Religion and Media: a media training for peace | DW Akademie

There is this stereotype or unfortunate
experience of the history that religion causes only problems. I think it’s not the matter or the problem of religious phenomena themselves but it’s a matter of misusing the power. It’s important to share with each other
the the meaning we have in life, our purposes of living, of existing. To share this meaning so we can inspire each other. So I’m not necessarily promoting
the idea to talk about religion, merely religion but to share how we stand in life, what is important for us. We need this purpose, whether it’s religiously
inspired or not. But everyone has this need to have a meaning to his life. I think it’s always an empowerment
if you meet other religious leaders or spokespersons, [to see] that you are not alone. This is definitely going to be transferred to our communities, where we work and where we live. To share this experience in itself is a testimony of how peace can be conveyed by religion.

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