Reacting to My Old Outfits (Embarrassing Fashion Moments!)

– This picture is not
okay, this is terrible. – Oh. – This is, oh my god. This is the worst outfit I’ve ever worn. (dramatic music) Remove the lipstick from my teeth now. Get it off! – Ew. – Eat it. Hello hunnay! Let me do that again. I have no idea what he’s doing, but I know he’s doing something. (upbeat music) Hello hunnay! This week we’re talking about
my favorite topic, fashion. I absolutely love personal style, fashion, all the things that
give you the confidence that you need to have to
get out there and kill it. And we’re also gonna talk about the one thing I think
is so important to own, when you haven’t nailed it in fashion, those bad outfits, those ones that haunt you
for the rest of your life. But I couldn’t do this
episode without my bestie. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen Daniel take
over my Instagram stories on every award show carpet. – I just got kicked out right now. – Why are you my friend Daniel? – Um. (laughs)
– This one I keep around because he keeps it way too trill. – And? – He’s been promoted to my global social media
communications ambassador. – President, president
of global communications. – Self promoted. President of global social communications ambassador,
– Ambassador. – Daniel Nguyen. – @mrdanielnguyen 50,000 followers. – So if you guys follow me on Instagram, you also know that my assistant, my amazing right hand woman, is Cathy. – Cathy.
– And so I had her do the humbling job of
going through Google and finding all these
hideous pictures of me. Cathy, I hope you keep
your job after this. – Fashion misses. Oh. – Okay so it’s me in a gingham teal top with a Paco Rabanne necklace, I remember this like yesterday. A pencil skirt, black
heels and panty hose. You know what?
– It was like the sale section at Hot Topic. You would die.
– Okay, real talk. I actually don’t mind this outfit today, I probably wouldn’t wear it
with panty hose, honestly. But it’s my hair, and
eyebrows, and shadow. What was I doing with my
eyeshadow so filled in? – It’s like the cool substitute teacher. – Shut up Daniel. Next! – Oh. – Okay.
– Okay, okay at least you’re wearing red bottoms. Was this when Gossip
Girl was really popular? ‘Cause I mean like everyone
wore like the tights, so it was like maybe on
trend during the time. – You’re not wrong, I was about 27 here. I’m not mad at it though, can I be honest? Obviously I look like a Vegas
cocktail waitress, right? – You wish, you wish, they look great. – I think it’s the fishnet stockings that threw it off completely. And then, I think I’m wearing gloves dude.
– I think it’s the– – And I think I have way too much blush. – Way too much blush.
– Way too much. – But that smile, that smile. You’ve got that smile.
– It got me places, it worked.
– You’ve got that smile, good for you. – Its not terrible. – Its terrible, it’s terrible, it’s terrible.
– Right, likely, next one. – Even though it’s a
shiny red satin blouse, like when are you gonna wear that today, I think there’s still a way that you could put it under a blazer. I would wear it with a high-waisted pant that’s a flare leg, like
super wide legged pant. And I would wear it with something a little bit more neutral colored so it’s not so stark red and black. If any of you want to
see these outfits redone, in a better way, comment below. You know what, I might
actually do it at the end of this episode so you
gotta stick with us here, to see which one we pick. – I’m kinda scared that
you’re gonna bring out that red top again or something. – [Jeannie] This picture is
not okay, this is terrible. – [Daniel] This was back
when people were like, you match the belt with the shoes. – [Jeannie] That patent red
belt just looks so cheap. – [Daniel] Are you wearing a
turtleneck under the dress? – I’m wearing a lace turtleneck
under the dress because– – Just be like you should layer it. – You could have layered it
with a white or like a beige. – I–
– Do you think like a really thin turtleneck? – I mean, the belt is crazy,
that was when people were like, that was very High School Musical. – I know.
