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Hey guys I’m Shay Mitchell. I’m an actress, entrepreneur, beauty junkie, and frequent flier. I’ve been juggling work and travel for quite some time and along the way, I’ve picked up some secrets. In this series, I’ll be opening up my little black book to share some of the people and practices that help make my life a little bit easier. I am so excited to take you behind the scenes and bring you guys into my world. Subscribe to the Bazaar channel so you don’t miss an episode. I have always been obsessed with fashion. Since I was young because I was always watching this show called Fashion Television which I now guess is only in Canada. It would always show the new runway looks of the season and I just loved watching and seeing what people were creating. So now being in this industry and going to different public events and red carpets, I really do get to play around with all of the great fashion of our day and its just fun, you know, I really don’t take it too seriously because I think that it’s meant to be fun. My style is really always evolving so I may like something one day and not like it the next. But I love seeing peoples individual styles no matter how normal or crazy or out there they are- I love that. I like dressing up. Definitely. Sorry, I thought this was like a speed round for a second so I was like, “Dressing up!” “Next!’ I’m a big fan of costumes when it comes to, you know, my job. And also it allows me to feel a different way when I’m on the carpet. You know, when you borrow a beautiful dress. Love that, it’s like cinderella. So way back when like good and bad. I wanna start with bad first. Well not bad, it was cute back in the day and I think I felt like Tyra Banks back then but I was going to the Paris Pirates of the Caribbean premiere- Ashley Benson and I. I thought I would dress in theme to the movie so I was on the look out for more of a pirate-y type dress. We were just really excited to be there. There were free churros on the carpet and it was the best. My favorite red carpet fashion moment- Honestly, yes the dress was really stunning but more so it was such a memorable experience, was the Mother’s Day carpet that I did because my family came. My grandma was there and I made her come out on the carpet with me. I love this photo, I literally brought her out and was like, “Okay, do your best Marilyn Monroe impression.” She was like, So I would say some of my looks from this past New York Fashion week was the Kelly and Ryan show. I would say the VMA’s look, I wore this beaded orange dress. I actually got a car that I could stand in, it was like one of those party busses because I couldn’t sit in the dress. So I showed up to the carpet in a party bus. Things you do for fashion. I do. Monica Rose, my fairy god sister. when it comes to style. I started working with Monica this year actually and we first met on a photoshoot that I did with my makeup artist Patrick Ta. Monica is so talented in the things that she pulls and just how she puts them together. And she is truly a magician when it comes to clothing and fashion and styling. So today we are actually going to a fitting- We, you and me. Because I am going to be getting ready for Paris Fashion Week. I am very excited about this fitting because Louis Vuitton, which is the show that I am attending in Paris, sent over some really really beautiful pieces that I can’t wait to see and try on. Buh-bye. I love this! This is so cool! I just love how it’s so dramatic. So, I mean, this can be for dinner or Totally casual for dinner. Yeah, totally casual. Show up outside the other show like, “Oh hello!” I mean it’s so good. It really is. And then we’ll try some sunglasses. I kind of feel like I’m a fashion matrix. I was about to say the same thing! So I have this thing called a mirror face and it really is just that. When I look at anybody normally face to face I have normal face. Next look! I love this! Oh, the mirror face, that means she likes it. Mirror face! Let’s try these. This is fun. I like this a lot. And you can either scrunch the boots down- It’s kinda cute a little scrunched up. Yeah I like that. This is called the flamingo. When you’re testing out each heel. Gotta go, gotta go! No photos please! I think what I love the most about styling you is that you become the character. 100%. Now I’m like Jenny from the block. So like, you can tell when somebody’s style when they’re wearing something. ‘Cause right now in my mind I’m a hip hop, Parisian, French star. “Yo yo, bonjour!” (speaks French) No! But I think that’s what’s so great about fashion is that you like play with it and have fun with it. I love this so much! I love this look! This is what I’m talking about when I say that Monica can literally like change a whole outfit because this dress as I will show you in a few minutes, without the belt or the jacket or anything doesn’t really look like this. This one is very predictable because it goes with everything but I kind of am feeling this bag. I mean you can definitely take both and see what you’re feeling but I love this one. I didn’t think I would with this look but I’m not I’m not mad at it. It’s so cute. I think the backpack wins. And I love how we mix vintage with this. Like the vintage Versace belt. First day in Paris. Just airport, no big deal. This is just a casual getting off the airplane look. So this is after Monica styled and this is what it looked like before. Hey guys welcome to pass fashion week. We are here today. Literally though, if you needed a picnic blanket I could just sit here. This was actually our first shoot. This was the first look that we did. And like this was a dress and then I tucked it under and added this little vintage- Changed the whole look. I loved it so much. I made it on the wall a few times. Of course! Oh my gosh but honestly my favorite thing about coming to this studio is just seeing all the shoes. it’s literally like Carrie Bradshaw. Before I just had them all folded over. and I never knew what I had so I just kept buying the same thing over and over and the next thing you know I had like 6 velvet black boots. They’re all different. Okay you need 12 pairs of just red knee high boots. ‘Cause duh. Why are we hiding these shoes? These need to be on their own little pedestal. These little guys are my favorite. They are the cutest little barbie shoes that I attempted to wear one time but didn’t get a chance to wear them. Too many looks. Too many looks. That’s the problem. Alright guys, so there you have it. Stay tuned to see the rest of my looks in Paris. But for now, I have to continue with this fitting

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    btw if any of you don't know, she has her own youtube channel!! Most of her videos are scripted but they're still really good

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    Love from taniya

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