Red Dead Redemption 2 | Logan “hurt” style trailer

I’ve lived a bad life, Sister. beating a man, for a few bucks. That’s all I am. A fighter, a killer, and a.. crazy man. We’re more ghosts than people. But I’ve got some peaple I need to take care of. We went and made our choices a long time ago. so, I guess we gotta pay for our sins. Listen to me, when the time comes, You gotta run, and don’t look back. This is over.

100 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 | Logan “hurt” style trailer

  1. I have a one question.
    No one's turning it into a bang bang of kill bill.
    Can you make it?
    I think we can focus on the father-son relationship of Dutch and Arthur.

  2. It's crazy how all these dialogues have been actually said and they perfectly match this song.
    RDR2 is the best game ever. Period.

  3. It would Be wonderful when the hole RedDeadRedemption 1 and 2 story would be released As a movie from little Arthur to Jack Marston and so on

  4. Red Dead Redemption would be an amazing movie. I’m not a huge fan of western movies, but damn this story is so amazing that it needs to be a movie. I wouldn’t mind multiple movies either to stretch the story.

  5. 'Hurt' fits so perfectly well with the Red Dead Redemption 2 theme. Even if it's fanmade, this trailer got me to bond and sympathise with Arthur even more! I can proudly say RDR2 is my new favorite game of all time (Far Cry 4 was my original favorite)!

  6. Loving my time with John again after we were robbed of him at the end of RDR but I'm missing Arthur in the same way I missed John. Can't wait for RDR3 in about 10 years when we get to play as Dutch and complete the trilogy.

  7. Arthur’s horse: falls of a 10,000 foot cliff in epilogue and survives because it’s epilogue

    Arthur’s horse: I hurt myself today

  8. I think this would’ve worked better as an ending theme for Arthur, along with ain’t no grave. God’s gonna cut you down probably would have been the best for a trailer.

  9. RDR Movie:

    Hugh Jackman As Arthur Morgan
    Norman Reedus As John Marston
    Josh Brolin As Dutch Van Der Linde
    Jeff Bridges As Hosea Matthews
    William Fichtner As Micah Bell
    Jason Momoa As Charles Smith
    Angelina Jolie As Sadie Adler
    Anthony Mackie As Lenny Summers
    Liam Hemsworth As Sean Macguire
    Jack Black As Bill Williamson
    Diego Luna As Javier Esquella

  10. Why couldn’t they make that traitor Michah rip instead. Know what I mean change the facts author didn’t deserve to die only one deserved to croak was michah

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