RV Lifestyle Q&A! Back Home and Enjoying The Holiday

hey welcome to ask us anything it's Sunday night 7 p.m. Eastern time and we're Mike and Jen and we're alive and it's a beautiful night it sounds silly that sounds yes we're live as supposed to guess which would not be a good thing yes it is a beautiful night hey it's good to see there's a bunch of you already on and that is always exciting to see so we love seeing people and uh we'll give some shout outs in a couple of minutes but we wonder where you are I have you been camping for the weekend let us know where you've been what you've done whether you're still out someplace we are in Michigan and let's see last night we were at a harvest hosts stop we were at a golf course first time we've we've been at a harvest golf course and that was a lot of fun very peaceful very pretty very green oh my goodness yeah so we're working on a video on that we've had three really good harvest hosts stops over the last month or so and we're going to share those we did this a couple of months ago and we'll do it again on Thursday show you some of the other places but I'm getting into why you know it's so much a hassle these days getting into campground so many campgrounds are just jammed up they're all filled up with with with campers you can't get a spot the industry is still selling more RVs than they're creating campsites so finding places to boondock and finding places like overnight RV parking which is you can find a link on our RV lifestyle blog which lets you stay free and tells you where to go many places to stay free and harvest host which is one of our favorites so no wonder we're getting into it some beautiful spots and we've had a lot of fun we have we have looking forward to next time we go yeah again a programming note this I know some of you a lot of you watch us on demand because you can watch this you know all the time on YouTube once it goes up but we're recording this on Sunday night the end of the fourth of July weekend and we've been running a really neat special all for that weekend and I want to give you this last chance oh I forgot to tell you that how to follow us on Instagram and on Twitter people keep saying I don't ever hear you talk about Twitter well we are on Twitter and we are on Instagram and we do a lot on there you can subscribe or follow us RV lifestyle Mike that's where you'll find us we love so we are on those things yes we're on Facebook but we want you to know they're there but anyway this special has been pretty good it's if you buy our boondocking guide our introduction to boondocking or our how to buy in our v books we have two really good guides out there you will all you can also then pick up for free one of our 7 day adventure guides to either Colorado Utah the Upper Peninsula or Yellowstone National Park so you can pick up one of those free that expires tonight at the end at midnight tonight at the end of the 4th of July weekend so that's where you go to get that RV lifestyle that come books T alright housekeeping out of the way let's do some shout outs let's start with the number one on our list Larry Gosselin is in Wisconsin Hi Larry Muriel checks in from the UK hello Muriel thank you for watching us over there let's see Craig says it is black what is up I don't know what you're talking everybody can see us he must be getting a black screen maybe you came on before we went live we went live at 7 o'clock Eastern so I am bettin that was that Greg because it's it's it's video now and Noble pick noble sound says great thank you we love hearing that Washington the state is waving at you we just got back from a beautiful drive around the Cascade loop oh that is nice that is great thank you for checking in with this KKK AK I love that name checking in from Montello washing in Wisconsin I'm not sure where montello is let's see Bertina fisk says we love watching you you new to all of this steve says hi Mike and Jen other than the extra serpent belt you keep in your motor home or your mmm I don't know what an mm is are there any other replacement repair parts that you travel with that is an excellent question and I say fuses yes extra fuses yeah I should pull that out I showed that in one of our videos I've got a bag full of fuses what other parts do we have well think we're gonna be doing a video in a couple of weeks on some of the things that we have a lube for the step and by the way don't put wd-40 on your retractable step if you have an RV with one of those a trailer or an RV it builds up grease and that causes all sorts of issues in there so we have a special Lube we use for that we have a lube for the slide we have a if the if the rubber gets really difficult on the slide you know the insulation rubber that kind of goes along the tracks we have a product that we should do for that but I think those are the main things that we we carry fuses I think are the most important and I'm looking out there and boom is rolling around on his back totally enjoying the cooler weather the weather broke here we've had lots of humidity in Michigan as they haven't much of the country and its really really nice now and that's good Sanders says I'm getting black other channels working oh dear that's the second report of that we shouldn't be having any problem with that because I would I think I'd be hearing from a whole bunch of you so if that is the problem hopefully it's not hopefully it's the sir I see us on video up here I see audio coming so I don't know what what to say except everybody else seems to be getting us so hopefully that's that's good let's see CL with them checking in from the brand-new national park the newest National Park Indiana Dunes on the southern shore of Lake Michigan that's a beautiful park we've been there before they made in a national park those are great dunes yeah they are so you have a great weekend thanks for checking in Nancy is in Florida drue boudin is in our favorite city in Florida Destin Florida and it's beautiful weather there drew I don't know where you are in Destin but we'll be there in about a month I think is on our schedule right and our son and his wife and our grandson we're playing baseball down in Destin yeah no I guess it was all tournament but yeah Destin is kind of our second home well this is our second home our RV and then our third home would be destined we kind of go we use that as a base much of the year I like to consider the whole country our home you know it's the truth isn't it mm-hmm yeah you know when we hear stories breaking around the country about things happen in various parts of the country it's it's like we know those areas now and it does feel like our home so anyway dreads there and we do have we have friends everywhere you