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today is carwash day [Applause] we like Johnson City it's a really cool old town so much history the city's beautiful and we picked this specific RV park because it had laundry which we desperately need and for the showers and Wi-Fi it's hot it's 88 degrees we have no clothes we need to close it take some showers to kind of restart or jump into Alaska so we get our spot we get situated I sort out the laundry we go down to the laundromat they closed it at 9:00 p.m. was there John or not okay all right that's disappointing I'll wash a few things in the sink it's hot enough I'll set them out to dry hopefully they'll be dry by morning right so then we decide okay we'll stop at the wash house to check them both of the showers have tape on the doorknob staying out of order no hot water I say no I'm just done I'm not paying $29 to park in a gravel parking lot to sleep we go into the office and apparently the power's out for some reason which they can't control no but still but they should have backup generators for their office so they can at least run the credit card machine if someone wants to leave or give cash back can't even open the cash register yeah that was the best one well you paid with the credit card so we can't give you a refund I'll take cash oh we can open the cash register cuz we just don't have power figure it out luckily she did yeah this one to be fair that they made it right they didn't fight it yeah and we're not gonna name names I'm not gonna tell you who this is but Mama's done yeah Mama's done well the other side of it is is they have a laundromat right but there are so many people living living here in this RV park that it just stays full the whole time they lock the door at 9:00 p.m. yeah that's my biggest thing I'm like you should stay open as long as people don't you don't even get to a campground by you know 5 or 6 o'clock so oh well that's ok this is this is the first time ever evolution we are leaving the came down that we decided to stay in we did get cash we need to cash any house though now let's go drive into the night and find a place to stay luckily we got plenty daylight all right so our first campground was a failure to launch and now we are at the Nance the Klondike River Campground just outside of Dawson City much better setting much friendlier setting so Caroline's already made friends with those folks over there and surprise surprise we're gonna do a little bit of laundry and hang it up on our Tennessee special clothesline over there that's what I grew up on and yeah we're just gonna sit right here for a day or so what are you doing washing some clothes why is that because the other accommodations did not work out yeah I'm washing a couple other things so at least get is fine it cools off on our way to Fairbanks gotcha we'll see what you doing it's a pretty cool stuff you got set up over there so I want to take a minute and talk to you guys so I want to take a minute and talk to you guys about our cleanup regrouping sorting day we usually try and do this about every two weeks and then once a month do a serious overhaul of cleaning up the car cleaning out the trailer doing all the laundry of the sheets and blankets camp blankets jackets coats just to freshen everything up today we are doing just a two-week straighten up cleanup we're getting ready to go across the border into Alaska so we want to make sure that everything is in order everything is cleaned up just in case for the odd scenario that they feel like they need to go through our stuff it happens we'd rather be ready for it rather than being embarrassed or wondering where certain things are so today we are basically really cleaning out and reorganizing the car that's the place that seems to get the messiest and the most cluttered because of getting in and out tossing things in there last minute before going to bed just being in a hurry throwing things in there so first we're going to clean out the car and for us that means that we are pulling everything out luckily we're in a campground that has a giant picnic table so we're gonna utilize that by pulling everything out putting it on the table and making sure to put things back where they actually belong one thing about traveling especially in such small capacity is that you have to be organized I'm already type-a I like to be organized and especially living now in a smaller space than before and our 5th wheel camper things have to be in their place all the time otherwise I go little bonkers one cool thing that we have that at first I kind of thought was kind of silly to get is a little vacuum little hand vacuum that thing is such a lifesaver specifically for the car seat Caroline might snack she might play with paper or pull off stickers it is so nice to be able to pull that bad boy out clean out her car seat and even be able to vacuum out some portions of the car too with all of the rain that we've had and especially driving on the dumpster it's dusty muddy dirty basically so when we do a 1-month giant clean-out which I'll probably talk to you guys about in the next week or so when we're in Fairbanks doing that is when I do all of like the laundry so right now we have a lot of laundry to do and because I already have a place booked for us too with a washer and dryer I only did a little bit to get us by on what we needed for the next couple days as we drive to Fairbanks otherwise the trailer doesn't really need to be touched we keep that pretty organized and everything has to go in its right place