Rudy Giuliani’s Catastrophic Media Blitz | The Daily Show

Former New York
mayor Rudy Giuliani is now also Donald Trump’s new lawyer,
and in his debut last week, he revealed for the first time
that Trump was involved in the late 2016 hush money
payment to Stormy Daniels, despite Trump always having
denied he knew about it. And the next morning,
Trump tweeted in support of Giuliani’s statement. But then, Giuliani–
his big reveal was that he didn’t get the response that he and his new boss
were hoping for. Did he create more
legal problems for president, more legal problems
for Michael Cohen? Is there a strategy here? Now I’m left scratching my head
saying, “What are they doing?!” What the heck, Ru…
He didn’t know? He did know? I love Rudy, but they better
have an explanation for that. That’s a… that’s a…
that’s a problem. -It was shocking.
-It’s a major screwup. …an appalling thing to watch. I liken it to a murder-suicide. -(laughter)
-Damn. That is the most brutal
review I’ve heard since Mike Pence
saw Wonder Woman. (laughter) “The only thing
I’m wondering about this woman “is where her husband is. Two thumbs down.” So everyone
from Fox to MSNBC agreed: Giuliani’s story was a disaster. Right? All he had done was get the president in more
campaign violation trouble. So, uh, Trump broke out
a special move that he usually reserves
just for his golf game: a do-over. Rudy is a great guy,
but he just started a day ago. But he really
has his heart into it, he’s working hard, he’s
learning the subject matter. Uh… he’ll get
his facts straight. He’s a great guy. You know, it’s so weird
to hear Trump defending someone the way we normally hear
other people defending him. “He’s still learning.
He’s new at the job. That’s… you know,
he’s still getting used to it.” Like, that’s not how you
describe a high-priced lawyer. That’s how you defend a kid
who’s having trouble at school. “We’re getting Rudy a tutor,
folks. Give him a chance. “He’s a good kid, and he
already knows all his shapes. Give him a chance, folks.” (laughter) So… as of Friday, that was the new plan. Throw away everything
Giuliani said last week, because he doesn’t know
what he’s talking about? And you could see
why Trump likes Giuliani. Because Saturday
he went back on TV to throw himself under the bus. Did you misspeak,
or did people not interpret what you were saying? The facts,
I-I-I’m still learning. This is, you know,
1.2 million documents. I’ve been on the case
for two weeks. Virtually one day,
in comparison to other people. So I’m not an expert
on the facts yet. I’m getting there.
But I am an expert on the law. And the fact is there is no way this is a campaign finance
violation of any kind. Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You can’t have it both ways. Giuliani says he… he’s new,
and he doesn’t know the facts, but then he also says,
“For a fact, Trump didn’t break any laws.”
You can’t do that. It’s like a detective walking
into a crime scene and immediately saying, “I
don’t know what happened here, “but I’m gonna say
he’s innocent. “All right, let’s go get lunch.
Let’s do it. “Oh, shit, who killed that guy? Ho-ho. Murder mystery.” So, on Saturday, Fox News was
willing to forgive and forget, which was great for Giuliani. Unfortunately, on ABC on Sunday, there was a very short man
with a very long memory who asked Giuliani
a simple question that led to an amazing response. So the president did know
about this after the campaign? Can’t say that.
I mean, at some point, yes, but it could have been recently,
it could have been a while back. Those are the facts
that we’re still working on, and that, you know, may be
in a little bit of dispute. This is more rumor
than it is anything else. Well, that’s what you said.
You said that to BuzzFeed. But here’s the rea…
Well, yeah. I mean, that’s one of the possibilities
and one of the rumors. -Uh, the reality is…
-You stated it as fact. Well, maybe I did, but I…
right now I’m at the point where I’m learning, and…
I can only… I can’t prove that,
I can just say it’s rumor. I could prove it’s rumor,
but I can’t prove it’s fact. (laughter) I feel like I just smoked weed
through the TV. (laughter, applause) (cheering) Giuliani is in an interview telling us that we shouldn’t
listen to what he says in interviews. And… and I don’t know
if I’m confused or if he’s confused,
but I guess, fortunately, he cleared it up immediately–
he’s confused. You said, as a matter of fact,
on Hannity and BuzzFeed, -you talked to…
-(laughs): Well, I don’t know… I don’t know, how do you
separate fact and opinion? -(laughter)
-I… I don’t know how you
“separate fact and opinion”? That’s pretty basic.
But I… but I guess, in a way, he has a point. I mean, see, like my opinion is that Giuliani is Bat Boy
after he grew up. -(laughter)
-But that could also be a fact. So who knows? Who knows? Now, at this point,
Giuliani’s defense strategy just seems to be:
dismantle reality. But really,
it fits into the whole idea that Trump and his people
have always been playing with: fiction versus facts. Facts are anything
that helps Trump. And anything that doesn’t
help Trump isn’t a fact. Yeah. And as Trump’s lawyer, this is going
to be Giuliani’s challenge because they haven’t
figured out yet what version of events
won’t get Trump into trouble. Yeah, once they figure that out, that’s when they’ll start
calling things facts. And this is a tactic
we can all understand. It’s like when
a cop pulls you over and they ask you how fast
you were going and then you try to figure out
the speed limit. You’re like, “Uh, Officer,
I was going, uh, 50… 50– 55 miles an hour?” He’s like, “Oh,
that’s ten miles faster.” “Before, I went 45 miles
an hour. You didn’t let me finish.
Yeah, yeah.” “Well, you said
you were going 55.” “No, that was a rumor,
this is a fact. “I just started driving
a week ago. “I’m very new at this.
This is all very new for me. I-I don’t know how any
of this works, Officer.” (cheering and applause) And look, I-I completely
understand the strategy, but you have to admit,
it makes these guys look super guilty right now. And I’m not on
Trump’s legal team, but I have some advice: Giuliani, I know you’re still
learning the facts, but until you get them settled, maybe take a page
from DJ Khaled, and stop using your mouth
for a while.

100 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani’s Catastrophic Media Blitz | The Daily Show

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