go that's the beautiful so yeah this is a great time to be in Destin and we'll be there in about a month we're hitting the road Friday we're heading through well I see parts of Michigan Ohio Kentucky Tennessee and we'll be spending a week near Franklin Tennessee actually we're doing a vacation a family vacation with all of our kids and all of our grandkids and we'll be in the Franklin Tennessee area and that's going to be pretty fun we'll be there a week if you have some stories that we should do while we're down there well a lot let us know send us some suggestions so it will we'll check it out on the way back we'll probably won't drink during the week of the vacation we're gonna actually try and take a real vacation I can keep you from working well we're trying to work real hard we've got a couple of podcast interviews we did today and maybe one or two more will do this week will be ahead on our podcast interviews we got our video schedule ready to go so we're kind of working on that you do it favorite we have at this time of the program we always like to say give us a thumbs up Google somehow likes it when people give thumbs up and hopefully you've seen enough to like it so give us a thumbs up and that'll help get this channel out in front of more people and while you're doing that if you have not yet subscribed to this channel would you would you please do so just subscribe there's a little icon a little bell icon when you subscribe if you click that you'll get a little email whenever we go live and and that's always fun to see when we go live you get a heads up on it because sometimes we just go live for in the middle of the week so let us know we would love to see that c-calm shop Center enjoyed your part 1 and part 2 of your trip through the Adirondacks thank you this two videos are up here in the channel that was one of the nicest trips we had and I wasn't sure what to expect but it was awesome wasn't it it was worth doing yeah it certainly shows that not everything always goes perfect Oh either what the rain the bugs the bugs but still worth doing yeah it was a great time and we went to the Attic so we're researching it for arm one of our seven-day adventure guys we've tried to cover every part of the country and we'll have that out in about a month or so and we thought we'd just go in and out but we ended up staying longer than we thought because every place we went was just some amazing thing to go see so we enjoyed it and you'll see a little bit more of it in our harvest soaps videos because we stayed at a harvest host near the fingers lake finger Lake area and we stayed at a harvest host combat towards Michigan in Pennsylvania that we'll be showing you and they were they were pretty fun that's coming out Thursday Kathleen Race I'm Mike and Jennifer Athens Georgia I hear and see a loud and clear thank you yeah it looks like the feed is going well I did some changes on this the way we're accessing the internet here we're always tweaking around with it but if you saw the video I did a few weeks ago about our online system here the redundant thing using this Winegard connect to up on the roof I switch that out from AT&T to Verizon and that's just a matter of climbing up there and putting in a new SIM card from Verizon and man what a difference so much better coverage and I'm really delighted with that I'm in fact I'm thinking about getting rid of the cell phone booster I'm not sure I even need the cell phone booster does anybody know how to get adhesive off a roof because you had a you saw that thing I had I don't know I got to figure that out how do you recent because it kisstixx up to antenna I know I bounced it hit it yesterday on the tree when we were driving but anyway this Weingard thing I want with the Verizon system and that really is doing a nice job you know it's hard about sitting here our dog is like a kid he's out there chewing on a rock and I'm thinking about his teeth well yeah sometimes you gotta you got you can't you can't be a helicopter parent to a dog I live in Texas looking at this wonder and unity leisure travel van motor homes but concerned about the maintenance cost on Mercedes herd Ford was cheaper to maintain so loved your tour of leisure vans well yeah I'm taking this unit into a Mercedes dealer tomorrow for its 10,000 mile tuna and there's no doubt Mercedes charges you more for our oil change but let me ask you this if you're spending a hundred and fifty thousand or one hundred and thirty thousand whatever a new unit costs are you gonna really quibble over spend it or maybe $100 more for Mercedes service versus Ford service I mean if that is an issue for you I don't know yes the wonder is is serviced by force on the Ford Transit chassis so it'll do a wonderful job for you and we like to wonder we thought it was great and you have more options when you have a Ford coz there's more places that can service it there's a Ford dealer in every town right usually so so I mean if that's a real big issue then go with a little wonder or the 40 think they should get a list call up wherever they would be taking theirs for service and find out what everything costs you know standard things that need to be done and you know the Ford is gonna be cheaper to service yeah there's no doubt and you know another factor that would maybe tilt it towards the Ford I mean if you're happy with both units and it's a matter of that I would say look at the Wonder another fact that would tilt it towards the the Ford is that many times most Mercedes dealerships don't service sprinters they service Mercedes cars but they don't have enough room in their service shop and enough hoist to really service the spinner so for example here in where we live in the greater Detroit area there are three Mercedes dealers two of which service sprinters one about 50 miles and the far western suburbs and one about 50 miles north of Detroit and the northern suburbs in our neighborhood service sprinters we don't do trucks they said so but but that is a factor if you're out on the road someplace we've had breakdowns in the Sprinter and Montana not this one but a road truck version we had a few years ago actually twice in Montana and they were great we got it serviced in Missoula and I think in was it Bozeman I don't remember but they serviced it but we had to drive there in a limp hold mode at one point so and they were wonderful they were wonderful they do a great job they cost more and there's not as many service places so let me just tell you that so but if it's yeah I have no problem obviously we love the Sprinter this this one that we bought we bought this unity his is a sprinter and tomorrow of course in for my 10,000 miles I'm a little under that but I'm gonna get it