10 thoughts on “Richard Serra "Television Delivers People" (1973)

  1. This is whole video disgusts me. If you're not able to understand for yourself that Television provides just one side of every story (i.e. CNN, FOX, NBC etc.) then you shouldn't be watching television in the first place. "Media asserts an influence over an entire cultural spectrum without effort or qualification"? She's insulting the intelligence of everyone who is involved in Marketing and Brand advertising. This propaganda that you speak of is how businesses create consumers. This isn't some government conspiracy. Were not being controlled by the government through television. Open your eyes.

  2. this brought me here:

  3. You can also see that the explosion and diversification of media has led from television to the Internet, a medium that is so varied that most totalitarian information societies ( China, the Middle East) have been immediately threatened by it. I'm not denying this message, but it sounds like old school Adornian dogma.

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