RV PARKS…some tips that may help you enjoy your stay more.

good morning ladies and gentlemen this is rusty seven eight six zero nine in Capitan New Mexico just left the post office I know it's Sunday morning and they're not open anyway but what I found out was all the people that live here can get a free p o– box I'm gonna find out more about that tomorrow but while we're driving around Capitan slowly so the camera doesn't bounce all over everywhere I'm gonna talk about RV parks and staying in RV parks you guys that own RVs and any other thing where you stay in RV parks some of the things you need to watch out for or be aware of as you pull into the RV park or look for street lights and where are the street lights located because there's two reasons for that one is they attract insects particularly crickets by the thousands and other insects but number two is if it's shining in your window at night that ain't good okay particularly if it's like the one I'm close to at mama bear RV park which is on the post office building they got three security lights the one facing the back of my trailer where the biggest window is flashes on and off I know I mentioned that in another video but I'll mention it again because it's part of the RV park stuff so once you've checked for that if you can try to find you a site that is not between two RVs alright sites on the end in my opinion are preferable why because then you've only got one neighbor to deal with you know whatever their little idiosyncrasies are or their little bad and it you you'll only have one of them to deal with because some people are getting older now a lot of our viewers are and they're hard of hearing and they want to watch TV at 3:00 a.m. they can't hear the TV so they crank it up all the way and TVs now have very good speakers so be aware of that little thing and another thing it gives you a 50/50 percent chance of having a barking dog next to you and most people's dogs don't bark while they're at home however when they leave to go driving around and see the beautiful scenery guess what they bark they bark a lot and so just be aware of that little caveat also if you have a water filter use it because some RV park water can be if the water well sometimes it's a little iffy I'm not going to say it's bad or bad for you it's just that sometimes has a little odor and other things I've had that happen to me what else can I tell you about RV parks well before you unhook from your truck be sure that all of your cards and hoses will reach the things because if you don't check there's a 50-50 chance that they may not reach and naturally I'm out here driving slow and there's a car right on my rear end well let's turn off of this road then rusty I'll turn right here and it's probably a dead end three times but that's okay we'll just turn around so here we go down this road this is called North View Road and we're gonna go down North View Road oh it does say dead-end well that's okay we'll just turn around but anyway back to the RV parks and of course you know you always want to know upfront what their nightly weekly and monthly rates are if you're gonna be there for a while and what else you know sometimes you don't have a choice if you're just looking for a place to park overnight and you want an RV park where you're going to take what they give you and that's it and you're gonna be happy with that because you're going to be glad put your head on a pillow and go to sleep what else about RV parks I can think of the smaller ones are better yep the less people that are there the less chance you have of winning the noise lottery some RV parks are 55 and older and that's a good spot to start because most people 55 and older have already broken the old habits of making a lot of noise and all of that stuff you know they got a lot of RVs out here on this stuff this is kind of some land somebody divided up but anyway back to the RV parks what else you've checked to be sure all your hoses also check the electric be sure they've got you know for you guys that have 50 amp service sometimes they don't have that sometimes they just have 30 amp and 120 I can get by with 120 in my casita so what else can I tell you oh yeah if they have gravel pads that's okay cement pads are better you know if the site's level that's great but you know you again that's something you don't have much choice on once you've made the decision and he pulled into your spot you're stuck the play if you guys want a good RV parking you're traveling in this area of New Mexico near Capitan Ruidoso Carrizozo and you know you want to go to the horse races gambling at end of the mountain gods or whatever you know Capitan is definitely an option it's only like 15 18 miles away from Ruidoso and it's a beautiful drive on highway 48 so yeah it's and it's a small RV park and I've never had any noise issues there at all last year I thought I had a water issue and odor but it turns out I guess it was something to do with coachmen RV I had because this year I'm in my casita and there's no water odor at all so here is our turn around here I do like this country elevation here in cap of ten I've said it many times I'll say it again it's about 6,400 feet there's a lot for sale over here I'll show you the sign it's by century 21 we're Justin I'll show you we're gonna be facing the lot for sale right now so you got a little place here in the front and then you've got a mountain so you know depends on how many acres it is but it's Tom ring gun ring guns 5 7 5 9 7 3 0 1 2 2 central 21 oh there's another number 5 7 5 2 5 7 9 0 5 7 I imagine that's gonna cost you I don't know 10 20 thousand and then you're gonna have to have a water well and a septic system if you got to live here now it's kind it's it's up in the elevations here here where we are right now this is probably 300 feet higher than Capitan I'd say we're probably 66 67 hundred feet here yep yep yep maybe 68 temperature right here is 70 right now and the time is 956 a.m. Mountain Standard Time beautiful day beautiful drive waiting for my original channel to be brought back to life it's actually alive and it's making money and it's all kind of whenever you type in rusty seven eight six zero nine in the search field on YouTube it brings up the original channel and then you scroll down a little bit and it shows this channel so at least that's a help but the channel that I have now is not monetized no way napa nada that means not worth nothing so what else we let's keep going rusty this is fun Sunday morning man that's what you need doing suddenly more remember Johnny Cash's song Sunday morning coming down I think Kris Kristofferson wrote that though Kris was a songwriter or is a songwriter I guess he's still alive in it nice view here for sure you know the smoke from that fire is moving this way because the wind is out of the east-southeast and I can see a plume going just to the south of Capitan about 40 miles so I'm hoping