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I’m getting married for the second time but my first wedding. I’ve never worn a wedding dress in my life. I’ve never set foot in a bridal store before. So I need a lot of help. Hello how are we today? Hi I’m Lisa. Lovely. How are you? Good to meet you. I hear with have an appointment with you today. We do. Thank you very much. Awesome. All my brides are special. But there’s something about Wendi. Second time brides very special. Have you got an idea of what you’d like? I know what I don’t want more than I know what I want. Yes. No ball gown? No ball gown. Okay. Not a fan of jewel. Okay. Something a bit more straighter, sophisticated. Classy. More elegant? Much more elegant. Yes. I certainly don’t want to be a mutton dressed up as a lamb. I wanna be age appropriate. So I don’t wanna wear anything that’s too young for me. Wendi, you obviously have an amazing guy. Tell me a little bit about him. My fiance Colin is 48 years old and he’s a retail manager. After I got divorced, I never thought I would marry again. I was a single mother, men hating, career woman. There was no way any man was going to even come near me or my children. Okay, what do you think? I’ve had four children so my body isn’t what it was when I was 27. I’m quite self critical and I have mommy rolls and wrinkles. I’m a bit worried how my dress is going to fall on me. Mom looks pretty good doesn’t she? Yeah she looks awesome. How are you feeling Wendi? I don’t um, I don’t love it. Colour could be a little bit deeper but then it’s nice and fresh. I think the colour is very traditional and very bridal pretty. Cos I know you were even thinking this gown. Yeah see that’s a little bit more softer Magnolia colour. With this beading I think its a little bit more glamorous. I like the glamour more than the pretty things I guess. The sheet gown is lovely but it’s not giving you the sexy. No. You need the structure. Yup. I just thought it might be too bridal. Nope. No I don’t think so. You’re his bride for the first time so you’ve still got every right to be a bride. There’s no age limit, you’ve got every right to be a bride. You are a bride and for once, Wendi, it can all be about you. Well the first two dresses narrow down the shape that’s perfect for Wendi. It’s the third dress, an A-Line by Eddy K that I’m putting all my money on. This gown is just perfect for her. Pure elegance, sophistication, sex appeal.

25 thoughts on “Second-time Bride | Say Yes To The Dress Australia | Bride Day Fridays

  1. i dont get why people especially women but not only us are always so self conscious… i mean she looks amazing …

  2. When she is talking about age appropriateness I roll my eyes. She looks so young, it's only in her mind she is old, I don't see it

  3. She is ruining every dress by her her looks … As if no dress impressed her … What she needs is to carry to dress with grace… all dresses were superb

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  5. She said no jewels or sparkle. Simple and elegant. Were the consultants not hearing her right? All dresses has sparkle and jewels in it🤦‍♀️
    Give her a lace or satin dress.
    But I love the third dress😍

  6. Why such low self esteem? She is pretty and has a nice body and looks great in the satin dress she chose.

  7. wow, that third gown….stunning!!!! it was heartwarming, 'you have every right to be a bride!' and a gorgeous one she will be!

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