Queer Eye’s Tan Reacts To The Fashion In Sex Education | Netflix

Hi, I’m Tan France from Queer Eye,
and I’m going to be rating the questionable fashion from Netflix’s
Sex Education. It’s too much, first and foremost… Yes, I know that you wanna
embrace a trend, but maybe choose one
instead of seven? All of these things separated out
I actually would be really, really happy with, just, all of them together,
it’s not really working. When this is what you’ve chosen
I can see why people might say “Hmm, that’s a little
questionable.” Sorry! Jean looks regal as fuck. I mean, I know it’s just a robe
but she looks super chic. Her hair’s wicked, the way she’s stood, her posture,
the way she’s holding her cup, she comes across as
a bad bitch. I wanna be her when
I’m older. Erm… there is a documentary
on Netflix, called Wild Wild Country. Eric looks like he came
from the camp. It’s a lot of orange.
You look like you’re in a cult. I actually love what
Ola’s got on. I love an andro look,
I think she looks super, super sharp. I love that she’s not thinking “Oo, I need to get dressed up,
I should probably wear a dress.” If you feel like you want to wear a suit,
wear a suit. On Queer Eye we empower people to
dress how they want to dress, and what makes them feel good
about themselves, whether it is a traditionally “woman’s” outfit,
or a “man’s” outfit, you do you as long as you
feel your very best. Otis’s look is very much…
dad. But like, dad from the seventies,
and not in a hot way. Do I love a brown suit?
Y’know, every now and then, yes, but not this brown suit. The fit’s super off,
the colour of the shirt underneath is… eh. The tie’s gross. If I had to, I would take the suit
and have it altered, you know I love a
tailoring moment, I would have it tailored
and make it fit right, but the way it is?
Mm-mm, hard pass. I love that Eric chose to wear
this outfit for prom, I love that kids these days are
being more and more experimental with how they wanna present, especially in high school,
that’s a really really tough time. And so, being brave enough
to wear what you wanna wear and kind of not giving an ish
about what people will think, is super, super brave, and so I love that Eric
went for this look. I’m not going to critique it,
there’s nothing I’d change, if this made him feel great,
if this empowered him to be his authentic self, more power to him.

20 thoughts on “Queer Eye’s Tan Reacts To The Fashion In Sex Education | Netflix

  1. I don’t understand how the flamboyant outfits is a more power to you moment , but the brown suit is not did tan miss the nerd chic moments of the early 90’s that this plays

  2. Why did they make him do that? Judge characters in a show that are kids. And who are portrait as kinda out-of-it or lost.

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