Sam Rockwell Lip Synced to Jeremy Renner’s Voice During Karaoke Nights

What’s going on? Well, what’s going on is you’re
brilliant in this movie– Thank you– And– –thanks very much. –as you are at all– it’s– I mean, it’s really– it’s incredible that you– Thank you. –become George W. Bush. I mean, did you do
impressions of him before? No, I didn’t. I feel like I’ve done versions
of him in movies before, but this is the first time
I had to really, you know, get in there, and
it’s pretty daunting. You did, you did it. All right, we’ll talk about
that in a minute, but first all, have we met before? I’m so bad about this. I don’t know if we have
or if we’ve bumped paths, but I just remember your
bathroom routine is what comes to mind every time I think–
it ends up with the doorknob, the irony that you’re like– Yeah. –flushing the toilet
with your foot– Yeah. –that whole bit, I
just remember that bit, I love that bit. Well, thank you, thank you. It’s my bathroom bit. So you have a shaved
head which is– Yes. Is that a movie? Yes. It’s for– I’m
playing Bob Fossey, who is a famous
choreographer and dancer– Yes. –and filmmaker and sort
of wild man, and so we have these Friar
Tuck wiglets and, you know, things we’re doing for
different versions of him. So, and I understand
you are a dancer, because you were a dancer. Sort of a bad dancer, bad
breakdancer kinda guy. Oh, you were a breakdancer. Just sort of fooling around,
Michael Jackson, kinda wannabe Footloose stuff. Uh-huh. And you danced with some pretty
famous people, I understand. Yeah, yes, I have danced
with a lot of people in films and stuff,
and I’ve also done a little
dancing and karaoke with some friends of mine. My friend Jeremy Renner and
a big crew of these guys, we go to this place, Gower
Gulch, and Jeremy would– I would get on stage and
pretend to sing karaoke to a James Brown
song, and Renner would be sort of hiding in
the audience with a microphone like this actually singing
because he has a better voice than I do, and I would
dance and sort of lip sync. How long ago was this? This is like 15
years ago, I think, and it was like Chris
Messina and Justin Long and this guy Victor
Rasuk and Jonah Hill when he was a little kid. Wow. Yeah. That’s an impressive crowd. It was quite a crow, yeah. Did the audience
know who y’all were? No, we were nobody– this is pre Hurt Locker,
and, you know, I mean, Renner I met on Jesse
James, you know. That’s amazing. Yeah. That’s amazing. We were pretty drunk. It was– [LAUGHTER] Well. Yeah. That goes without saying. It’s a karaoke bar, everyone
is drunk in a karaoke bar. OK, so let’s talk– first of
all, Vice is a true story, which is frightening in itself– Yes. –as we saw in that
scene, and it’s crazy. It is crazy, yeah. I haven’t seen the movie. Oh, you haven’t? But I obviously read the script. Yeah, obviously. [LAUGHTER] I mean, I hope. Or just your part, so
you’re one of those actors that goes to your part. Yeah. But yeah, it’s not
necessarily a biopic, it’s kind of like, somewhere
between The Big Short and Citizen Kane, you know, it’s
like a big American epic farce. It’s gonna do very well. It did– it’s good. And how did you prepare
to become George W. Bush? I just kinda did
what Christian did, I just obsessed
and listened to him and watched him on talk shows. I think the Kimmel
interview was very useful. Lots of interviews, just like,
listening to him over and over again for months. Do you do impressions
in general? Can you– are you
pretty good at that? Not really, not really, I– but
I always think that, you know, I hope that the acting is
gonna penetrate through the impression, that that’ll– that the impression takes
the backseat to the reality, you know. Yeah. Yeah, no, it– because it
could really be distracting, but no, it’s not. Yeah. You really do believe
you’re watching– I mean, and you know,
he disappears into– Christian Bale
disappears into Cheney that you can’t even
believe it’s not– that it’s Christian Bale. Just– It’s pretty amazing. Yeah. Yeah, he was going into hair
and makeup at like 2:00 AM. It’s pretty amazing. Yeah. It’s crazy. OK, so and from a
young, you know, he goes from a young man– Yeah. –to that, all throughout. So a lot of people– when
you’re sitting around the set and you’re waiting
to do a scene, some people do crossword
puzzles, some people knit– Yes, yes. –and you lasso. Yes. [LAUGHTER] I lasso very badly,
yes, I lasso, I had to do it for a play
and I lasso as a hobby. Some people do guitar, knitting. Well, there’s a lasso right
here so I wanna see you do it. Oh yeah, yeah. I’d like to see what
you’re gonna lasso. Oh my god. Yeah. [CHEERING] That stool [INAUDIBLE]. Do you wanna– That stool– Sam, do you want a glove? –that stool right
there might be good. Sam, do you want a glove? Oh sure– Do you need this? Yeah, a glove, yeah, don’t want
to tear up these pretty hands, yeah. All right. I got a premiere tonight. Yeah. Let’s see. This is a kind of a– Are you gonna get that stool? I’m hoping to get it,
but this is a stiff rope. I’m probably gonna– Or that man in the
front row, whichever. [INAUDIBLE] extremely stiff. Yeah, this’ll be great. 40 times later. Such a good idea. [CHEERING] Yes! There you go. You did it! Vice is in theaters
everywhere on Christmas Day. We’ll be right back. Sam Rockwell, everybody.

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  1. Not a very dynamic interview 🙁
    Maybe Sam doesn’t really like Ellen or vice versa, but this wasn’t enjoyable to watch.

  2. One of my favorite actors talking about his friendship with another one of my favorite actors, Jeremy Renner.

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