– Like Asian Sharpay. – Can I just admit
something else really scary. If you look in the
background of this picture. – Oh em Crocs! I mean Crocs are back in
because of Post Malone. Wait, how would you restyle it? – I actually really love this
dress, I have this dress. I wouldn’t wear it by itself because I have such a bust line that it would be too exposed. I would still do turtleneck but not so contrasting colors and lace. You have lace, you have the underlay, then you have the turtleneck. I would just do a smooth cream one. I would not wear this belt, in fact I don’t want
this belt in my closet, I need to get rid of this belt. I actually still have it.
– Maybe you can repurpose it or something like that, like use it as–
– What would you– – I don’t know, maybe you
can give it to Mama Mai as a cool like headpiece, I mean it would look good on her. – This is true, everything
I throw away Mama Mai takes and re-purposes somewhere else. – [Mama Mia] What do you want me? (laughs) – We’re not taking to you. This is me hosting an event
in Long Beach, California. – [Daniel] Ooh. – [Jeannie] There was
a lot of skaters there ’cause I used to skate, which is why I have a
lot of scars on my knees. – What kind of skating? – Skateboarding and rollerskating. – I’ve never seen you skateboard before. – You’ve seen me rollerskate, if you take me to a
skate park, we’ll skate. I really don’t get this
dress, it’s just cute, it’s– – It’s like, punk rock
strawberry shortcake but like blueberry shortcake. – With this, I would
not recycle this outfit because the dress is so cutesy, there’s no way to really save it. Okay next! – Oh god, I saw a glimpse of it, I was about to say like,
Marge Simpson, lets see it. Oh it’s not– – Its actually cute because
of the shape, the shoe is off. – [Daniel] The shoe is off. – The shoe is way off. Okay I honestly really love this outfit, I just think there’s too much. I like the top. – I like the top. – I like the belt, I
don’t love the tassels. – I like the pants, the pants are cool.
– The pants are dope. – [Daniel] I think the
pants are very like, now. – I agree with you, I even
think the bobble necklace is kind of extreme but you
could wear it with something a lot more basic so that
it’s the main centerpiece. – I don’t hate this photo,
I don’t hate the look. It actually is very like reminiscent of what’s coming back into fashion, like the bright colors.
– Yeah. The hair’s bad, dude. That, this bee’s nest,
like, what’s happening? So Daniel and I are on
board with this outfit and we feel like we
could still break it up and make it work. What about you? Comment below, would you
actually wear any of this at all? Are you down? – Do you still have this outfit? – I don’t have this outfit anymore because Mama Mai took it
and cut it up into a blouse, a top, some shorts and some gloves. This is an outfit that I wore
with my best friend Alli, my other best friend.
– Aw. – It’s just a cute cocktail dress. I don’t know if I would wear it again because the bottom is so eighties. – Yeah. – The reason why I like it is because the whole dress is an entire corset so it just feels really
comfortable on you. – It’s very just like
dating back to high school, like living up your years of maybe when you probably used to be made fun of and now you’re like, I’m making fun of other
people now, right, is that– – Noted
– That’s not nice. – Yes.
– That’s not very nice. – It’s not very nice and
I never was that girl, but I like looking like that
girl so it works for me. Could you just, could we put that napkin
over here, not on the couch? – Sorry, well you said
it was like, okay, sorry. – Oh my god, do we need hand sanitizer? – No, you’re the one who
was coughing earlier. – I know but I’m not
sneezing or blowing boogers. – I’m not either, I mean
its just, it’s an early day, you know what I mean– – Okay just don’t touch me.
