Ryzen 9 3900x Avid Media Composer

Hi, dear friends of moving digital pictures. The Ryzen 9 3900x is available at the market for about a month and I was waiting for someone who is showing how is the cpu performing in real life. Especially in video editing sector… (;D no not Premiere Pro) with Avid Media Composer. At Mia Media Leipzig GmbH we build our own workstation which is fully based on AMD. The reason is simple: we were in need of a new workstation and we searched the internet. We found the Precision Tower from Dell I picked rawly the same specs Radeon Pro Wx 7100 64GB Ram And a Cpu which is close to the benchmarks of Ryzen 9 3900x. Xeon Gold 6152 This is the average CPU Mark. … but the price … Comparable situation is to find at HPs webshop: The worldwide strongest workstation … one can buy also with… a Xeon Platinum 8180 A CPU which outperforms the Ryzen 9 3900x if you have a look to the average CPU Mark. But the price is… is exorbitant… I heard rumours that this cpu alone costs 10.000 euros Ok, and now to our arrangement: Ryzen 9 3900x with average CPU Mark of 31827 also in single threaded tasks it performs well And this is what we put in our workstation: 64Gb Ram a fast M2 SSD for the operating system and of course the Radeon Pro WX 7100 Which is a certified graphics card for Avid Media Composer systems. So it should work… And it works fine. As you can see here the timeline is fast while zooming and scrubbing through. You never got the feeling that it hangs or stucks at some point. Feels snappy and direct. What you see here is a german TV standard project in 1080i50 There are video-tracks for interviews with two cameras above that there is a colour effect above that there is a LUT additionally the show identification logo the background of the lower third and the text for the lower third and on top of everything a safe colour limiter effect. So to check out the real render speed of the Ryzen 9 3900x I started to export a 10 minutes video clip as MXF OP1A The audio-tracks as “direct out”. I mixed them down it advance. The mediafiles are stored on a raid system and I will export them to a SSD drive. Here you see the Ryzen starts working. And after 9 minutes and 25 seconds the export was finished Now we compare it to Z820 workstation 16 core Xeon with 3,30 GHz and 64GB Ram The only good opponent what we have here at Mia Media which is also connected to the media files raid system and can write on the same SSD. I loaded the same project and sequence and I will export it as AVC-Intra 100 again and we will see how the HP Z820 performs At the start the calculated duration is longer but it shrinks down while exporting. How Avid is calculating this expected time is not known. And after 10 minutes and 5 seconds the file is finished. The 12 core Ryzen was a bit faster. I thought the gap would be bigger. But here you see the that the Cpu scores in benchmarks are not always representative for how the cpu performs in real life scenarios. And then I have tried another use case It is a 4k project with a 4k file which is 4.25 minutes long Panasonic GH4 material and I will transcode it on the Ryzen. It will transcode to DNxHR And after 1 minute and 55 seconds the file was transcoded. Now the same file using the HP Z820 with 16 cores lets see how long it takes CPUs are busy And the 16 core is a bit slower than the 12 core Ryzen Finally, the question: Will Ryzen 9 3900x and Avid Media Composer perform well together? Is it playing well and stable? The answer has to be: Yes it’s working well, it is performant. The Avid user interface is snappy and fast. This is probably the case because we paired the Ryzen 9 3900x with the Radeon Pro Wx 7100 which is a certified Avid Media Composer workstation GPU. From my point of view the fastes Avid editing system I was working on until this point and this for an unbeatable price.

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