100 thoughts on “Roy Blunt: Trump’s Attacks On Media ‘Not My Point Of View’ (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. Again this week, "Fake the Nation" is Fox Lite.  MEET THE PRESS's first guest, a major Republican, was asked pointed questions and REPEATED follow-ups on the same question to nail down clarity rather than fly-by spin.  FtN's first guest?  That tower of truth and brains, Kellyanne ("microwave spy detector") Conway, followed by a top Democrat who the anchor besieged with defenses of DT's rally claims (e.g., "Can you refute or agree with his argument that…?").  A consistent week-to-week, weak-too-weak embarrassment! MTP raised
    cogent issues about Warren/ C. Nixon claims among Democrats, too, so balance was maintained.  But CBS's GOP bias?  Bring back Dickerson from the watery oatmeal circuit!

  2. Yes – time to go on offense. North Korea is rated the number one hacker in the world – they are the best at it. Russia continues to mock us to our face. Russia accessed our power grid. Remember what we thought Y2K could do to our daily way of life? No power. No gas pumps. No traffic lights. No ATMs. No refrigeration. Hospitals. Life support. Aviation. 1st responders in the dark. They can make that a reality. They declared a cyber war on us by attacking us. Time to defend ourselves – time to pull out all the stops.

  3. I agree Wilbert he has no spine and no balls either. Any man with a pair of balls would find this question easy to answer. What a joke!!!

  4. Blunt 🤮🤮🤮🤮… GOP LOST ALL CREDIBILITY… VOTE BLUE IN NOVEMBER 🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. What happened to;
    -Weekly Anti-Trump race riots?
    -Millions of anti-Trump protesters that used to march in the streets every day?
    -Confederate statue destructions?
    -Anti-free speech violence on every Campus?
    -Massive road blockades enroute to Trump rallies?
    -ANTIFA riots?
    -Ocuppy Wall Street disruptions?
    -Climate Change protests?
    -Black Lives Matter protests?
    -School walkouts?
    -MeToo marches?
    -NFL crowds?
    -CNN viewers?
    This proves calling half of Americans "racists" was a Hitler level hate speech crime that has forced 75% of all Dems to now vote Trump. Nice work girls.
    **November's slaughter of the DemocRAT party will see Obomber & Killary & hundreds of other traitors hung for treason for trying to overthrow the gov't with spying and planting false evidence.

  6. I wonder what Mr. Blunt really thinks. That Trump is a good president? How should the Press react to such a person? If attacking is the same as fact checking on the many lies this man is producing every day? It is the JOB of the PRESS to check and bring correct data and details. What are the options according to this Mr. Blunt. The PRESS should accept this Trump fooling and feeding the people with lies, without discussing this? The PRESS is there to protect the people from being fooled by their governors. Everybody who is "attacking" this Trump is regarded as the "enemy of the nation". We are looking at a person who is a mob, a criminal, the biggest cheat of American history. Just use a bad character word and you can fill it in with Trump and his present and past. How people with some minor feeling of being a patriot and a good American identify themselves with this Russian traitor wonders me every day.

  7. We're on the verge of a dictatorship unparalleled in the history of the the world!!! We'll be back after a short break.

  8. Can calls Trump a traitor for meeting Putin and making an effort to deescalate tensions. Accuses him of treason for not trusting the intelligence agencies that not only have been weaponized against him but also claimed there were WMDs in Iraq. I would say Trump is right on the money.

  9. We don't want you to protect the president dam it! We want you to join us and help do what we can to bring the president down! So if you don't totally agree with us, we don't really want to hear it!

  10. Roy Blunt needs to ask himself, "Who am I, What am I doing here?" A deny, deny, liar, so long to you and your party in November. For supporting the hater in chief, that loves cheating and stealing from the Treasury.

  11. That's it! I've had my fill of this fool of a commentator relentlessly hammering away at Trump. Does he have anything else in his hollow head? The people are tired of this. Let the investigation proceed and we'll see where it leads. Meanwhile, there is much for the legitimate press to cover. But this guy is the worst…Actually, if I thought this guy really cared about his country, I would cut him some slack. But I don't believe he cares about anything but his career and scoring points with his brainwashed fans…

  12. You can tell those guys in on it thank you very much for media please help us not let them get away with it thank you for your tough questions you're good at what you do I pray we're in bed X guys please pray to this guy needs to be out of here other destruction we are being fillets left and right this is Putin's White House God save us all because the Press is trying but these stupid hillbilly ridiculous people that starts shouting and the guy needs to either have an accidental heart attack or be taken out cuz he's mental!!!! It's a shame he hasn't been deactivated yet

  13. This is stupid…basically a child saying " he started it" on the play ground. I think this reporter needs a time out.

  14. Look chucky and all you other lib media people , we saw your bias election night and you helped lie us into war …it is over

  15. A test from God? To to remove the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps?
    Grounding numbers do not lie

  16. Buried lies in SECRET always leaks out. Truth always surfaces eventually. The GUILTY call it conspiracies because they do not want their GHOST to be exposed. You can not fight against a ghost.
    Darkness is their cover. Conspiracy shines light on the dark! Their deciet exposed can not continue.