done because we're doing a lot of traveling so I'll let you know how the expenses for that goal but I know you know oil change this cost a couple hundred bucks with these things and that's that's that's being generous Santa says huh being conservative sander says it's working on a right team our iPad is black under TV well then that tells the sander that's a problem with your TV you're getting it on one you should get it on both Wimberley Texas so you're still using blue stream to monitor the temperature in your RV no we moved away from that I don't know last year we went with something called I hope I can remember they are v-pet safety I believe there's a link to it in somewhere that's somewhere on the blog if you go to RV lifestyle comm and it's a it works to the to your cell phone and it will give you an alert on the temperature gets too much it actually works on cell phone service so we use that I would not recommend the blue stream after using RV pet safety I don't have the link for it so I can't give it to you off the top top of my hands if you email me privately I'll send it to you but it does a great job you pay you have to pay a subscription fee everybody charges subscription for you but if you're concerned about that that's the best one that we have found at this point so that's good all right wait somebody from the UK a little while ago mark joins us from Australia hey mate how are you good to have you with us it's got to be really early in the morning or late at night over there I think it's early in the morning so that's good lots of people checking in saying that they're getting us just fine so it's it's fine Joyce is in Illinois thanks for sending me the Utah guide when I ordered the boondocking guide they look great I'm glad you took advantage of that that's the best special we've had on it so that's good you'll I hope you get a chance to get out to Utah and follow our suggestions that was fun one mm-hmm road trip buddy says hi did beau he's still out there chewing on something he shouldn't be chewing on he is is hey somebody sent us a super chat let's see if I can find it and this is from Bradley Phillips and Bradley if I can find it here I'll bring it up on screen let's say I have to scroll down because this thing is that super chats are interesting basically it's a little service at Google mains that you will put you to the top of the line and here's Bradley super chat woohoo he says any word on Roadtrek being bought really wanting one when you were driving one I really enjoy watching your videos learn a lot well thank you very much Bradley well yes Roadtrek the purchase went through last week the road Trek brand is now owned by rapido which is the group French based group that makes the Westphalia motor home little Cosby they used to be a lot of in the US and now they're basically just Europe so Roadtrek has been bought by rapido they have announced that they're going to spend the next month or so moving the stuff they need out of the old factories into the consolidating them all in a factory they have in Cambridge Ontario and then all of the the other stuff is being sold at auction over the next week so that's that's being done and they hope to have production started by fall and that will be kind of an estate exciting that will be very exciting so they are sold they hope to restart they help to make you know they've got a lot of when they shut down when Roadtrek shut down they they had a lot of units in process of being built so they're going to finish those and the warranties that's the same thing well they said they were only gonna they were gonna honor him for two years however they had a big scandal they found out a couple of weeks ago that something like 1500 road trucks that were sold last year didn't meet some safety Oh requirement and so they said they were not going to honor the warranties on those you'll have to check with with Roadtrek on that to find out but the good news is this that the that the you know the brand will continue and they hope to have new stuff they actually hope to show some product at the Elkhart open house which is not a public events for RV industry only will be there so we'll kind of hopefully show you what they have and I'm hoping I can do an interview with somebody from rapido we'll see if we can get somebody on when they get there a little closer to production but the good news is the brand will continue and hopefully they will continue making the same models that's that's all we we know at this point all right tom says video looks good in Eugene Oregon Chico California checks in from John Tom McAllister our friend Tom are you sitting in your unit ELT VFX we are amazing we are indeed sitting in it and got the slide out was just right there behind this is the Murphy bed yeah did our first boondock trip to the Cascade Summit this weekend said Tom Sanborn Jennifer's going to get a drink of water in the coughs hello from the earthquake line says David garand in Pine California now she's going out to get Bowl all right ray Jones is checking in from Indianapolis Indiana Diane and Dennis is from Portsmouth New Hampshire why did you get your unity from Lamesa instead of a local dealer I don't have a local dealer I think there's one across the state and I got a really good deal at La Mesa we shopped around a little bit and that was the one we we went with so we had a really good deal you should do the same thing whenever you buy try and try and find a place that will give you the the best deal you know it's a matter of supply we actually took possession of this in Salt Lake City and they let us the least travel folks Lester our dealer place so we can get it to Albuquerque which is where we ended up buying it that was the closest dealership I think in Salt Lake City this unit was a display unit at an RV show that they had there and the reason we got this was it's on the 2019 mercedes chassis we really wanted to have that for this year as we went out so but I advise everybody to do that you know there's you can check stuff up online and see if you can find the unit that you want in stock from someplace and see what you can do Richard is in Ontario Canada thanks for all your tips and knowledge Jane and return to Indiana today and they're probably they're proud she says to live in the dunes area right on the Michigan Indiana border Amarillo Texas where the wind never stops blowing how you doing Jane thank you for checking in Bradley Phillip says what happened to Road truck did somebody buy them yet just to answer that question Brad and yeah I guess it was from you actually because you did then you re asked it as a super check you ever been in Branson mo yes we have was actually at a Roadtrek rally remember that