Shawn Mendes' Response to a Camila Cabello DATING Question Is EVERYTHING!

Shawn Mendes dodging that Camilla Kibeho dating question like a pro but sometimes silence is louder than you think it all went down during a fan meet-and-greet before Shawn took the stage in Dallas Shawn also revealed this about his new butterfly tattoo I just thank you and he hinted a documentary might be on the way working on one but back to Camilla and Shawn the pair has been spending a whole lot of time together lately ever since their steamy seniorita video came out take a close look that's them holding hands up in San Francisco last week and in this shot from the same weekend Shawn's got his arms wrapped around Camilla and of course there's this video of them kissing the pair has been hit with romance rumors for years since 2015 when they released their first collab at the time the pair both told ET and nothing romantic was going on set the record straight no we are just friends for edges and we're not dating yeah we're just friends he's like one of my best friends he's amazing she's amazing like super talented his songwriter like height was so no I mean I've never worked at the Hyksos songwriter who I clicked with as well as her so Jeff [Applause]

28 thoughts on “Shawn Mendes' Response to a Camila Cabello DATING Question Is EVERYTHING!

  1. Bah moi j'embrasse pas mon meilleur ami, à partir de là, faut assumer votre relation, car les "we're just friends" ça tiens plus.

  2. Headline should read…" Shawn Mendes runs with relationship rumours to distract public from his obvious homosexuality" and side note… A butterfly tattoo? C'mon man I'm gay and even that's too gay for me.

  3. I don’t get the fascination with celebrities love lives. Ya’ll act like your gonna be watching them kiss and fuck.

  4. He doesn't need to give a response because if he does he'll just secretly tell everyone that he's actually dating me.

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