Rishtay Biktay Hain Episode 5 | 1st Oct 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

I’m ready to marry Zeba. And I’m doing this because I feel indebted to her mother and father. We should really be there for them when they’re worried about their daughter. I’m not materialistic like Affan. If everybody is like him, humanity will end on this earth. But I have a condition. I don’t want any dowry. I just need cash. I need money to set up my own business. Please tell this to aunt before everything else. If they accept my condition, I’m ready to get married. Forget everything and prepare for the wedding now. I want them to get married as soon as possible. We cannot fight with what’s written in our fates. Who knew Zeba would get married to Hammad and not Affan. But everything happens for the best. Accept that. They’ll be very happy together. And by the way, Hammad is also my son. So like you loved Affan, you do love Hammad too. We were actually waiting for you. Hello. Hello. He must be tired. I’m tired too. I’ll leave now. Decide the dates from the ones I told you about. Don’t delay this wedding now. I’ll take your leave now. Bye. I’ll get going. Bye. Take care. What are you thinking Rida’s mom? You’re asking as if you don’t know. I have young daughters, what else can I be thinking about? I pray so much.. I keep praying until my tongue dries out, but none of my prayers are answered. Ever. What is it? I think someone has cast a spell on our daughters. Somebody doesn’t want them to get married and grow old here. Nobody hasn’t done anything. It’s all your imagination. They’ll get what’s written for them. There is a time for everything. Nothing happens before its due time. And something that is not in your hands, why do you worry about it? You think I like to be worried about everything. I am worried because it is important. You don’t like it but you do it out of habit now. It’s all part of God’s plan. He’ll do something. He loves his people more than you love your daughters. He won’t leave us alone. You worry for no reason and keep them worried too. Who knows what sort of people they find in the future.. Why do you worry about those people now? At least let them get proposals first at least. See.. Girls have to live with their in-laws with a lot of patience and cooperation. But at least let them be at peace until they’re living here. You’re right. I just want to be at peace. Oh, God. Get me a glass of water now. You’re longsighted.. Not shortsighted! I’m watching these glasses bothering you for since long. You should get rid of what’s bothering you. What happened now? Why do you have to hide your eyes behind such thick glasses? If you take them off… trust me.. people will fall in love with your deep eyes. Don’t disturb me. I have to complete my assignment. Even I have to complete my assignment. You wore them again! Wear it properly then. Your daughter is getting married with respect. What else do you want? I’m telling you the two sisters have decided on the best. Otherwise, this broken engagement would have drifted the two of you apart. I have said yes for Hammad but… I’m not happy about it, really. There’s a difference between Hammad and Affan. I don’t know if my daughter will be happy with him or not. Why do you have to be ungrateful? Why won’t she be happy? Have you seen how beautiful Farhat’s house is? She’ll be very happy in such a big house. She’ll leave behind this small house. You just wait. She’ll forget everything once she lives in luxuries. You just be thankful. Nobody finds such a good proposal. People never find such good proposals. I’ve seen young girls go old without getting married and parents dying out of worry. You’re longsighted.. not shortsighted. What’s wrong now? Why do you have to wear your glasses and hide your eyes? If you take them off.. trust me.. the world will fall in love with your deep eyes. Fizza? Rida? Have you seen my assignment? I’m asking you. No. I haven’t seen it. What is this? What are you doing? Your assignment is not here. Where could it be? I kept it here. What nonsense is this? I’m not doing anything, I’m looking for my assignment. Take care of yourself.