John is so much fun was the 40th anniversary back to Branson I love all the shows yeah yeah it's kind of I don't know it's uh it's it's it's a neat area lots of shows pretty area the northern end I guess of the Ozarks and that was kind of fun so that's good services hi wetlands greeting from Lexington Kentucky it will be passing by you will honk the horn as we drove drive by this this week mock gamma-gamma is in India hello welcome we're glad to have you with us in India so we've got Australia the UK in India with us tonight our V quilt quests as good to see us happy and well it's good to be happy and well it is as our friend Mark Hopkins wouldn't be a complete Sunday night if we didn't hear from mark and hitch and they're on their way having lucky guy mark to the Maritimes in Newfoundland we have been Alaska the Maritimes Maritimes Alaska we keep going back and forth and right now I have seen it all so he can tell us yeah mark you see it all let us know but we're looking at next year Irma Sonique Oh Boone oh oh I love your tips in trips it's really a big help having the suspension added to your RV is it yeah we just said something about that last night and all those bumpy roads yeah we were on a whole bunch of dirt roads and you were slowing down so we didn't jar the unit apart well I didn't want to kick up the stone hasn't scratched yeah and I said man suspension suspension yeah there's not a lot you can do to these except add VB Eric's air suspension and that is a lot of money it's about eight thousand dollars to add it and that's getting a pretty good deal seven to eight thousand is a lowest I've seen on a class-b it does make a major difference and if you plan to have people riding in the back of your Class B Class C while you're driving down the road you know I would consider making that investment it's really costly but you're gonna keep it for a long time and you're gonna have people riding back there I know in our class B you would go take a nap and I would I would look in the rear view mirror and you would levitate well that was in the 4×4 in the 4×4 that was terrible suspension yeah yeah I would put pillows and lay on top of pillows now in this unit we don't have anybody riding in the back because there are no seat belts back there which is the want one of the bigger faults that we find with this 2019 it's just unity FX's we need electricity we would I'd like to put Bo on a seat with a seat belt yeah yeah so that's good how often do you ride your bikes when you camp is it a challenge to keep them charged no it's not it's just a matter of plugging them in you know at the campsite or through the inverter here in the RV they charge up for really quick so it's not hard and you go 20 to 40 miles on a charge we don't ride them as much as we'd like probably because we have bull with us and in the summertime it gets a little challenging because of air conditioning and we worry about the you know leaving him behind in in this unit and it's too it's too hot without borne there's a lot of details many of you know we upgraded to two lithium batteries and a 1500 watt inverter and that is not enough to run the air conditioner and we we've been toying around with the idea of adding two to three more lithium batteries and a higher powered inverter two to three thousand watt inverter which would then allow us to be able to run the AC on battery power for several hours and usually it's about it you know an hour of battery if you have a 100 100 amp listening battery you can usually run that for about an hour not depends on how much it's cycling on and off so four or five would give us enough assurance to go out and use and we have a Norwegian elk out so he is made for cold weather yeah and he's young and he's very active and he wants to go with us but and I'm not gonna ride a bike with him yeah hanging on him so so long story short we ride the bike more in the fall and in the spring when we don't have to worry about leaving Bo in the RV because it's fun to go together it's not fun to go separately we like to like to do that greetings from Marilyn video looks great from our end new unity twin bed model arrives mid-august any 2019 chassis issues to share none I mean none I'm taking it in for like say the ten thousand mile service tomorrow up in Grand Blanc Michigan but I don't think I have no issues at all maybe the navigation system we joke because we didn't realize how many times we say the word Mercedes or a word similar to miss yes yeah is eager to please yeah she is you may I help you is quiet you know but that happens all the time and it's a great nav system it's beautiful display we like it it has satellite at the radio system the sound system is really good I love the steering it's so easy if you look at some of our videos you can see from our different cameras driving it and how easy it handles so congratulations on your unity twin bed model you will you'll love it how's the unity I'm looking at buying my first RV and heard that maintaining a Mercedes engine somebody just answered that oh we just we just have that yep I think she's I think what happens is you guys write a question and if I don't get to it you asking it again and and so I'm coming back so we did answer that it's still early huh we're wanting to do our first BLM camping trip do you have a favorite spot in the Colorado mountains Wow where to start I think right outside Telluride Colorado Colorado there are three little National Park campgrounds and we stayed I can't remember which one we stayed all three are delightful those are not BLM the National Park campgrounds so I don't I can't come up with the BLM one but look at the National Park campgrounds we stayed in a couple of a really nice one right outside Telluride that's the one that comes to mind and there's a really nice hike right around there to that we had it William says hi from Albuquerque next week we'll be heading out to Monument Valley and Moab or it's hot out there now and Durango thanks for the videos they're very helpful thank you very much for encouraging us for all of that stuff we love we love hearing it Google I have some right here so I'm gonna try that if I take that RF amplifier or that little amplifier up there off and we'll see it hey Bob Sagami hi Bob Bob and I've been talking by email this week Bob it's about right ahead I think you're going to Colorado Bob and he's testing out the Winnebago bolt to new the new model which is a really neat unit be anxious to see what you think of it Bob that's that's great George checks in from Georgia I bet no it just says hello from George I don't know where you are George but hi Jane and Nick checked in cooking and Phoenix planning to get a B or C and appreciate all your advice and