  17. POTUS has so much evidence it is difficult not to present it without disgust. THE news cover up all the deaths, snuff films, pedo, children abuse, Bohemian grove !
    TRUTH CAN HURT. BUT IT MUST BE TOLD. THIS HAS BEEN 50 YRS. HIDDEN plus.. THANK GOD FOR TRUMPS TRANSPARENCY! only ugly is done in darkness. Who can fight a ghost! Denial helps NO ONE!

  18. Smiling in the start, they think this is funny… "it's not always"… GAAAAAASHHHHH getting tired of these people…

  19. trump has no touch with reality and malignant narcissist fits him like a glove. If he wasn't rich he would be in jail since he is a danger to himself and others. trump has no touch with any factual idea of the world around him .

  20. So Trump attack in the media is cool. since the media labeled us all criminals and poor. F*** the press and F*** Donald Trump.

  21. Does anyone (sheep) actually watch these sheep feeders? They are the divisive media who portray a very fragmented view of the world. Thank goodness the world is not like they are portraying it to be. All they want are views for advertising. They say anything to get views. This has nothing to do with the government, simple them gaining viewership to generate revenue at the expense of the sheep. Don't be a sheep!

  22. Mr. Blunt you and I are of an age, I totally disagree with you, our free press has never been "middle of the road", milquetoast has never been our free press.Trump sullies our honor with his bullying and lack of respect for our highest office. Keep following the R's over that cliff, don't rock the boat by standing up for the people of Missouri.

  23. I just hope Trump doesn't do to Muller what his boss (Putin) did to Sergei Yushchenko , Alexander Letvinenko , Yuri Shekel Chiken , Otto Latsis and many others . He already put members of the media in danger. If it was up to him he would do what Daddy Putin does to journalists in Russia. He wants to get rid of the FBI and any other institution from the DOJ (by demonizing them) Just like the KGB assassin does in Russia. Don't be mistaken…Putin will cash out his investment one way or the other. Nothing is free in the world, and the American politicians have proof to be cheap.

  24. Typical money grubbing Republican , Sen. Roy Blunt is a coward, liar, more then likely a thief, Traitor, and an object of the evil to not immediately condemn Trump for this blatant act of civil war threatening statement by Trump.

  25. A globalist republican and the fake globalist news. Roy grow some balls and call the fake news for what it is. Meet the press you are dangerous and sick.

  26. The President is engaging in hate speech. See how this definition of "hate" from Miriam Webster's dictionary fits Trump's comments about the news media other than Fox and Enquirer;

    : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury

    : extreme dislike or disgust : antipathy, loathing

    : a systematic and especially politically exploited expression of hatred — see also hate crime

    : to feel extreme enmity toward : to regard with active hostility

    : to have a strong aversion to : find very distasteful

    : to express or feel extreme enmity or active hostility

  27. stop cutting off, stop with the inserting your opinion..we see and understanding their is no more middle road.

  28. The things that trump says about the media are what he should say about putin and and the attacks upon our election, electrical grid, and other businesses. The press is not what an enemy of the American people look like. He is a weak man who will not take responsibility for protecting American People. He chooses to remain ignorant and choses to lie to everyone EVERY day. trump is contributing to his own undoing. He has not done anythng to earn our trust!!! This is an illegitamate prescidency. He cannot do the job!!!! Vote him and this administration OUT!!!

  29. Go to the #WalkAway and see what they are saying. 0nce awake you wont go back.
    Buried lies in SECRET always leaks out. Truth always surfaces eventually. The GUILTY call it conspiracies because they do not want their GHOST to be exposed. You can not fight against a ghost.
    Darkness is their cover. Conspiracy shines light on the dark! Their deciet exposed can not continue.

  30. You know I've been watching meet the press for years & because Trump said Maxine Waters wasn't smart tell me what race has to do with his statement this is why people call you the fake news it's, because you twist things & make it into something it's not .

