48 thoughts on “Room Tour Project 184 – BEST Gaming Setups!

  1. the last set up — where he has the desk was where the bed was built in before, so he just moved it to opposite wall and used the cut out. Second to last set up, yes, legendary

  2. I’m pretty sure for the first setup the guy who posted it on Reddit said the tv was just acting as a wallpaper

  3. Who heard randonfrankp say evga 1070ti instead of 1080ti on the first setup Hahahahahahaha man is so fired up I lome that

  4. Here's a hint on where u seen tht black and red setup b4 the influence for this was the 2 time back to back champ of the world

  5. that 2nd last guys setup is legend, never forget, a perfect example for what we, who haven't game room yet, gonna build some one day

  6. Can you make a minimalist setups series? Also, a laptop series would be great for people who need the convenience of a laptop.

  7. The first guy is a man of culture (Black Clover, Sound of silence and other stuff like TG on the bookshelf 😎)

  8. Ok y’all I have a question. If you have a Sensei 310 does your mouse every start to ghost out when you are playing games because mine does. If you have anything that can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Last setup is the best, one before that was way too much and over the top , trying way to hard. Last one is so cozy with such a nice view and a balcony god damn

  10. I really like the painted motherboards and graphics cards on the side walls in the Denis M setup. The contrasting colours are awesome!

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