positivity you know we've had about four or five people this week say that they appreciate being positive you know when things go by go back go back go back go bad are you still going to Alaska from other youtubers Soraya's I guess so not this year we're not going as I said earlier we're debating next year whether we go to Alaska or the Maritimes and we've been to Alaska twice we've been there twice we took a cruise there once for work and we if we had a business we flew in we sandwich them some extra time and with work yeah so it's not like we've never been there doesn't read do you live in your RV full-time seems like it but no we don't we are 3/4 timers probably we've been home from the Adirondacks almost two weeks and I have used that time to try and edit videos and create content so we can not have to stop at one o'clock in the afternoon and work all afternoon this I've kind of gotten on a treadmill with creating content and it's I don't know what the solution is do you know I mean tomorrow is the newsletter and I will sign off here I gotta go finish up the newsletter that you all get many of you get almost 70,000 get that every Monday morning now you believe that No and so I finish that and then tomorrow we do I have to do an NBC story PC Mike and then Tuesday we record the podcast Wednesday we finally edit the video that comes out on Thursday and then we start researching and writing for the blog and it's just like in we kept thinking it's all good but you know can you hire somebody to do that help out and you really can't because they don't have the background they don't know what's shot so by the time you give them instructions and how to help edit you might as well do it yourself because they don't have any context so so we're getting kind of tired yes it's not like I'm complaining I'm not I love doing this stuff but anyway that's why we come home and so I can't kind of locked up a little studio and we try and get as much of this done this time we're trying to get a couple weeks done so we can take off this week and and be able to really enjoy our travel because I've been trimming bushes and I managed to cut two electric cars yesterday to cut the cord yeah we need to hire somebody to do that yeah now better sing Verizon coverage is not good in Alaska but AT&T is you know i I've heard that I couldn't hurt it from Verizon because Verizon used to be one of our sponsors and I said we're thing about going to Alaska and I said aw we don't have a really good signal there and they were saying well they didn't care if we were going to Alaska or not so they probably have not fixed that so that's interesting I did not know that Thank You Ben for sharing that with us how long have you been on the road at one time a couple of months you know eight weeks maybe B II grant I'm looking full-time living in a RV by the winter I'm going to buy a 2019 Dodge Ram 5500 but my roadblock is either to buy a truck camper or a fifth wheel camper any suggestions well they both have have their pros and cons obviously truck campers are really fun they are a little trickier to take on and off and put back on the on the truck bed fifth wheels are a little easier to do that both of them are you know are the truck camper you could technically just leave it on the bed and take off and drive around where's the trailer you're going to leave in one location if you plan to sit and stay in one spot a long time I'd say the fifth wheel would probably give you more room but if you if you you know maybe a day or two and then you move to another spot sometimes we'll do that we'll go just a few miles down the road but we're going to different spots then it's much easier if you leave your truck camper on or if you have a Motorhome so your advice is always to rent one yeah rent and try rent and try on and see what you can you can do and that's that's the best thing I think your advice how long are you going to stay in one spot yeah and the ease and taking that truck camper off putting it back on versus the fifth wheel which you still got take it on and off yeah it's a little trickier to back up you know but once you get used to it it's not so bad you didn't say how big of a this wheel but they're usually pretty good size Michael Stanley notes that he's looking oh there we go Michael Stanley we're talking about servicing Mercedes up in st. Clair Shores that's actually that's a fourth Mercedes dealership here in Michigan they stopped servicing sprinters says Freightliner continues to continue some of them yeah you used to go there I did yeah so there are places to do it but like I said there's no getting around the fact they charge you because it's a Mercedes they charge you ridiculously much more money than you would at a Ford dealer or a Chevy dealer we replaced the alternator on our Sprinter cost eleven hundred dollars in Australia well things what's what's our friend Dean from Malaysia travel van say he said somebody told him that when you're in your rig driving down the road it's like a 4.2 earthquake I mean everything's shaking and bouncing them yeah the roads a lot of the roads are bad yeah Richard do you recommend topping off the de F on the spinner every time you can from the truck stop or letting that go down aways you know I'd let it go down a waste now one of the nice things about the 2019 is they actually have a d EF gauge on it this is very nice yeah it takes a while because I keep looking at it and for a longest time I thought that was the gas gauge fuel gauges over to the left a little bit the diesel gate but they have a DF gauge and I'm aware of how fast it goes down I'm about half right now and I've already put two and a half gallons in I did that on a trip about a month ago so I will have it topped off tomorrow when I do service but normally you'll get a warning light that says hey you know it's getting low most truck stops now many of them have a pump right next to the fuel pump or you can top it off with de F and of course all gas stations fuel steps have you can buy up two and a half gallon jug of it as well that's something else I usually also carry is a spare jug of de F I'm not so much worried about it with this one because like I said I have a gauge and I can see how much I have so I don't have an extra one old days you just kind of had to remember it always hit me in the middle of the night at 10 o'clock at night I'm driving down the middle of nowhere Oh DTF is gone is empty so so having that gauge is nice so I don't have to carry the spare but I used to all the time and that was that was something we have a 2014 Sprinter van era from Winnebago I just got my $20,000 service and it did cost me $1,300 I think that's like that's the big one you know probably what you had to