  31. What a joke of a senator. The president is EXPECTED to be held at a higher standard. You're basically turning this into a high school student government.

  32. Yah. This show is a patsy program. Blunt IS a spineless Republican. GOP deserves to be doomed to oblivion.

  33. Mr. Senator – FACTS PLEASE — A fact is a statement that can be proven true or false. An opinion is an expression of a person's feelings that cannot be proven. Opinions based on emotions and sometimes they are meant to deliberately mislead others.

  34. This guy respectfully disagrees about the news being middle of the road then immediately says Trump is a racist due to his comments on Maxine Waters never mentioned Waters called for everybody to harass Trumps administration . Is that a liberal thing ? To pick a fight spit in someone's face and when they hit you back its not because you spit in there face its because there a racist ? #walkaway cnn sux buckets of butt holes

  35. I'm not A republican, but mr. blunt is right that there is no middle of the road news, especially on MEET THE PRESS. Recall Tim Russert's version of "MEET THE PRESS" before he died. Chuck TOdd is NO TIM RUSSERT, and NEVER will be. Todd is a Liberal hack…

  36. This is the problem with the Republican party today. He could not just say this is horrible for the country. He says there is news that is incorrect but does not name one example. He then does not categorically say he vehemently is against the obvious racist behavior of the president and the way that taints the GOP. This is why most minorities do not vote GOP.

  37. Trump have never attacked anyone whom have not first attacked him, in most cases several time with none stop!
    All of you in the media turn a blind eyes, once he replies only ones, all of you will awoke and make it political issue, and try to sway voters for it!
    What a tactics, even more dangerous than the outside interference! The media has gone extreme for sure!

  38. Trump has NO basis for his claims against the press. His own Kellyanne created "alternative facts". What does that even mean?! Think about it! Freedom of the press is real, and we must defend that right. It's time for Senators and Congress to tell Trump to back up the free press and stop attacking those who oppose him. It's not working.

  39. "It is not my point of view but it is certainly the view of my voters who took the spine out of my back and make an abject sycophant out of good nature"

  40. Dont you just love how Trump gets all this Air Time on all these fake news channels FOR FREE!!! Who are the dummies now let me see. Without Trump most of these so called news organizations would not exsist because they believe Trump is the only thing worth reporting on. MAGA Trump Thru 2024

  41. Blunt is an anti-american as they come. He telling us that the Republicans will not stop Trump. so with it. The death against anyone, armed Trump supporters and Trump promoting violence as his rallies should be a concern to any politician. There will be bloodshed and it is the anti-USA Republicans who are responsible.


  43. STRANGE you say that in front of camera's Senator but say different when not in spotlight. YOU AFRAID THE MSM WILL STAT SLANDERING YOU? ATTACKING YOUR FAMILY? YOU SHAME YOURSELF AND PARTY.

  44. Senator, you've been given a number of opportunities by the media to stand up and represent the people of Missouri and you have skittered around and one more time you let us down! When are you going to get a pair and do something about this?

  45. 01:40 Blunt: "The President communicates in a different way . . . " Yes, sir, Senator, he does. He lies through his teeth. He invents lies about others, including the press. He doesn't bother to provide any evidentiary basis for his claims because his purpose, especially in these rallies is incitement and emotional gratification, rather than any adjudication of facts, or even persuasion on the basis of evidence. Yes, sir, he communicates quite differently, so differently his behavior more resembles leading a highly aggressive form of a pep rally than it does anything resembling communication.
    Blunt, stop protecting him and you, tell the real truth.

  46. 03:32 The attack on black Americans in reference to their intelligence is even most explicit as directed toward Congress woman Maxine Waters, whom he consistently calls "low IQ" Maxine. I taught I Q testing to clinical psych students for ten years before retirement, and a number of indicators, college graduation, career attainment, the quality of her public English discourse, all indicate that she's well above average IQ. Trump has called Don Lemon "dumb". Again, the same factors can be cited to indicate the man is clearly not dumb. Trump's weaknesses in reading and writing suggest a strong possibility of learning disabilities, and hence, his psychometric IQ would likely show decrements in those areas effected by verbal intelligence. In other words, there's a good chance that both Ms. Waters and Mr. Lemon would score higher psychometric intelligence than Mr. Trump. In considering Trump's racism, we must look also back to the findings by the Equal Housing Authority of racial discrimination in rental housing against the Trump organization in which Mr. Trump had a management role. Trump enforced direct practices of denial of available apartments to black people solely because they were black. In addition, his father was arrested at a KKK rally, i.e., it's beyond question that his father was a KKK member. While I don't think Mr. Trump has quite the same quality of racist attitudes as Wallace (white southern racism has unique features), the evidence is quite strong that he's a racist. In fact, the majority of Americans agreed to this in a poll. And while we could debate what criteria are necessary for the applicability of that term, it's indisputable that he does lots of racist things. One of them is falsely disparaging the intelligence of black people. I would say he does that for sadistic gratification, his own and that of his base.

