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– I think we have Rosalía here right now! – Rosalía! – You guys can re-enact
your hug right now. But wait, can I get another real fast? A three-way hug just ’cause! – Yes! – It’s all about… I’m in love today. How are you? – Fine, thank you, thank you! Very happy to meet my friend. (laughter) – I love you. – Rosalía, honestly I love you. I was saying… telling everybody and I just wanna know, this has been… an amazing year for you. I mean what are you most proud of? – I mean, I’m so happy
that I could perform with all my people, you know, we come from Spain, from Barcelona and we could perform in many places around the world and it’s been… amazing to bring our music to so many people, in so many places… That’s been amazing. – I mean, you´re nominated for a Grammy. – Yes. – I know! – How does that feel to be?
… and you’re nominated in a major category, and as a Spanish speaking artist?… – It is just crazy! – like what does that mean to you? – It means so much, it means that you matter uh… which language are you using, if the music that you’re doing comes from a pure place… You know, it connects with people… Anything else is important,
it’s just that… – Yeah… – It’s just about the music and… and the energy that the music has, you know? – Well, your song “Malamente”… It was one of our top songs of the decade… – Uuuuh – of Billboard – Yeah, thank you, thank you! – So, I don’t wanna know and
kinda of a fun question… What… where was the most random place you’ve heard that song? I always wanted to ask you that question, ’cause, you never know,
like… the bathroom? (laughter) (laughter) – That’s the answer
you hope for… but … – I’d say just that, I don’t know, for me, the most random thing
that happened with that song was that Billie, Billie Eilish, when nobody was supporting,
I don’t know, my music, I don’t know, in Spain, some artist they
were like supporting my music, but, out of Spain, Bilie was one of the
first one, and Lele too. – Oh, (laughter) – Yes, Lele too, but Bilie, Bilie posted on his Instagram
stories, and I was like… mmm That was mind-blowing for me. – So wait, would this be the
first time you meet Bilie here tonight? – Ohh no… – Have you met him before? – Yeah, we’re good friends… – Okay… – We’re good friends,
we meet at the studio, we are friends. – And talking abour that yes, uh (laughter) – So can we talk about this collab? (laughter) – If there’s a woman that
you want to collab with here that you’re gonna collab with, who would it be? – Oh my God, Bilie, please, let’s finish that song… (laughter) – I love Bilie, and… – Wait, – And she knows it, and uh I wish that we have more time to be in the studio and hang so much in the studio. – But you need it. But you did with a…
you did start a song? (laughter) – You did start a song! – Yeah, we started… – Okay. – We started something,
we gotta finish it! – Alright! – You better! Can’t wait. – Honestly, tough, now that
you said that, it’s like, we’re gonna be waiting for
a Bilie – Rosalía collab. It has to happen… – Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see – My God! – I wanted to ask you, ’cause I’ve noticed that you recently narrated Harry Styles’s music video! – Yes, true! – How did that come about? Are you friends with him? What was that… what
was that whole situation? – So, you know, he’s
a good friend of mine, and he explained me that he had this song, and this video that
was very special video. I saw the idea, and
I… I loved it the idea I… I felt so grateful that
sh… he counted on me, and… Yeah, so I… uh… I was there trying to use my best accent, my best English accent,
as possible, you know? But, yes, so I… I’m happy that I could
collab in this video, it was beautiful video, I think it’s amazing video. – It’s so good, would you be
doing any others… for him? Like, is it gonna be a series of videos? – I mean, Harry, you know
that you can count on me… (laughter) – And… yeah, like I mean I
love him, I love his music, I think he’s an amazing,
super talented musician. – 2020 it’s gonna be the
year of Rosaía collabs… And we literally cannot wait… – We’re in love with you,
I’m in love with you Rosie. – Oh Lele, love you too! Come on! We love… we love each other… (laughter) – It’s a good time, I’m joking! (laughter) I fought like literally in her concert, ’cause one person was like in front of me, and I was like: “no, no
I wanna be in front!” and like, I was with my little thing! – Lele, you’ve been one of the most supportive
people I’ve met… – Oh, thank you! – and artist, you know?
She’s been amazing. – I think that you should
collab together, you guys! – Yes! – Oh my God! I’m down to do it right now! (laughter) – Let’s absolutely make it happen! Awesome… – And your sister… say hi to her. – Yeah, she’s here, she’s here. – La voy a ver! – Pilly, te queremos! – Rodsalía, you are incredible… tonight, and we’re so so excited for you, so… – Thank you. – Keep killing it, and enjoy tonight! – Rosalía! – Vamos! – We’ll see you soon! – Thanks!

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