or doors won't shut drawers won't close so the trailer is pretty set as it is we may rearrange a few things or we may take some things out or add some more things back in since there's a little more space but otherwise the trailer doesn't need to be touched it's usually the formatter that needs all of the work after taking care of a camp chores we decided to make away in a Dawson City and take a turn about the town as I imagine the old miners used to say having always been intrigued by the gold rush era I was more than a little excited to see this historical ground zero of the Klondike Gold Rush Dawson City came into being at the confluence of the Yukon and Klondike rivers what was once a meeting place for First Nations people centuries before quickly grew into a city almost overnight with the discovery of gold Alban Anza Creek in 1896 word soon spread south and the infamous Klondike Gold Rush was on by 1898 over 40,000 people had made the long and dangerous journey north quickly turning Dawson City into a bustling hub of commerce and entertainment for the gold miners and entrepreneurs seeking their fortunes and then create white north as we were exploring the Dawson City Museum a portrait of three men caught my eye and I nearly dropped the camera when I read the description by the way there's more to this story let's rewind a bit to a few weeks before so we're driving along and I pull up this paper map that I was able to find at a sporting goods store it just happened a notice place called accused in river well my last name is McHugh stood and pretty much home acoustics are related so we tried to find out more information there was a house there but it didn't look too inviting a lot of no trespassing signs and I didn't see anybody outside and also on that map is a little marker that says make Houston historical site I was like man we got to figure out what this is all about but we drove up in the woods a couple of the trails and just couldn't come up with anything but still pretty cool we're gonna have to google that when we get back to signal needless to say the thought of stumbling across one of my ancestors here in the Yukon never even crossed my mind but here he was staring me in the eye that confidence and sage wisdom the only a hardy pioneer can pull off it would seem that somewhere in her family genes there's a strain of adventurer blood I can't help but wonder originally from New Hampshire Jamie Houston was wild at heart from an early age and traveled his way up the Pacific coast working as a prospector miller and hudson bay company employee on his quest northward in 1873 jack came to the yukon with his partners arthur Harper in Alfred Mayo after enduring his first harsh winter in the Yukon he and his partners established a trading post at Fort reliance about six miles from what is now Dawson City and over the next eight years developed a chain of trading posts along the Yukon River including 40 mile 60 mile Stewart City Eagle Circle City and Fort Yukon in this quickly changing territory there was no formal law enforcement so leaders of the community gathered together and created what is now called the Yukon order of pioneers Jack was elected as her first president and designated their own golden rule paraphrase do as you would be done by as their motto this group of men voluntarily took on the task of ensuring mutual protection in order for the growing populace the order settled disputes took care of the sick and raised funds to send heal or injured men back to Vancouver or Victoria for treatment while Jack McEwan left his mark on this territory in many ways it is clear in surviving historical documents and letters to his honesty and integrity was what gave rise to his fame in the Yukon it wasn't uncommon for him to grubstake destitute miners who arrived penniless after having lost everything just to make it to the Yukon Territory he would outfit them and send them on their way with only a handshake promise that the favour would be made right when the miner returned from the gold fields after 25 years in the Yukon jack McEwan retired a wealthy man and his successful trading businesses and mining speculations were cashed out he was one of the few who returned south with pockets full of gold and stories of adventure that modern-day explorers can only dream about there's another famous jack associated with this region and if you've ever read the called a while or watched White Fang you know who I'm talking about Jack London wrote many books about the North Country and became friends with Jack McHugh Stan when they met in 1898 years later London often visit him in his Berkeley California mansion after returning from the Yukon you can find several mentions of him as well as several landmarks named in his honor in a few Jack London's books my limited research of Jack McHugh stood his only scratch the surface of his trials tribulations and tales during his time in this earth fortunately a great amount of research and effort has been put into authoring a book which documents his life by James Abe acoustic and is called Captain Jack McHugh Stan father of the Yukon for years have been drawn in the stories of the Gold Rush as a kid I devoured any book I could get my hands on that told stories of fortunes won and loss of the mercies of the wilderness I often dreamed what it must have felt like to be one of the first prospectors to find handfuls of nuggets his dream never my wildest dreams that I imagined that one of my relatives had actually lived the adventure and unknowingly left behind a