#QAnon: 4 Stories Mainstream Media Avoids Like the Plague

The largest criminal organization
in the United States? Drugs that can cause an overdose
just from grazing your hand? A plot in the dark for sex trafficking, human
trafficking and experimenting on people The media doesn’t seem to be telling us
the whole story on purpose. Why? All this and more on today’s episode
of the Edge of Wonder Welcome to Edge of Wonder, I’m your
host Ben, and I’m Rob. In our previous video we covered media tactics.
What methods they’re using to control us. We couldn’t  fit it all into one video so we
decided to make a part two where we’re going to get you thinking by showing you
stories that should be in the news, but that for some strange reason,
isn’t getting a lot of press. And when it is getting press, it’s always
used for some other strange agenda. Now guys we could have tackled this by pointing out what’s so messed up in the news currently, but that’s just going to spark a debate. Right instead we’ll show you what they aren’t
covering and you can come to your own conclusions on what’s in the news now. So if you haven’t watched our previous video
on media tactics we strongly recommend you do Without further ado, here are major stories
that should be in the news, but that conveniently aren’t getting much press. Have you heard about NXIVM sex cult? On their
website they say they’re basically a self improvement philosophy to help you answers “important questions about what
it means to be human.” I mean just look at this website.
It totally looks legit … Recently several people associated
with this were arrested … The court documents talk about
child trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, testing weird drugs on children without consent to which many
of them got sick. How does this line up with what we
just looked at on that website? The court docs say they were accused
of showing their subjects videos people being brutally murdered. Including a nazi stomping a black
man’s head until it exploded, dismembering 3 women with a machete— they’re showing this to their subjects. In an reported video they showed a man, where they cut out part of his brain and forced him to eat it. The guy must have been still alive because they knew which part to
take out without killing him. It’s like real life Hannibal. Several people were arrested
on serious charges. I mean, I don’t know how it can get
more serious than that. First was the doctor running it
named Brandon Porter. Second was Allison Mack, who many of us know from her part in the show Smallville. The most recent arrest was of Clare Bronfman, who is both the Seagrams heiress
and executive board member of NXIVM who was also it’s largest financial backer. Bronfman is said to have funded
NXIVM a minimum of $150 Million. The media is being very careful about how
they are reporting on this. Ask yourself why for a moment. Upon further investigation Allison
Mack and other very major stars seem to be connected to this. If you go to Frankreport.com, they’ve been doing the most work
We’ve seen that has been exposed to this. The list of celebrity names involved with
this is getting large. What will happen if the mainstream media started
digging in and what more would it uncover? Is this hitting on the tip of a huge iceberg? We are gonna have to wait to find out. If you want to know more we can definitely
do a whole episode about this. Let us know in the comments below. Next, MS-13 Have you guys heard about MS-13? MS 13’s motto is “Mata, viola, controla” or “Kill, rape, control.” These guys are behind egregious murders, drugs, human trafficking, extortion and so much more. To be initiated into MS 13 you really have
to be deemed crazy enough to even join. Reports range from having to kill
someone in a rival gang. Leading gang rapes on women etc, that’s just the tip of it. After you’ve done that, you are not
even in yet, you have to be  “jumped in” by enduring a beating by some of the strongest gang members for 13 seconds counted very slowly by the gang leaders. If you’re a woman reports say to be jumped in you have to endure being gang raped by 6 members of the gang. They go into sanctuary neighborhoods
and force kids to join. Trump called MS 13 animals for a
number of reported grisly murders and mainstream media said he was racist. This is a quote from The Epoch Times
article on MS 13 “[Nisa] Mickens’s body had been discovered with such significant trauma to the face and head that she was almost unrecognizable, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of
the Eastern District of New York. She had been attacked with baseball
bats and a machete.” So you may be asking, why this is so important? MS13 is one of the largest criminal
organizations in our country. It estimates numbers between
6-10k in the united states with more than 60k operating internationally between the countries of El Salvador,
Honduras and Guatemala. After some of these grisly murders happened, Trump called these gang members animals,
as we stated before. But the mainstream media said that it was “inhumane to call any human an animal” … and the reporting on this issue
has been very limited. Ask yourself why again. What happens if data comes out on this gang, where they’re coming from and
how they get into the country. It unfortunately would lead the media to talk about an issue they’ve been railing on Trump for— immigration. No one here at this show would ever say immigration is a bad thing for anyone wanting to come into the country, but facts and issues have
to be looked at objectively. This has nothing to do with any race, only character. Who wants murders or people that are chopping people up with machetes doing anything around anyone? In those countries are here On a side note, I actually had a friend who
