38 thoughts on “Question Period: New NAFTA deal, Unifor on media funding panel, opioid crisis — May 29, 2019

  1. We have to fight the Jihady climate change, Shariah Justin Warriars, incredible flooding of thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens, to replace whitefaces

  2. "On this side of the house WE KNOW….blah blah blah"

    And why are all of Trudeau's NON-answers done in YELLING mode.

  3. "What we learned in the House of Commons, you get a talking point, a repeat it, till they believe it, they will believe anything if you keep repeating it, and get louder, stick to it,", the Liberal temper tantrum, Shariah Jihad Warriors tactics and technical the 4 GLOBALIST, Soros Puppet Show,,,,all in to betray Our Constitution,our founding families, and our Patrie/principals

  4. These liberals are destroying our country deeply. You can fool the youth no more with your dinosaur media propaganda. If Justin trudeau wanted equality he would have pick member by skill alone not the genetalia between their legs. Trudeau is a conman

  5. The fact little potato hired unifor proves their credibility is shot and thst they are trying to rig ghe election

  6. Pointy faced rat nose Trudeau 🐀and the lying eastern liberal party must be removed for ever in October.

  7. Just import more rich chinese immigrants so they can put their money into our economy by driving up the real estate market xD

  8. The only things our taxes should pay for are: fire departments, police, hospitals, and roads. Beyond that look after yourselves.

  9. Mariam Monsef pretends to be following along, nodding more condescendingly than usual…feeling really good about herself today. I'm getting so sick of this bunch, with their tired and recycled "talking points". No original thought or speech for 4 years, from any one of them.

  10. CBC defunding needs to be seriously discussed.
    Marxist propaganda should not be financed by the taxpayers.

  11. Sheer, your face show off you didn't know what you talking about how can be leader Sheer? Trudeau he is best.

  12. Wonder if those who are working behind the scenes to replace Trudeau are also nodding and cheering and clapping.

  13. trudy is in full election mode. He is scared and people who are chronically scared are angry. Also he is afraid of his lack of perceived masculinity so he is yelling and gesturing more and more. What a looooooooooooooser.

  14. Stop with the shouting Trudeau. To all Liberals voters. Apparently Trudeau and his mighty band of thieves believe they can control and influence your opinion by continually yelling and screaming about an issues until you eventually believe them. Please think for yourselves. Your are being tricked. Check this out. Looking into the camera, a boisterous McKenna, using emphatic hand gestures and raising her voice on key words for emphasis, declares: “But you know, I actually gave them some real advice. I said that if you actually say it louder, we’ve learned in the House of Commons, if you repeat it, if you say it louder, if that is your talking point, people will totally believe it.” Here is the whole story. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-screeched-in-mckenna-commits-a-classic-political-gaffe

  15. Looks like our fearless Leader took his estrogen Pills 💊 this morning ,his face looks all twisted and his arms are flapping up and down like a bird 🦃

  16. How about you take their licences away of the dope pushing doctors and secure the border so there not bringing guns and drugs in record numbers how about laws being enforced speak the truth he cant stand up against donald a real man donnie punked that little punk off he doesnt even know his name nor does he care

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