replace a lot of stuff there's no mistake is no doubting you know motorhomes cost money RVs they're now quite as bad as a boat but but you know thing break and we're out and you know you gotta have a have an understanding on it there's a great question what is your favorite RV well usually it's the one we're in now because it's ours this one is ours or it's actually the banks but we give the bank a whole bunch of money every month so they let us drive it that's a tough question you know we like a lot of them there are many different brands I mean I'm trying to think of one I don't like and I don't know if I would want to say it but there's I can't even say what you didn't quite like as much because what one person likes my cousin wouldn't necessarily I mean I'm thinking I can't even think of a brand that I would not recommend we go to these shows and it's so much fun we do we're looking at all the different RVs how they configure them and when you can pick out what you want and customize it to you a little bit tweak it that's what makes it your favorite really yeah but I mean in general if some a B and C pleasure-way leisure travel van Winnebago era really like those a twin of a tow trovato is a is a really nice Class B top-of-the-line is advanced RV they only make about 18 of these a year but they are hands-down the best Class B in the road today's from advanced RV what what else coachman we really like coachman class B's particularly the Galleria that's that's why we like him again because I know what he's doing sorry okay he's chewing stuff he shouldn't chew yeah ice tuna bone and we worry about it splintering you know they get it down and you don't want this splinter so Jennifer we'll be right back hey our pals Jim Jim and Chris the geeks on tour are in good to see you guys hope all is well with you guys how's the diving there's big-time scuba divers every time I look they're 20 feet under 40 feet under smile and looking happy chasing lobsters around the Florida Keys hope to see you guys on the road here sometime this year Paul checks in do you use the desk underneath the rear lounge I'm using it right now let me show you there it is see it right here this is it this is it I'm actually using it to hold the computer and yeah it's it's a really nice it's a really nice desk it pops up it's like comes up about that high and you can sound wheels you can move it all around you can also use it as a ottoman if you would like it as an ottoman and so yeah we do use that and I'm using it as we speak right now Vancouver Island is where Keith Blake is I don't know where Jennifer went I think she's taking the dog in have you heard how oh as another I didn't talk about the Airstream have you heard how the airstream class I'm not sure what that means but yes I'm Airstream makes a beautiful unit they're a little pricey the Airstream interstate the airstream atlas which is their b+ which is extremely expensive but extremely nice Airstream makes it makes a beautiful model coming this fall Thor Motor Co is introducing a whole new line of Class B motorhomes camper vans would you lock up our beast no he's running hard I just had to take that away from him I am the wicked stepmother well better you so he likes me best yeah yeah yeah I gonna have a lot more fun right that's so funny so anyway airstreams yeah we like hair strange somebody asked us mm-hmm they are very nice so and as I said Thor motorhome is about to release a whole line of class B's and you know they also be coming out over the fall and I'm sure will be telling you about it Scottsdale Arizona the Brassfield say Chad Joseph how are you guys we love hearing from you guys I think these are the guys who grandma bought the RVs is a chief that's right Chad let me know grant grandma brought your RV but a bunch of RVs for for you and your brother and her and I think she was buying a fourth one and we're supposed to hook up with you guys in Disney World in November so I want to know when you're going so we can make sure we can go back and everybody wants us to do a follow-up when you get possession of your units can the unity be bought and picked up at the factory no they're in Canada then you'd have problems with customs coming across and they don't you got to buy it through a dealer mike says great to see you guys checking in from Kentucky will be going through Kentucky Friday night sometime sometime Friday all off from Honolulu so we got India the UK Australia and Hawaii so we got you guys and everybody all across the country enjoy the buying tips and seven-day trip ebooks thank you drew I mentioned this at the top but I know a lot of you just came on and I wanted to make sure everybody knows about this that we do have a special that expires tonight was our fourth of July special if you buy or how to buy an RV guide with all these inside tips and lots of advice and stuff that'll help save you a lot of money and buying an RV and getting insurance all that stuff or buy our guide to boondocking for beginning boon doctors in particular you buy either one of those we also will throw in free your choice of one of our seven day adventure guides to either you P of Michigan Upper Peninsula southern Utah Colorado or Yellowstone National Park and they tell you where to go plus I think we also throw in a sticker bundle of our 3:30 rule stickers which are kind of fun so that's how you get them up there RV lifestyle that calm slash books and that that deal expires at midnight tonight so so thank you brew offer and hope you enjoy it your books appreciate knowing that let's see Donald says do you have recommendations for an alarm system we don't say that yes we have a really we do actually do have a great alarm system don't we well yeah it likes to bark yeah we do how long's were made now where are you going in he wants in where he wants in the RV oh yeah I got us a couple of stand-ups yesterday knows we're driving and I've got it over the shoulder camera and he was like he gets right between us and and I'm trying to talk and is this paw that keeps coming up and he's got as I said he's got claws on those paws and he's like you know he wants the attention maybe that'll be in the video that goes out Thursday and you'll see him but it's for an alarm system we do she's given her a drink of water see everybody wants to see a bow say hi where's Bo hey Bo look I don't see there's Bo he see how spoiled his target I don't know if you can see that you know he has to gain every every shot we do as well here's this talk and he comes to run it alarms he's our alarm system she's pretty good alarm he barks very well but I don't have an alarm system on this that's you know we were broken in to you once and it was in a broad daylight in a shopping