Runway Models – Fashion Week Casting

hey what’s up guys so today I’m going
for a casting call for African fashion week’ la which takes place from October
14 through October 15 so what I wanted to do today was I wanted to show you
guys just how I prepped for a casting call and maybe walk you guys through the
process of what actually happens during a casting you know show you guys what I
wore today and why I decided to wear it so today you know I’m wearing a simple
cardigan but I actually plan on taking this cardigan off when I do my runway
walk because underneath I have on a tank top and the reason I decided to wear a
tank top is to be able to show my physique when I do my runway walk I
wanted to wear skinny jeans to really show my features and show that I have
long long limbs long legs and take more comfortable longer strides when I do my
walk and also just to show my physique overall you know because if you were a
lot of baggy clothes and if you were stuff that cause up covers up your
physique then you’re leaving the casting director I’m wondering and guessing you
know what’s underneath all their clothes you know they don’t know if you have a
pudgy stomach you know they don’t know if you have man hips or whatever so yeah
guys so there you go so come with me let me show you what’s about so one thing about it lays that you have
to get used to the traffic there’s so much traffic in this city it takes at
least 35 minutes maybe an hour to get to where you’re going and even when you get
there then you have to like allocates another 15 minutes at least to look for
parking so that’s something to keep in mind living in this city and trying to
make it to auditions and castings you just have to allocate a lot of time
alright so I finally found parking I’m downtown LA and so right now I’m just
gonna go to my casting and we’ll see what happens with me luck guys
alright so the thing about oh shit that looks like I think that’s my friend
that looks like my friend so far the quoi
what’s up I’m going to the Caston what are you
doing yeah come on are you going to let’s kill it yeah okay
good to see you say hello to the to the people hi people good to see you so how’d you hear about
this Caston Instagram Instagram yes yeah I actually I heard it on Instagram to
somebody for it it maybe somebody tagged me at the post do you have any advice for people who
are going to castings what is something that they should keep in mind when they
walk in when they’re walking yeah I always think this to be confident
you said what to be confident always be confident and I like is your last walk
ever and that should come across so they confident I like this and just be calm I
think this is anything right here break your leg so usually when you go to
cast in so when you go to auditions they usually like to have them at sort of
like a loft looking space or some kind of studio one thing that you would
notice is that they usually have a lot of like photography equipment or at
least you know sort of like a long hallway so people can actually do their
runway walks and that way the clients can see or the casting director can see
and easily judge how well the models were walking so when you walk into an audition or a
casting the first thing that they usually have you do is fill out an info
sheets usually the info sheet would have you know whose information like who’s
your agent your number your contact information your email your size
information and this is where they usually take a comp card if they
actually bring the comp card before dad’s next they actually did take a
photo and then after taking a photo they asked me to do my walk so that’s it guys you know that’s what
happens during auditions you know you go in there to take a picture you fill out
the form and you do your walk and then hopefully in a couple of days you hear
some good news and if you don’t then you know this part of the business like I
said before 95 percent of the times models get rejected so it’s only that 5%
that we do get accepted that makes it all worth it so hopefully you guys are
here some good news for me hopefully I got booked so stay tuned guys I’ll see
you guys next week

17 thoughts on “Runway Models – Fashion Week Casting

  1. Yo, nice arms and perfect timing on this video. New Orleans Fashion Week casting calls are this month. I'm so pumped!

  2. My man! Good to be on this journey with you! Booked the FINALE in a runway show coming just 2 days before the first one I told you about! We're gonna end this year strong! 💪💪💪

  3. At first Thought her name was "C'est quoi" french word for "What is it" 😂😂😂😂 You guys are invigorating me. 💪💪💪

  4. Oh! There's my friend.

    * Shows up 5'11 wearing a crop top and shorts with a banging body*

    I was on my way to get a 7up, but hell, let's go to a casting!

  5. He has an exotic skin complexion.
    Runway Model? No … he's physique seems a little too overbearing.
    I can see him doing catalogues but runway no.

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