Look carefully. How absent minded I’m becoming lately. Wonder what she broke this time.
– Where did you keep it, mom? It is right here.
– Instead of wasting time, you should’ve found it for me. I was busy with chores.
– Like I wasn’t. Mom, I’m sorry.
– Whatever. Now get going. – Okay, bye! Who ever marries this girl
is a fool. You literally should grow muscles to open this damn lift.
Wonder what for they take maintainence fees. No one is here?
Then what for did it stop at this level? I should close the lift again?
What a fool. Hey, wait there! This guy is deadmeat.
Don’t you got manners? Can’t you close the lift’s door? You think I was hired by these apartments
to work as the lift’s gate keeper? I’m so sorry. Let me open the door for you.
– No, thanks. I’m heading out anyway. She yelled like a retard. Where is the watchman? How can he let any idiot
park his bike so close to the car’s door? Kittayya! Coming, ma’am! The lady goon is here.
– You tell me, how can I now get into my car? This man hardly pays any heed despite several requests.
– Then make him pay heed. Also, I heard you asked my mom for some money?
– Yes, ma’am. I’m a little tight on money. Thank you so much, ma’am!
– Now remove the bike and tell him to never park it here. None came to my rescue
when I was getting beaten and now they make fun of me? In the middle of the road?
– You got space. Go around us. They’re dead! You think your dad owns this road?
– No, my dad is from Kadapa. How can you chit chat in the middle of the road?
And you tell me to go around you? Chit chat? We were discussing something so important.
Also, you had place to drive past around us. Not only are you at fault, you are now arguing with me?
– Of course! How dare you honk at me? Who gave you the right to park before the apartments?
– Do you own this road? – No, but do you? Firstly, where is your helmet?
– Do you got license? – Yes, I do. Whatever. Please, get going.
– So, you say you won’t move from the middle of the road? Wait right here! I’ll go get the cops.
– Oh, yeah? Like we care! You both are dead!
Wait right here! We shouldn’t give a damn, bro. I shouldn’t have yelled! Easy, Shyamala, easy!
Also, why waste energies on random fools? I’m too small to fight big men.
Also, all are not my mom to let me yell at them. These road side ruffians are always like this.
So, it is me who should mind my business. Prashanth!
– Please, give me two minutes. Two more minutes, please.
– It is urgent. – I’ll call you back. What was that mail you sent me?
– There is some urgency. So, finish the code by today. Because there is urgency,
you think the computer itself will write the code? It is just a machine. And if there is an error in code,
you’ll break all hell loose. You should also think from their perspective, right?
– It isn’t about that, Prashanth! It is about you asking me to finish the work in no time
which is impossible. What if I was on leave today? What if I was sick? You still would’ve asked me
to think from their perspective? Please, tell the client the code
can’t be finished today. Look for other alternatives. If you can’t handle the client, I will.
– That’s not how we should behave. – Thank you. Where is mom? And why are you in kitchen?
– Mom is sick. So, I’m making you your meal before you yell. She is sick?
What happened, mom? I’m running some temperature.
– Shall we go to the doctor? – Not needed. I’ll be alright. Also, why did you try to cook
if you were so sick? Just because I’d yell? You work so hard at work. You’d be upset
if your meal isn’t ready by the time you get home. I would’ve ordered online! Also, I’d be more upset
if you ever repeat this again. See, you are yelling again.
– Alright. Be warned not to repeat this again. How much temperature are you running?
– Not so much. You tell me, how was your day? Hey, guys! I’m so excited
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  2. Harika you are the best the way changed the version from english to Telangana slang was awesome with your HR , better try in feature film

  3. షార్ట్ టెంపర్ హారిక సూపర్బ్

  4. Please put more content only.. 7 min video is too short .
    Put atleast 10 – 15 min video ( without Opening and closing).
    Total video takes 15 – 20 min.

  5. Oh my god I was really wonder na peru tho as it is nannu nenu chusukunatu undi 1:20 aite ma amma dialogue 😂 I'm so happy ma amma garu aite chala enjoy chesaru video thanku so much #dethadi team harika akka nuvvu thopu kirrak asala… Really short temper people ki prema kuda chala ekuva achum na lekane 😍😊😂😂

  6. మమ్మీ ఆర్టిస్ట్ సూట్ అవలేదు

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