center that was in a not in this unit but that was in a previous one about four or five years ago so you know I do have insurance and I don't have an alarm system they tend to run down your battery and I've not found a really good solution for it and we just have not i'm not decided to go that way so that's unless we're gone all right let's see here's the question hope you return soon to the west coast with bo yeah we do too it's it's hard when you realize that you want us to be everywhere and it's 3,000 miles across that's a lot of driving yeah we give you a lot of the middle of the country yeah and we tend to go north and south we always do a couple of big trips that was there's my alarm system yep see what I mean neighbors are walking the dog passengers are welcome to dogs yeah so but we do it we'll be out there I think in October for a little while for the California RV show we're usually out there for that we're in Hershey Pennsylvania for the big Hershey RV show we go to RV dealer open house in Elkhart Indiana and we used to go to the Tampa RV show and we've cut back on a lot of the RV show so we're doing like for a year and I think that's all we're gonna try and do because they you know it's pretty shops up here seasons we did like last year we they had an RV show or a gathering that we hosted every single month so we really couldn't make any extended trips anywhere this year has been kind of nice like we couldn't have done the Adirondacks which you know is I think three weeks cuz we would have had to be somewhere else so we're trying to do more than we're trying to do more meet and greets along the way I don't know if I'll do anything while we're in Texas or not but they're next that's it that's it Texas all one big country yeah hey guys loved your let's Worth video let's Worth State Park in New York that is a beautiful nice to see a state park with hookups the place looks great too it's a beautiful park and a couple things like you notice the recycle effort that they have there yes and the area that everybody who has dogs is in one area and then people who don't have dogs you don't have any dogs in your loop yeah yeah you don't like dogs you don't have to see yeah wondering how long you can boondock with no hookups a week you know the biggest limiting factor is you run out of food in the refrigerator do you run out of water fresh water and normally a week is when you got to get more water and empty the black tanks and if you you got to be a little careful in management but usually a week or so we tend not to be that long we tend to be a couple three nights our style of camping in boondocking is we move from place to place sometimes you might find three great boondocking spots all within 10 miles of each other but it's kind of fun to hit a different spot so so that's pretty good you can add a sway bar sumo bump stops and Fox shots it'll improve the ride you can I'm not I didn't find a big deal with we've we've tried out the sumo and all the rest that stuff is good but if you really want to improve it you got to get BB air suspension that's the standard that that takes care of everything all the rest you know by the time he had all those things that Tom's talking about they're the – we'll just add to get the get the sumo Springs not the sooner the VB sprint VB VB air suspension system Janus ordered my unity in May 2018 decided to wait and wait for the 2019 mr. Rogers my unity coming end of the month that's what mr. Rogers he's gonna name it mr. Rogers mm-hmm it's a nice day in the neighborhood yeah it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood do you hear both I hear both why it hey Bo be quiet he's you know quiet because he doesn't always listen but yeah Kathleen I visited a dealership in Norcross Georgia yesterday they have two road tracks in stock and they said no warranty they were very nice units with a big discount but it's a little scary to spend 80 came with no coverage I wouldn't do it Kathleen I wouldn't do it check with Sunshine State RVs down in Gainesville Florida they're one of our podcast sponsors I know he had obtained warranty coverage for the road trucks he was selling he may have sold all of his I don't know many people many of the dealers sold an existing stock at great price and they bought extended warranties for it if these are really great prices you can consider an extended warranty but here's the deal I mentioned earlier and I don't have the exact data in front of me but just in the last month or so it was revealed that Roadtrek sold hundreds of units over the last year or so with some safety violations and because of that the new buyer rapido is not going to extend the warranty or it's going to limit the warranty very much to those units so you need to get some clarity on that edk for a road track is a brand new one is a pretty good deal but with no model she's looking yeah I don't know what you're looking at maybe I'm kind of batting 190 or an agile maybe or I don't know but I would be really I would be they don't offer it so if a dealer won't give you a warranty to buy one that speaks volumes so I would look elsewhere go look at the trovato the tirado I think it's probably a better model right now it's it's it's just a really nice unit look at the 59 trovato you don't even need lithium on it and though they're doing a really good job with those so without a warranty I would that's just me so others may disagree you wouldn't let me buy one without a warranty I don't think we have some kind of warranty don't they yeah how did you know that our Ving was what you wanted to do because we wanted to travel and see the country we wanted to go places and see things and also once you spend a lot of time in a lot of hotel rooms you want an RV where your things are all together our kids don't like it because when we go to their houses we like to sleep in our RV in their driveway and they want us to come into their house look at their parents are dirty or their parents are sleeping outside at least we're not putting a pup tent out in the front yard or something that's an idea but you just wanted to see the country and it's it's nice having all your things in one spot easy to get to it I mean even now we have to church this morning I had a I had come out to the RV to get you know my dress eivin wore slacks it's you know long pants because the summertime I had a cop to the RV to get my stuff because I have it all out here I've got everything we keep it you know we keep it out here because we're I in it three-quarters of the time so all of our stuff is here that speaks volumes doesn't it you've given up ties you got one pair of long pants as hell if I wear a mic once a week to go to church that's it you know anyway like Jennifer