What’s wrong? I’m noticing, your glasses are bothering you. And something that bothers you shouldn’t be in your life. Hania told me your younger son was getting married. Yes, but we haven’t decided on a date yet. I would have come to invite you to myself once we decided on the date. It’s not about the invitation, it’s about how things should be. Your elder son should be married first. But, alright. You can get the two of your sons married together. We want to decide upon a date for Hania and Affan’s wedding as well. It would be best if you could get the two of them married together. It will save you a lot of money as well. Oh, money isn’t a problem. Every mother wants her children to get married in a grand ceremony. And Affan… Affan is my hard-working child. Anything I do for him is less. Actually, my younger son is getting married to my niece. And they don’t have a good financial status. My brother in law is a government employee. My sister isn’t well and that’s why we’re getting them married in a simple ceremony. This is the best. I too prefer simple weddings. But there’s a huge difference between you and my sister’s financial conditions. I don’t find this suitable. And what if Affan doesn’t like it? Because someone once told him only one of the two weddings together is successful. And he is rather serious about this thing. I think Affan won’t like it. He won’t agree. Well.. we cannot say anything about it. It’s about our children’s’ happiness. Whatever you find best. Alright. Have some tea, it’s getting cold. What’s wrong? Why are you so quiet? You didn’t even talk to Farhat like you used to. Nothing is like it used to be Khalda. Why do you think like this? She’s the same sister I had. The same house Zeba will go to. It’s just.. Affan’s place has been taken by Hammad now. At least our daughter will be married. You think I am my daughter’s enemy? I’m her mother. I was afraid of her future like every other mother is. I was thinking she might not get married at all. I know her engagement being called off wasn’t her fault, but. how many people will we explain? People were talking. At least being engaged to Hammad has stopped the tongues from talking. I know there’s no comparison between Affan and Hammad. But they have the same mother and they’ve grown up in front of our eyes. If Affan is educated, Hammad is no less either. And what do we know, maybe Hammad was best for her. Maybe that’s why God willed this for her. Maybe this is how God wanted it to be. Why do you hide your eyes behind these glasses? If you take them off… the world will fall in love with your deep eyes. Oh wow. You look so beautiful. Why are you tying them? You look so pretty. Show me. You’re wearing lenses? You look so different. You look pretty. No. I think my glasses are better. Are you mad? You look so good. Stop this. What’s happening? See Fizza. She’s looking so beautiful. Listen to me.. She’s looking so nice without her glasses but she’s being stubborn. You look so pretty. Who did this? Tell us, please. Tell us. I’m wearing lenses that’s why. Do one thing, stay like this. Don’t change. We’re going to tell mom. Listen to me at least. We’re telling her. I’ll be very honest with you. Now, even though Zeba is getting married to Hammad, you’ll still have to give her a dowry. Give everything you can afford and don’t compromise on quality. Don’t forget Zeba will be reveling in luxuries once she’s married. Her dowry should be likewise. Isn’t it? And I say this because I mean the best for you. See, Affan will be getting married in a few weeks. His bride comes from a very rich family. She’ll be rolling in luxuries and bringing things along. And you know how people are. People compare. You know how they’ll react when they see how different both of my daughters-in-law are. See Khalda, that’s why I’m saying, its all for Zeba’s respect. You’re getting me, aren’t you? What can we do? This is the society we live in. Will you have dinner? No. I’m not hungry. You’re getting me, aren’t you? Of course, I do. Why wouldn’t I? Rosewood furniture? Khalda, it’s very expensive. So? We’re only giving it to our daughter, once. See, nobody sees how good a girl is. People see her dowry and respect her for what she brings. And we have only one daughter. Why are we worried now? Khalda, we should only do what we can afford. I can only gather as much as my pocket permits. A girl’s dowry should be given keeping in mind her in-laws. She’s marrying into a big house. How can you give her something cheap? You don’t care about your daughter’s respect. What if Affan’s wife brings along a lot of stuff? What will Zeba feel then? But..