– Okay, sorry guys. – So this next picture is
taken at my house in San Jose and it’s really just a,
– Wow. – It’s just a tie dye shirt and pants. – [Daniel] Wow (laughing). – I know it’s a lot, why is this a lot? – You probably watched a lot of episodes of America’s Next Top Model. You know what, I mean it’s
like a casual at home look, I mean, it’s not like a red carpet look but it’s like stuff you
got for free in a gift bag that you’re like, I’m
just going to wear this because it was free and like
not very much like I’m gonna– – I did get it from a gift bag. – Let me zoom in a little bit more, um. – Say no more, we’re good, next. I had this designer make me a dress that I had seen on like
a Great Gatsby silhouette and I loved it but then
I went and got excited with adding a little more of
that punk rock throw to it. – It’s not bad, I mean– – Really? – It’s like Vivienne Westwood,
its very like, I feel like– – Yes! – I mean, I don’t like
it but I don’t hate it. – The only reason I don’t like it is because one thing that I used to love is accessorizing and kind
of doing a little too much and this you have fishnet pantyhose, you have patent leather heels, then you have a little bit
of a fascinator in the hair, with blue hair, this quaffed curl. – If it was like a costume
party, too, where was this at? – Style Network and E
Comcast party, a red carpet. – And E still ended up
hiring you after this outfit. – Boom. You never let her go.
– You did something right, you did something right. – Oh god, this is, okay.
– Okay, okay. – I would say hands down, hands down, this is the worst outfit I have ever worn on the red carpet. – Let’s see, uh. – So here’s what happened,
basically I had that yellow top, I couldn’t find any other
bottom to wear with it because the top had to
have something high waisted so I pulled out these
navy high waisted pants and I thought, oh my gosh, how cool, why don’t I take the sash from the top and weave it through the belt loops ’cause you could see the belt loops and I hate having pants without
belts in the belt loops. I also had like, this perm going on, and I didn’t know how
to control the frizz. The whole thing is terrible, Daniel.
– But I mean, I mean, like the boobs (laughing). – There was no place for the boobs to go because like it’s one of those cheap tops that doesn’t have support, so you just kind of have to
squish the girls into something and that’s what it looks like. There’s no way to save
this one, huh, Daniel? – I think the pants are very cool. – I can zoom in and I
can see my wedding ring, which means that that man
let me walk out of the house looking like that and where is he now? Oh schnap, okay. Yes, I do have a very
experimental side of fashion, but there is only one person to blame when it comes to why I have that. – [Daniel] I was there, I saw that live, I shook that animals hand. – It is for sure not
going to reveal itself on the carpet ever again. Mama Mai put this outfit
together here at home but I gotta tell you, I know
this is gonna sound crazy, comment below, yell at me, you can say whatever you
want to me, its my mama, I’m about to say this anyway, I liked it, I actually liked the outfit,
I thought it looked bomb. – I, uh, em, you know
it’s a look, it’s a look. It is a true look. – There are certain
people who wear looks– – Like Lady Gaga, like– – Miss J. – Mama Mai.
– Mama Mai. So mom, we’re proud of you,
this works for just you. Congratulations, you did it. – [Daniel] Is that a YSL ring? – [Jeannie] No. – No, it’s like Claire’s Accessories? – Probably. – That’s okay, we love
Claire’s, sponsor this. – Actually, hold that thought, I have a little something for you. – Oh my god, more surprises, okay. This big surprise, it better be money. – It’s not money but she looks like money. – God. Oh no. Does it even zip– – It doesn’t even zip anymore!
– It doesn’t even zip up in the back. You guys I used to weigh 20 pounds less, look at this.
– Lucky. – But from the front! – Wow, okay. – So look, at the end of the day, it’s fun to make fun of yourself. Number two, always save your fashion ’cause you never know
when it can come in handy. – Yeah.
– And number three, I would wear this to a cocktail party. – I wouldn’t be attending
that cocktail party. – Yo, let me know below, if this is something you
actually could see me wearing at a party and looking fly in. I think with the right diamonds– – Don’t encourage her.
– The right diamonds. – Don’t encourage her.
– Come on now. – [Mama Mai] She can save it
and you can wear it again. – I agree with you mom, thank you.
– I don’t think so, no, no. – Thanks, Mama Mia.
– You look like burrito! (track scratching)
– Mom! – [Mama Mai] You are. – Nobody’s asking you. – Don’t worry, it’s the hair.
– I’m asking her. – Nobody pay attention to me, but look at your dress right now. – I like it!
– It’s terrible. – I could still wear this.
– It’s no. I’d make it work.

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