treasure trove of history that this modern-day adventure seeker would stumble across nearly 150 years later as I walked the streets of Dawson City the realization that I was literally walking in the footsteps of my adventurous ancestor gave me goosebumps I had to think that perhaps this was all meant to be perhaps this course we've set this lifestyle we've pursued isn't such a crazy road to travel after all all this time I thought I knew about the gold rush as it turns out I didn't know jack good morning so today we wrap up our stay in Canada at least for the time being we're gonna go down the Dawson City one last time grab us a little bit of coffee some breakfast just because we slept down a little bit we don't collect okay so we have the opportunity we're gonna get some food and sustenance made by someone else and then we're gonna get on the road and probably here in about an hour we'll be crossing back into the u.s. into Alaska so here we go so the whole time we were in the States we didn't stay in a single campground since we left Phoenix right we didn't pay for a single camping spot then we got to Canada things a little complicated we made it a little while to BC wild camping and then we found out that the Yukon campgrounds have firewood free firewood pre-cut already included with your camping fee which is only 12 bucks Canadian which is like eight or nine bucks American that's really not that bad it saves us from having to dig a toilet latrine and all that kind of stuff plus it's been like a really cool community because most people are travelers as well we met a bunch of overlanders on run down and grab our receipt real quick but yeah campgrounds in the new colony let it go I could see through all the faces telling me to find my place I'm so close that I can taste it all so the king is overthrown file the rivers from the need the water cold never time and never drop what's inside can't be stopped reading off the road ahead is pagan called the history it's um – feared um when eyes are clear hearts are full breaking through impossible we're gonna Laska baby so that was the easiest border-crossing ever we waited what 20 minutes yeah for them to finish up another inspection pulled up showed our passports showed up showed our documentation for our shotgun and within 60 seconds go on that was he yeah I'll keep those going yeah so now we're on our way to Fairbanks promo stuff halfway somewhere camp out for the night but we finally got some cooler temperatures at 66 instead of 86 yeah so we're feeling pretty good this is beautiful this is top of the world highway that connects Dawson City to chicken chicken Alaska so just an awesome ride awesome awesome right so side trip we're headed to Eagle called Eagle yeah LNG go village which is a divergent north we had some friends or I should say some folks in the campground that said they came up this way and saw a herd of caribou you could not see the end of I said it covered the road for about 22 miles it was just unbelievable so we gotta find caribou but it's a end back out road there's not a it's not a pass-through so we still got a little bit of fuel left in the fuel tanks so we should be able to make it up and make it back fingers crossed and there might even be fuel and Eagle but we're just trying to find the caribou at this point they won't press down let's go find a care of it lizzi's just keep trying to kill you go I feel I'm in breath what in the world whatever it is see the scale rest on it all done was the was it worth the nail no really so yeah we had a our first flat of the trip had nothing to do with the quality of the tire and everything to do with the obstacle and trying to drive up but with the ARB kit we were patched up and on the road in no time get yours today link in this video description so we're going to get on down the road go find camp for the night hopefully by a stream we can pan for some gold maybe there's a stream while legal Alaska was interesting we were all tired stinky and just a bit annoyed from too many days without showers or fresh laundry we were looking forward to making Fairbanks the next day for a long rest and reset the past few days had worn us all down with late summer he campground issues in Dawson City and now a flat tire just when it seemed like long hot showers and springtime fresh clothing was within our grasp a massive caribou jumped out of the underbrush just a few feet ahead of the rig and Sara locked up all six wheels to minimize the impact fortunately we missed the caribou and after catching our breath we started again to find camp for the night almost immediately our dash cluster went haywire from yet another issue that's why I was wondering I didn't just go off because I've never seen this before zero false so we've got something going on with the 4runner this is first time we've ever seen this issue got the foot will drive indicators flashing multi-terrain traction control all this stuff is lit up but I have no fault codes coming through the system everything seems to be functioning just fine so we have no choice right now but to ease our way to sales signal and so we can research real quick thankfully we aren't that Tuktoyaktuk we're actually you know just a few hours from Fairbanks so hopefully we can get some help there if we can't clear this up ourselves probably what I'll do tonight for starters is I'll disconnect the battery and just give that computer a good reset and see if it doesn't do something stuff up but we're just keeping out you

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