Rise of Newtro trend in Korea

time now for our life an info segment
where we focus on information we hope is useful for your everyday life today I’m
happy to say we have our business correspondent Kim has some in the studio
to discuss a trend it’s called new troe that’s expanding in popularity here in
South Korea so here song thanks for joining us and tell us more about this
latest trend to hit the country hi mark so new troe is a combination of new and
retro retrospect referring to a new interpretation of retro culture so in
this neutral theme is gaining popularity across the retail industry with those in
their teens and 20s sharing neutral related products and experiences on
Instagram in its little tongue lowing downtown solar there are more than a
dozen boutique shops that rent out clothes like dresses and suits and
accessories from the late 19th century to the early 20th century kohake the so
called enlightenment period when Western culture arrived the shops lend the
clothes for three hours for less than 30 US dollars and customers can take
selfies either inside or outside the shop the first shop opened late last
year thanks to the popularity of Korean dramas like mr. sunshine that showcased
90s culture the dresses became popular among women in their 20s and it has
continued this year the number of boutique shops is continuing to grow as
demand from people in their 30s and 40s is also rising I wanted to make some
special memories with my college friend wearing a humbug in traditional palaces
used to be the thing to do now this is a new hip trend so that’s from a photo
booth in each suit or you can actually spot white a lot of people wearing those
dresses in New Zealand to suit their needs there are photo booths and special
photo zones at cafes or restaurants in the area that’s quite interesting
because a cheerio used to have this rather old-fashioned image where mostly
old people would go there to hang out but these days it seems young people are
going there to try this nutria and nutria
why this area in particular and also I want to know what other retailers are
moving in to try and take advantage of this new troe trend well just to give
you a background zero is named after general ulti moon dog of the 7th century
who successfully defended kukuda one of the three kingdoms of Korea against
China’s sway dynasty and it’s you know you can get a taste of the industrial
history of Korea with industrial machine shops or tool shops printing shops and
traditional houses these buildings have been renovated into restaurants and
stores a mix of traditional interior as you can see and design with modern
eateries and bakeries for example a cafe in the 1900 style the wood wood tables
traditional roof tea pots and mirrors all look traditional I like how its
traditional tea but it’s served in these iced tea glasses it’s interesting we’ve
heard of the 1900 lifestyle but I’ve never experienced in myself I was always
curious about it and it’s nice to try something like this it’s like traveling
back in time or something when you go into one of those those cafes but we see
how trends come and go really quickly especially here in Korea it’s all the
rage one day and then no one tries it or uses it the next day but how long do you
think this new trend new troe trend is going to last
well this new troe trend hasn’t reached its peak yet it’s still growing and
growing and it’s not just the restaurants or dresses it’s also it also
includes other types of goods like pillows so dude they release their
previous version of the 1970s and since its released in April sales of those
have hit like over 10 million units in 3 months so that’s pretty big and brands
like Phila have released a remake of their shoes from the 1970s Nintendo
$0.10 they have released red games like Super Mario Bros now take a
listen to an expert on why he believes neutral is so popular in Korea new true
is a new interpretation of the past it triggers nostalgia among the older
generation and the younger generation is curious about things they see as new and
hip and a business sense products are floating the market and there’s no limit
to new contents so neutral limits demand it will likely continue to evolve and
less for some time to come okay so maybe this is one trend that will last quite a
long time here in South Korea there are plenty of interesting products and also
activities you can do if you enjoy new troe as always her song thanks very much
for the information and we’ll see you again next time
my pleasure

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