said we did a lot of traveling you know we've done TV all over the world and staying in hotel rooms you know they're moldy they're stinky they have bed bugs some friends of mine from that we met from The Weather Channel those guys are on the road all the time and where did we run into the Oh at covering Groundhog Day and they had all just come back from covering some win some winter storm and don't say the brand I don't I want in and they had in the Midwest covering a big winter snowstorm and they stayed at a big-name hotel and they all got bedbugs and I thought to myself no I know another guy who got bedbugs and he had to disinfect his house and that's why they bought an RV because they tended to travel around and they did craft shows and stuff like that and they were always staying in hotels so you don't have to worry about bedbugs but you really get to your outside you know we have small house big yard that's that's where we know once you have one of these little RVs it's very very hard to give it up because you bring your food you bring your lunch your dinner you bring some things you want to eat you can lay down and take a nap you get tired you say okay nap getting a traffic jam okay we're just gonna go take a nap and we do this all the time okay Yellowstone it was lined up to use the bathroom you know we had our own bathroom we yeah we had we had changed our clothes because it got really warm that day yeah I mean once you have one of these you don't want to give it up you know we I'm doing interviews for the podcast I'm trying to get a bunch of my hand that we've been interviewing we've been doing this now this is it'll be eight years this coming March that we've been on the road doing this and when we started there were one or two other couples the Huggins and they've since retired and I think the winds and they moved to a sailboat and that was about it there might've been a couple others but we were like the first of the big RV couples after that you know after the Huggins they they're kind of like the legends in them in that in the business but so now there are dozens and dozens i we call them the RV couples and most of them are Millennials or young people much younger than us easy these days it's getting really I was interviewing one of the couples today for the podcast and I said I think we're just gonna call ourselves the grandparents for all the couples and she said oh but I don't know so we we've wanted to do that and we were just we talk sometimes how long do we want to keep doing this and I think those were able as long as we're able because this is just a great life and you see so much and you meet so many people who are good friends and if you can't afford it get a used small unit when your kids are traveling around playing baseball and football and all these different things and you've got to sit and wait for them and man yeah it's get so spoiled Bertino says why is the Mercedes chassis so good well they changed a lot and they've added steer-by-wire steering power steering they made the the transmission I think is a 7-speed instead of 5-speed now they have a whole new dashboard new nav system if you look here in the channel I've got a video on the 2019 Mercedes Sprinter chassis and go look at that we go through everything in that video and you can see it there after the 10k service does the 2019 go to 20k service I believe so I believe so maybe it's every 10 I don't know I'll find out tomorrow Edward finally was able to get on now in Eagle Lake near Moscow Pennsylvania glad to have you with us adword Sarah well you're bigger RV with your bigger RV do you feel the need to stay in a hotel every once in a while yeah no no we don't know and I like to exercise and with our Anytime Fitness membership you got your you're stripped down here gonna show off your six-pack abs or something yeah okay Anytime Fitness your little walking billboards okay yeah we are members of Anytime Fitness and boondock and then we can go work out and shower here's the deal to you I shouldn't say that I'm gonna do it anyway another Anytime Fitness right that means they're open 24/7 right so if you go to the their parking lot I don't think so you can't I think the local police will be telling you to move on I don't think so well if I set up camp chairs and stuff but no I'm still betting anyway they don't do patrols we get a video coming on Anytime Fitness and how we're using like Cabela's and Walmart's and places oh there's plenty of place to crack and crack they call that now crack docking correct I love Cracker Barrel down there nice and quiet and you get a really nice breakfast waiting for you in the morning they wake up the smell of bacon and the trucks the garbage trucks but we don't stay in hotel when we first started with the B let's just admit it they're crowded and about every third or fourth day on the road we would usually stay in a hotel we did the first year or two and now when's the last time we stayed in a hotel in a while I'm kind of sick of hotels yeah well you know Jennifer said earlier why we love our being all of our stuff is in here so if you stay in a hotel you got to carry it off and no matter how hard we try we're going back and forth a couple times she has this bag you know what I call it the world's heaviest bag it is the world's heaviest Bay so she'll say did you get the world's heaviest bag that is all you can carry I mean she's got and my children have no problem with that my world's heaviest man yes anyway but you got to carry all that stuff in our computers my camera gear in here I've got batteries always being charged my drones being charged all that stuff I mean it's all laid out just right we've got you know the hardest thing about an RV that that we can we want to impress on newcomers is you don't need to carry a lot of stuff you really don't and somebody said we just says we lowered our stream quality well we just went over an hour so I've got a problem and start to wrap this up pretty quick but anyway all right so kept a good color here but there we go if I turn down there so click on that and subscribe it's on we're all of them do say so there's a lot of really good interviews that you have out there yeah and we're having more and more fun with our interviews so they're telling us we're gonna go off yeah all right look at all the questions so many more we will go through and we'll kind of read these if there's anything that we really need to answer we'll try and answer it or somebody else can have it but thank you guys very much for for being with us it's 8:03 we've been on an hour already all right god bless you we're on the road this week probably no ask us anything next on

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