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many of Sebastien Smith and I'm a photographer I shoot celebrity advertising fashion magazine etc I'm from New York City and I currently go back and forth between New York City Nashville and Paris took what was a raw space and as you'll see we outfitted it with that site wall we have all the equipment in here now and it's now my personal studio – and the pulse my brother's studio as well other photographers I used to be a commis and I was the type of cop that you wanted to pull you over one day I was getting a lot of flack for not writing tickets and I decided I'm gonna go out and I write some tickets so I pulled a guy over I was gonna ride with three tickets and then just basically start talking to him and I noticed he had cameras in the back of his car so I said you're a photographer he's like yeah yeah you know and and as we're talking you know I'm writing down you know whatever and I said well you know how do you how do you do and he says I make probably in a month what you make in a year and so I said you know what I make you do you teach me photography and I'll rip up these tickets he was like done I'd shoot images and then send them to him and he would he would correct the contact sheets and then mail them back and that was a relationship we had like the first first like three years Agra freeze the first thing I think about when I wake up and that's the last thing I think about when I go to bed like I have to work hard all day long because I don't want to be second-best my hustle and grind in the way that I you know push to to facilitate the arrival of things or make things happen probably stems from being in New York for so long like I would wake up in the morning I would shoot shoo shoo-shoo take a camera everywhere with me I would meet someone on the train or on the subway and I would talk to them and then I would like network and then I would make sure I was at every event and then I would get home and I wouldn't shoot more but the thing is like I never opened up other magazines to look at other photographers work we are already extremely judgmental of of our own and then when you start looking at other people other people's work you start comparing oh I wish it would have done that or I wish I didn't but that I've done this and then it starts to affect me with the way that you look at your own work now you say look for people maybe for inspiration but but don't dwell I think sometimes like you don't have to go to school to be an artist you just have to have passion you have to have hunger and you have to have desire and you have to you know you you need to find those people that can help you get from point A to point B what any artist needs to do I mean especially if they want to learn a specific craft they need to find someone that does it better than them and they need to work with this person as much as they can you know either interning or assisting and just learn it just soak it all up because I think if you if you have this dream this desire to whatever be a photographer yeah whatever you know painter any any sort of like artistic profession I mean if you need to learn from people that have already made the mistakes before you from there once you learn at all once you soak it all up and create your own style in there I feel like we're only here once and why waste time you know working for someone else if you are passionate about what you do if art is like that's your lessieur that's your focus on it and do it and don't look back be an artist just make art that's it just make art my name is Sebastian Smith and you're watching the creative spaces TV you

46 thoughts on “Sebastian Smith – Fashion, Commercial & Celebrity Photographer | EP.3 Creative Spaces TV

  1. Awesome story, especially the car pool phase where everything changed! Very inspiring episode. Thank you

  2. Sara! I really enjoy your videos! I just started vlogging this year (2017) and I am so glad I came across your channel! Keep up the great work!

  3. now that you actually introduced your mom i recognize her here in this video πŸ‘πŸ» supporting

  4. Cool Sarah, I really enjoyed this. I especially liked how he said don't compare yourself with what others are doing. I find I do this with videos sometimes and it can bring me down. So it is a valid point.

  5. Hi Sara! Hope you continue making these series. I'm currently a student who also love and chose the creative path. People don't know how much self doubt and struggle we go through just to reach our own authentic style, and the skill we ambition and expect of ourselves. These series are one of the things I come back to when I am in need of inspiration, when I am stuck, about to give up, and need to put my feet back on the track. Thank you for this!

  6. I WANT MORE! never stop creative spaces TV. do make other videos but also keep making these as well.

  7. Hi Sara! Thank you for making very intriguing and engaging videos. I am a new follower and have been binge watching Β your channel. I'm half way through and I just wanted to drop a line of appreciation. I am also a Creative and you have resparked my energy to inspire and create. Keep doing what you're doing.

  8. One of my favorite episodes from your series! As a videographer I tend to focus on the shots and the edits that people choose in their videos. This video was shot and edited so well that I was able to focus on his story! You are killing the game with this series and channel, keep up the amazing work!

  9. Wow, the quality and content of this video is incredible. This is better than real TV Shows. You are going places Sara.

  10. inspired!! I found you through Casey, and these creative spaces videos has just earned you another sub πŸ™‚ looking forward to seeing more

  11. I needed some motivation/inspiration!! This series does just that! Thanks! Need to get back and not let life push me down.


  12. Great series, but third white bearded man in a row? Hoping to see something that breaks the mold in the future!

  13. Hi Sara I'd really like to know how you went about building yourself up to this. Did you find someone to intern with like Sebastian says? or are you working with friends or other people? When you're starting at square one its tough to figure everything out. I look forward to watching the rest of your videos πŸ™‚

  14. This is so inspiring. Im only a sophomore in high school and I have a deep passion for photography and I've been having doubts about perusing the hobby thinking I won't get famous or I won't be as good as this person etc. This video helps alot cause it shows that you can make it and be a great photographer

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