100 thoughts on “Rising Muslim population in West impacts fashion

  1. His horrible ! From fashion he manouvre the conversation to mutilation??! WOW
    A simple topic became acusation and attack! He have some seriously problems…

  2. It means it effects your brain, which means it effects your decision making, which means you have changed priorities, which means you are a different person, which means you want to change your surrounding as well, which means you want to change your culture, which means you want to adopt a new civilization, which means you have been converted.. Which means you have unknowingly been made into a preprogrammed person who follows "written down things" without any thought or conscience.. Which makes you a person who wants to stay backward in civilization..which means this is the biggest brainwashing technique you got yourself into america..
    don't allow it.. If you allow it you are done..

  3. You stupid backward idiots don't understand: *bible is not constitution, and we don't want quran as constitution !!*
    If you want quran as constitution, then go back to mecca, and don't return. ITS TIME TO TAKE GUNS AND HUNT DOWN ALL ISLAMISTS.

  4. Only Jesus Christ gives heavenly life. Read holy Bible. Mathew 10-28, Luke 20-36, mark 12-25, John 14-3, John 11-25,26, John 14-6, philippy 3-20,21, 2 Corinthians 5-1, Hebrews 12-22 to 24, acts 1-11, Roman 14-8,9, Hebrews 9-28, revelation 7-15 to 17, revelation 21-3,4, revelation 22-1 to 5. Only Jesus Christ saves souls

  5. American government appointed many missionaries across United States and save your peoples and nation. Jesus Christ bless United States

  6. All Americans wake up and well study holy Bible and preaching Jesus gospel all peoples in the world. Jesus with United States

  7. I like mini skirts, can we bring them back, like in the 80s,,. Why cover up beautiful hair. O that's right, a book told me so. Forgot to say , I will not shop there again,. Nothing against the people, just the Religion.

  8. Why does she sound scared? The news lady, listen to her voice. Its like. She is being careful of what she is might say.

  9. That’s like saying all questions are the same they were prosecuting get all kinds for coming with an idea and hanging them in across accused and Maza witchcraft or if you don’t believe in a certain way or certain things you’re going to go to Apple and who are you to judge

  10. LOL the president of N O W is glad women that never wore hijabs before are wearing hijabs , you just can't make this sht up

  11. Just digging in deeper and deeper , we're stupid for not throwing theses people out of our country , there plan is to take over the world period

  12. Western countries force their women to wear shirts and bras while men can usually go around topless.

  13. bible says "if a woman does not cover her hair, shave off her hairs"
    who agrees to "say no to christianity"??????

  14. Whose fault is this. Why are you allowing pisslams in your backyard. Deport them before it is too late.

  15. A blast from the past. "Does marketing an article of clothing that has been used to oppress women for centuries align with your corporate values?"…
    "values schmalues! It's all about buying power, baby! "
    "then why did you stop selling the MAGA hat? "
    "well, because Trump's misogyny doesn't align with our corporate values."

  16. Yes America you will allways go on about other people's faith, but will always invaved those middle estearn county's and Afghanistan for there oil.

  17. Me- Why don’t you talk about Ramadan dinner Trump hosted at White House?
    Fox News – we are Fox News

  18. @4:03 I am open minded man 😂😂😂😂😂🌶🌶🌶🌰🌰🌰🍑🍑🍑🐧🐧🌍🌍🌍

  19. @4:00 I am open minded man 😂😂😂😂😂🌶🌶🌶🌰🌰🌰🍑🍑🍑🐧🐧🌍🌍🌍

  20. Love Tucker’s jaw dropping face expression when he is listening to some nonsense as in the present case 🙂

  21. Tucker rattled her cage. This clothing is clearly a symbol of male oppression, it's a uniform forced on women in Islamic nations, how on earth could it become a symbol for feminism unless of course the definition of feminism has changed to acceptance of feudal male oppression.

  22. This guy is having difficulty understanding the meaning of empowering. Typical cal Foxi.
    He is wearing a tie, and no one has any idea of the function of the tie. He is wearing it because his boss has told him how he has to dress in front of camera. This is not empowerment.
    If a women likes a dress, wants to wear it, and it also makes her look modest – this guy has a problem with that.
    He wants them wear what he likes – same as his boss.

  23. If the people would really look up and they do their research on the headscarf and they see the origin to what is happened to where it came from it has nothing to do with religion it is not religious at all

  24. The world needs to take religion out. It has proved that is nothing but a murderous cult no matter what religion it is

  25. Right to wear a piece of cloth is as important as not to wear it. There is men in one side of the world who is pushing women to wear it and on the other side you have Men in fox studios forcing them not to wear it. Both of them are on the same side. Men does not get the choice to tell women what to wear. Period. Its their choice. You can call it brainwashing or anything. In the end. Its their CHOICE.

  26. Jesus mother Mary use to cover her head ..even matter of fact nuns too cover their head..it's not a fashion or religion .
    But it's a modesty..

  27. FGM is NOT a islamic..its cultural only present in north africa ..FGM IS NOT FROM QURAN ANYWHEREEEE …

  28. Islamists are openly trying to influence elections now.
    Wee!!! Down we go!!
    Let's get some diffusion though, more mosques in small towns and remote villages, or you are racist.

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