Regular People Go To Fashion Shows For The First Time

I feel like this day is gonna be better than my wedding day honestly Fashion Week to me is honestly I think it's gonna be some craziness some avant-garde I'm just like this girl from Texas that has never been to a fashion show in my life I just gonna like reject me planned three weeks in advance what we were gonna wear it's true like we got to get this right we got to get this down I bought a dress it was 111 dollars it was supposed to be 84 but I clicked it at midnight and the sale went away I still bought the dress we can go back to LA and be like actually wear this color you know what okay let's just go let's do it you said I did like she doesn't cause is this in New York yeah fashion here we call one Friday I wanted to go for a chic high-fashion look so I slicked back my hair I put it in a low ponytail I wore a choker I wore pastel pink pants that were kind of flowy and then some strappy shoes that were not the comfiest but fashion I decided to wear like a floor-length gown and it was all black and it had a cape on it it wasn't easy and then I wore these black shirts that said economy fashion section we're headed to Nicole Miller right now hoping that it's like a free fun place then that it's not like ritzy and like so your bling Jess is that the noise playing thanks yep so you're I've to this show and it's already feeling super chaotic or I honestly was not expecting like what it is five people have already like looked me up and down critiquing my outfit two bangs one and I saw one of my favorite actresses reward is the new black she's my favorite too I also saw a rich kid with Beverly Hills that I've also seen in Beverly Hills but that's the update so far we're waiting in line for the show for like a good hour they finally let us through and the shows about to start in literally one minute literally and there's about 50 or so people behind us still yet they just closed the doors in front of that we were the last like maybe 10 people to get in and then they were just like can you imagine waiting in line for like two hours and then not getting in hole I spent so much money on that dress the first show had a lot of like different really cool patterns it was very colorful it's very preppy with cute no Laura we did first Fashion Show – I think the biggest thing we both realized is that like so much goes into it for literally a five minute show five minutes it's chaos getting there you're in traffic you're trying to find your spot and then you sit down it starts is five minutes long and then you leave when you go to the back and that's it we're at the Tadashi fashion show we just realized that this was gonna be all gals yeah it's gonna be cool maybe I just took a picture of that what the okay when we got there we actually had our own seed so I felt with the vfp they also had a brochure of the show that told you all the looks that we're gonna be coming down the runway on the runway you know this is gonna be a good show because the music is slightly scary when it started there was this cool crazy animation it was kind of trippy it was like a tiger hanging on to like an elephant it was saying something with like interconnectivity and just like all being sound and on the same level and just like chilling it was really cool I liked it I didn't get any of that from that video exactly then the gowns came out the colors were so vibrant all the gallons had just such a beautiful structure to them these look like just like little masterpieces walking around but that fashion show Tadashi you know you're so we just got back from our first two fashion shows Nicole Miller it was mainly the same ethnicity which is white the Tadashi show had at least like three to four women of color so that was nice something we were not used to all around and both these shows was the fact of just like seeing these models bodies in real life these high high fashion models their job is to sell the clothes and not themselves just become literally a walking mannequin outside of high fashion I feel like our society is trying to make these huge strives into like curves blah blah blah love yourself and then we go to these high fashion shows and it's like whoa this is another club now we're gonna eat Thai and sushi and go to bed my seasoning good morning and welcome to our second day of Fashion Show we're at the BuzzFeed New York office we're taking all their snacks I personally was excited for Sunday because this is my street style weird concepts like Oh I just cited after I went back to a little Missy Elliott wicka wicka literally a pink velvet jumpsuit with a hat and some tennis shoes and I'm not ashamed to say that I rocked the out of that so I decided to stay with the whole chic trend that I was going forward through Fashion Week and I slipped my hair back but I kept it down I am had a really light blue blazer and I had black trousers and then I just wore tennis shoes because it was more like casual street style and really comfortable today we're going to the hood by our fashion show which I'm so excited for because this is like really cool street style Rihanna just wore it I'm dyeing if I see her I can't believe my life right now yeah we didn't see Rihanna what was different about these shows for us is that we were going behind the scenes instead of just attending the show we got to meet the creative director that basically explained the hair and makeup looks they were literally like smearing Vaseline and it was inspired by like kids going and getting like messy and their parents stuff and it was also supposed to be like a little bit of like we're back in the woods going on to like the thought process like what is going on the actual looks like it is all absolutely frizzy and all the models are so sweet and nice and like just want to talk so that's really nice we were just walking down the runway and Whoopi Goldberg was next to me and all of a sudden Jaden Smith walks in and then it was not only camel yeah and I was like hey girl do not say hey to her I saw Teyana Taylor I was in the background picture that I didn't know about so when the show started it was some trippy like music that sounded like it was in her first this is gonna be weird the fashions in this show were so cool I think knowing what we knew from the creative director backstage and what their vision was like and seeing it going to the runway was like an amazing experience because we could see how the adolescent childhood theme transferred into how they were walking one guy had like a POW on his face as if he had just gotten in trouble he was my favorite literally looking and I liked it because like even though we knew the background story to everything that we were still like watching I actually literally cried and had to make sure that my eyeliner was not running down my face it got to the point where I was like this is beyond fashion this is in our piece I feel so honored to like gotten to this it's amazing so we got in there and it was cool because it was all just like mix match of everything like nothing was supposed to feel fluid not the gender not the race not the hair and not the colors everything was supposed to be messy it was sick it was so cool when the show started there was a performance like a pre-show we realized later that this is called like gypsy Spore and it opened with like almost a halftime performance work at every sport instead of the models walking out to just music they had these two presenters that were basically commenting on the styles as they walked by and there was also this really cool mix of colors they were all just color so you wouldn't be like yeah those go together and they still kind of all like flowed with each other gypsy sport was awesome it was really cool to see so many people with like different body types and skin type you could connect with any of the models there I'm like so sad it's over I know I can't believe it I thought that I'd be exhausted and like want it to end by the end of the week but I actually had such a good time my biggest takeaway from New York Fashion Week I'm being like the people that we are not 100% in the industry is to like if you're gonna go go and be you everyone that attended the shows had their own style like there wasn't this common style that we saw everyone wearing like you are you dressed for you dressed the best way you can and like that's what's accepted we'll be ready for you next year goodbye or 2k 17 you

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  1. Y'all should make a jazmyne and Lindsay channel I should sub

    Sorry if I spelt yalls name incorrectly

  2. I don’t get it, having to stand in line for 2 hours, spend $$$ on special clothes, get judgemental/dirty looks and (possibly not even get admitted) all for a 5-10 minute show for clothes that the average woman can’t fit in. Okay 👌

  3. 7:42 I’m Jazz in the background when my friends say they aren’t having parties this year and yet they have a party I wasn’t invited to

  4. I'm like sad about the health of the models, but the use of the word gypsy was hurtful since it is a slur, its so exhausting and draining

  5. Jazz looks like my math and science teacher the only difference is the hair my teachers hair is braided and is pastel blue and pastel purple but they both wear dark colors as lip stick

  6. i dont understand avant garde fashion. Only rich people buy those,right? who wears these irl?? xD

  7. Jazz is ma GURL I swear she is like AMAZING and so BEAUTIFUL! She is so creative and I love the modelling she does with buzz feed TOO MUCH!

  8. im going to be modelling in a fashion show in toronto this may and i heard a lot of americans from NY and other nearby (and huge) states often go there… i really hope to get offered some U.S. gigs cuz it just looks so glamorous! plus i really want to meet east coasters in their natural environment lol :^)

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