was killed by one, a gang member in Ohio, Geez it was like over 10 years ago. But yeah, It’s crazy The next issue that we’re gonna talk
about is the opioid criss. So I’m sure most of you already know what the most addictive drug out there is and almost every family in America
seems to knows someone who is affected by this. So this one is really big for me because I
too have a family member who has had 2 overdoses and is in jail right now as we speak. Ok, so if it wasn’t clear before guys, the
drug we are talking about is heroin, obviously. Did you know that opioid overdoses have become the number one cause of death for Americans under 50? Last year there were over 70,000
deaths in the US according to the US drugbuse.gov. Yea I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and Dayton has the most deaths related
to any city in the country. This is where we went to report and
went riding along with the sheriff and we were reporting about these opioids, but get this, in 1 day there were 17 overdose
calls to 911 while we were there. 911 1 guy when we arrived,
he wasn’t breathing at all and they actually saved his life. Another died before we got there. Here are some of the photos
I took of the series. Man that’s rough. Not to mention that heroin now comes
laced with something called fentanyl. Which makes the drug 50-100 times
stronger than normal heroin. These drug flows are rampant
and President Trump is trying to stop it and of course he has been
talking a lot about it . Yeah but again, for some reason
the media is saying Trump is racist for targeting the cartels
in his speeches, meanwhile these cartels are sending in
new types of opioids with fentanyl which is killing people. That’s exactly how Prince died! So here is a quote from Jeff Sessions in a
speech he made to law enforcement officers, actually this quote is from Dayton,
where this happened, “A police officer in Eastern Ohio
suffered an overdose after brushing what he thought
was white powder from his uniform after a routine traffic stop,” Did you guys just hear that? He brushed his hand over the
powder and had an overdose. That is insane! So let’s just point out the obvious here. Even if you’re against Trump,
why would you use an issue like opioids, something that horrible that’s targeting and destroying so many people to push an agenda? Ask yourselves again, why? Why would they twist an issue like this and what potential things behind it could there be? You the people have to dig to find out. Our job is to introduce you to these things. Guaranteed you’re gonna find things if you dig. And there is so much more to..I could have
talked about On every single issue we’ve covered so far. I mean geez Next is the Awan scandal. Let’s try to make also a long story short A guy named Iman Awan leaves a
laptop with a letter to prosecutors, his House ID card, and driver’s
license in a phone booth. Capitol Hill police find the bag
and seize it according to their report. One of the major defining things about the laptop is that it has the login username RepDWS. The initials of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Then during a televised hearing
on May 18, 2017 DWS actually threatened the capitol police chief
in an attempt to get it back. She even went as far to hire a lawyer to prevent prosecutors from looking at what was on laptop. Then all of a sudden she turns
around in August of 2017 and claims “This was never my laptop. I have never seen that laptop. I don’t know what’s on the laptop.” So you guys might be asking
what the heck is going on and who is this guy Well Aman had been a part of a group of about 5 IT workers paid 7 million dollars by Congress since 2004. His family was hired along with him having
little to no IT experience to handle 44 democrats sensitive
personal information, including emails, calendars, constituent
data, personal files etc… Yeah seem weird yet. It gets weirder. The server all these files were contained on were found to have an excessive amount of logins. The sensitive information on these servers could prove useful to companies and other
entities around the world. When investigations started, one of these
Awan servers was “stolen” after the Inspector General named
it as evidence in a hacking probe. When Awan tried to leave the country
he was arrested at the airport and he and his wife were indicted for …. Wait for it Bank Fraud …What That’s like the political version of the
weather ballon when someone sees a UFO. That’s a good analogy Okay we don’t know what’s going on, but
don’t you want to know more? Look into it and start asking the same questions. Why is this not part of the
mainstream narrative? Doesn’t this seem insane? So what did you guys think about
this episode of Edge of Wonder. Did you learn anything new This episode was really important
for us to do because very soon we’re going to red pill you guys even more on who’s behind
all of these things and why. And who’s behind it. Right this is but a taste of the the strange
happenings in the mainstream narrative. We hope this got you thinking on why they’re reporting on what they currently are and start to notice that there is a major
agenda behind those things. It’s really not our job to tell you
what those are yet. Our job is to get you guys thinking, so we can all find the answers together. So guys what do you think?
This wraps up our episode. So guys don’t forget to hit like or subscribe and hit the notification bell
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see you out on the edge

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