that the winds going to change tomorrow and be out of the more the west and that'll take it away from us but yeah they're still over there fighting I mean it got hundreds of guys here fighting that forest fire so anyway what else about an RV park I can think of that's about it you know as far as pull through versus backends pins on the sides of your trailer and your preference but backends aren't that much of a problem if you just take your time go slow not a problem at all not a problem live in an RV park I've stated them for months at a time when I was working for a company out of Georgia doing gas pipeline inspections searching for leaks I'd stay on him a month or two at a time and I really didn't like it I really didn't it wasn't bad it mean but you know every now and then you know you just got that individual that had a strange way of life and you were right in the middle of it and couldn't get away from it I'm just rambling guys hell y'all click off this thing if you want to I'm not eating for you sensitive people that can't how do you live if you don't eat you know I mean come on I mean what what do you do absorb protein out of the air beautiful day beautiful beautiful day I mean it is beautiful man that sky is blue blue blue straight ahead of course is Ruidoso the mountains we'll take a left I haven't taken the left in a while so let's take a left see what we run into here yeah this is on the side of Capitan going towards Ruidoso these are the little subdivisions that are built this is actually heading south soothe ok now we're going to turn left on Cedar Park Cedar Park and highway 48 we are turning left says the speed limit is 20 and fight well I don't go that fast that's that's the sound barrier for me and now we're passing little smokey everything out here smokey something you know that was all made up by the Park Service just to get people to be a little more careful but nothing there was actually a Smokey Bear of that would that that was true and it was a little bear that got burned in the fire and all that stuff but they really promoted it to make people aware that when you're out camping be careful with your fire because it can burn down a lot we have a row this is Mount Capitan Road well I've never been on this road and as well there's a signer said road closed I guess it's open now we're gonna find out well I've been out no Mount Capitan well let's go out here that sounded like a good name it probably did hens 100 yards over there Mount Capitan will bully bully I'm gonna be moving out of the RV park I'll tell you more about it in the day or so as soon as I reconcile myself to do it beware of dog good you know that doesn't really give you any protection if your dog gets out of that fence or even if it's somebody goes in the backyard to do some work for your house and that dog bites them as long as they were doing something that he requested though you're in trouble I found that out when I was doing pipeline inspections in town you had to follow the gas line from the street to the meter of the attach to the home and sometimes you had to go in the back yard and a lot of times people would say oh that dog won't bite won't bite we'll get him off my leg you bring my bring a piece of my leg back the owners always say that he won't bite he won't bite you this is not a bad road they've bladed it I guess they're fixing the paving I've never been on this road I've been out here quite a few times there's a mobile horn oh that's a fifth wheel off to the right there so it's not restricted against the RVs you got a little cover got a nice decent view well how come he has it and I don't I don't know why she swallowed a fly I think she may die hello this going on it don't matter hell let's go I love to drive around like this just piddle burning daylight a burning white Sun a cry for water black wings circle the sky stumbling and falling somebody's calling me I'm lost on the desert to die that was part of song I would sing it but I can't remember how it goes there's a lady by pink trailer in the pink shirt I think she likes pink maybe got an old push more gotta love that dust all this she's gonna phone the size of a laptop well I don't know we're gonna see where this goes I don't know if it makes a big circle and comes out in Buenos Aires or what but I ain't got nothing to do babe tape maybe I'll turn the camera a little more off of the right seat I'm going to get in this room that better or worst er more worstest well there's another road up here let's see what that is I bet that's highway 48 up here it's kind of a washboard Road here that's why I'm going real slow got a lot of homes out here double wides mobile homes a few RVs what if it's smoother over here answer no works more worstest I have correct grammar most worstest that means bad more gooder means very good yeah it just makes a big loop and comes out right on highway 48 now there's some other roads that go off to the left here's one for sale big mobile home and a little building pretty good location not bad this is how you find you a home base guys you just drive around in areas you think you might like to live and if you find a blank piece of property go to the appraisal district give them the location they'll find who the owner for you and you can give them a call or if they don't have the phone number they just have a name and address we'll send them a letter I've done that I did it last year and I got a response this year talk more about that later there's a church this is the church this is the steeple open the doors and here's all the people they've only got about three cars there so devil must have got them the devil got decked Oh golly don't get me started rusty don't get started there's a pipeline on this road okay now what are you going to do rusty I have no clue how long just go well we'll end this video up here then it's gone on what wee bit we'll end it we'll put it out of its misery you know they shoot horses don't think so let's get up here on this paved Rupp pavement bump bump here comes a parade of cars so let's stop put park okay guys enjoyed the day y'all have a good day thumbs up coffee damn adios bye bye bye anything you want anytime but if you think about it use the link to Amazon products in the description of all my product and all my videos description of all my videos whatever I said and yeah use the link to the t-shirt place if you want a t-shirt a mug or some stickers and also the PayPal for all you patreon people well it's in there or it will be but anyway drink plenty of water take deep breath stretch walk whatever it takes to keep your health guys and yeah we'll do more driving videos because it's easy to do and I enjoy doing them but yes floors RV parks go for you people that are gonna be going to RV parks well yeah just remember some of the things I pointed out because they will help I've been in a lot of adios amigos Baba

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