No, if’s or but’s … I’m telling you. I won’t let my daughter feel let down. Do whatever you can. Take a loan or sell this house. I just want my daughter to have a heavy dowry. Wow, you look so different. I really hated those thick glasses of yours. Rida, I needed Sir Mushtaq’s lecture. You look so different today. Where are your glasses? Can you see anything? Rida? Can you see? Stop it. I’m not blind. You’re wearing contact lenses? This means you actually listen to me. I thought you never paid attention. No. You don’t have to be so happy about yourself. Because I did all this because of my sister. Really? Where was your sister? Why didn’t she advise you earlier? But, whoever inspired you, the point is you have to look pretty. And you really look beautiful. Right, Saima? Am I right? Yes of course. I’m leaving for my class now. Bye. I too, have to go to the library. Rida? You look beautiful. Trust me. Mom? What is all this? I told you I wanted money, not all this. You’ll get the money too. Be patient. Get married first. Who will give it to me after marriage? You need to be patient silly boy. You’ll burn yourself eating hot food. Had I told them about your demands, they would have thought we were greedy. Sharafat is already against us. What if he had refused? He keeps repeating one thing, there’s no comparison between you and Affan. I’m not dying to marry his daughter. He can keep his daughter home. Have you sold your senses? Why are you being so silly? Let the time come. There’s a right time for everything. Let Zeba get married and come here. A married girl can act like a parrot for her husband and in-laws. Her parents’ life revolves around her. You can then easily make them agree to whatever you say. You’ll see, Khalda and Sharafat will agree to whatever you demand then. I’m telling you, and I’m telling you straight. If I don’t get any money, I won’t tolerate Zeba for a single minute. You can tell them this. Please have dinner before you leave. Saira, don’t worry. We’ll have dinner and dessert both. See Saira, girls are a huge responsibility. I have one and I kept worrying about her wedding. And you have three daughters. You must be so worried. You’re right. Did you find a proposal for Rida? No. Not yet. But God always has a timing for everything. See Saira, parents are always cornered when it comes to their daughters. And I’ve already told my wife. I’m not getting Aqib married until Nimra is off to her house. And Aqib is only a few years older than Nimra. And boys really don’t have to worry about their ages. But now since Nimra is getting married, I’m thinking about getting Aqib married too. Wow, that’s great. Have you found a girl for him? We’ve seen the girl but we need to send a proposal. See Saira, I’m here to ask Fizza’s hand for Aqib. Fizza.. but she’s so young. Rida is elder than her. Don’t mind, please. Rida is always studying. And she’s only one year younger than Aqib. Girls age faster than boys. And she’ll start looking like his mother soon. There should be a gap of at least four-five years between a couple. And Aqib likes Fizza. Fizza will look good with him. See Saira, don’t compromise on your other daughters because of Rida. You’re worried for Rida today but soon you’ll be worried about Fizza and Haram as well. It’s best that you decide while the time is right. You’re right. Let me talk to my husband and I’ll tell you. How simple is this dress? Even though Farhat lives in a posh area now, she likes to buy cheap. What is this dress? Poor Zeba. Her parents did more than they could afford for her. I saw her dowry, everything was amazing. And look at this stuff Farhat brought. At least she should have cared for her own reputation if not for Zeba. Stop all this. Don’t talk like this in front of Zeba. She’ll feel let down. Whatever happened with her is enough already. The boy she dreamt about left her for someone else. And the one she never thought about, is her husband today. Poor Zeba. How will she live in the same house with the same man she was engaged to earlier? Please. Be quiet. It’s enough. I think it’s for the best Saira. We should think about Fizza as well. I don’t understand you, First, you were worried that your daughters didn’t proposals. And now when you have a proposal, you’re worried again. What is your problem? I am not the problem. Rida is. You’re not understanding. Think. If we get Fizza married first, Rida will never get married. People will get a chance to talk. They’ll mark Rida with some problem because we got Fizza married first. You’re being nonsensical. People talk. They just need a topic to gossip about. Why should we destroy our daughters’ future because of people? Aqib is a good boy. He’s well educated and very sensible. If Fizza has no objections, say yes to your brother. But what about Rida? No, if’s or but’s Saira. We have to get all three of our daughters married. We cannot stop Fizza from getting married because of Rida. And Rida doesn’t have any objections about it. Please say yes. Like God opened his doors for Fizza, we’ll find the best for Rida as well. Don’t worry. What happened Zeba? I told you right, I couldn’t live without you. Here, give charity in the name of the bride. Farhat, it seems you really love your elder daughter in law. She’s more like a daughter to me. Kulsoom? Come here fast. Here. Here you go. Show me. I’ts so heavy. It’s beautiful. Kulsoom bring sweets. Come on. Here. Come here. Shamsa, the bride looks upset. I think she isn’t happy. Don’t ask. She was engaged to someone else. And she’s getting married to someone else. Won’t she be sad? Here dear have some. Let it be Shamsa. It was all Affan’s fault. He called off his engagement to Zeba and she got married to Hammad. Yes. She’s a poor child that’s why. Had she belonged to a rich family, Affan wouldn’t have dared do this with her. I’ve heard he’s engaged to a rich girl now. Please be quiet. She’s listening to us talking.

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