    The claim sometimes made, that he is a graduate of Wharton Business School, actually amounts to his having transferred to Univ of PA for his junior and senior years and majoring in business. Wharton is highly esteemed for it's MA program in business. U of PA's undergrad business majors are taught by the Wharton faculty, but admission is to U of Pa, not to Wharton. In any event, grades in school are rightly kept private, but his name does not appear on any honor roll, either at Penn, nor as St. John's where he did his first two years. This would mean he never attained above a high C/ low B average in a single quarter. His father was a heavy donor to Trump's elementary and military schools. I have no knowledge of any donations the family may have made to U Penn or St. John's, but given the quality of his verbal abilities in reading and writing, some outside influence on his admission and continuation would not be unexpected.

  47. Listen to what Trump tweeted. He sad that the media can cause war. People, this President is about to start a war, and put the blame on the media, and his brainwashed supporters will believe it. This is going to be dangerous for journalists, because his followers love to get violent.

  48. You don't want to see your complicity to anything. Your part of the problem. No fair and balanced news anywhere. Opinion Pieces.

  49. Upchuck you need to calm down and start covering the real news. That would fix many of the problems. You attack the President day in and day out and wonder why He doesnt like the Fake News Networks. Race Race Race Race thats your power card? Grow up and let people be of different races and have disagreements. Where is all your outrage when Maxeen tries to cause a race war? You people are dividing our country and should be called out on it.

  50. Democrats I beg you to read all of this! To be blunt your party is run by Communist George Soros He is a mega rich psychopath! His main goal is to take over America Via socialism, After that His ultimate goal of being Americas dictator . The control he has investing billions is scary. Please research his name and find out all you can about him. It's not real easy to do because he has total control of the mainstream media.
    Look at the media outlets he is and has invested millions and millions. CNN, MSNBC, ESPM.And now is even cutting into FOX. He orders them to bash republicans on every news outlet .
    TYT 20 million for Cenk and Ana to bash Republicans . BLM? ANTIFA? All funded by Soros. Communist? Any one who will hate America including those that want to see America destroyed on his payroll . He knows America can not survive Socialism with open borders. He also funds Liberal professors that teach hatred for America.
    He banks on young liberals that know little about socialism saying how great it is. Ask yourself do you really know the full extent of what socialism means . You don't because if you did you would see how evil it is It's been tried many times and is responsible for killing over 100 million people. Nothing comes close to its destruction. It guarantees the richest 1% stay that way .Also full control of your lives. Non 1%ers all become even.
    That's how they sell it free everything. You not researching this which is what they brainwash and bank on. When they say even they leave out the fact it means evenly poor. Poverty poor ! The stories you here about eating dogs in the streets are true.Once they take control your life is meaningless to them . To many starving people .Solution Depopulation threw means of poison 40 – 50 % eliminated. I truly wish this was all a fiction movie but it's very real. Goal is about ten years. If you don't smarten up and check into this it is inevitable this will be your new life ! When I say check on it that means a unbiased site that provides documents Not opinions as in CNN Fake news. People don't dare talk about this going against George Soros because they end up dead . Sorry about my spelling .Not my best quality but I would go as far to bet my life all of the above is true! A site called >>>Judicial Watch<<< is a good place to start. I really hope this sinks in. The decisions you make today will have a huge impact on your life 10 years from now.
    Soros cronies I'm sure will delete this so I hope you get a chance to read it!Democrats I

  51. Blunt, you sure were trying to get up in the limelight on election day looking stupid and drunk 😵 all up in everything. Now you want to criticize our President! Fk u

  52. I'm SO TIRED of these WEAK ASSED Rebublicans NOT speaking up to protect the FREE PRESS!! They should ALL be IMPEACHED! They are not protecting America!!

  53. Trump has great intentions of being a War Time President, before the election of 2020, it's is hard to unseat an unfit President during War.

  54. The republican establishment is weak and spineless and is willing to let the right wing of its party pave the way to a fascist nation. This is one dangerous group of political figures.


  56. Trump is working to make America great again and benefit all the citizens. Democrats and Republicans must both support him for their own interests. Soros bribing people and media to oppose Trump must be curtailed.

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