Hot dog condom style Condom style I’m in a stable because horses make me horny Cold pee in my glass , spit it on this boy dancing by me I’m getting stiff Now kid’s dancing between my knees Why the hell is this child with me ? Semen in the air Blowing on me and these two ladies Shooting everywhere It feels so good against my body Semen in the air It’s pretty much like a bukkake Shooting throught the air Shooting everywhere With a fat man Inside a sauna Resting my head On his shoulder Now i am dancing , on a tennis cord With a slut I’m on the bus Now these two guys behind me are gonna blow up Hot dog condom style Condom style Hot dog condom style Condom style Hot dog condom style Hey , sexy horsey Hot dog condom style I want your booty Hot , hot , hot , hot Shaking my butthole with some big show dressed in yellow Can not tell if it’s a man or if it is a lesbo Please pull down your pants i want to see what you got below Is it sausage , or is it taco ? I’m in an elevator Underneath this happy guys’ crotch On in elevator Look at him , now he’s thrusting his cock on in an elevator This whole song makes friggin’ sence , does it ? I’m on a toilet , i just took a shit I am creeping Around the subway I see a girl That i can grope Now i am reaching To touch her boobies In slo-mo I do it slow Maybe if i do real slow she will not know Hot dog condom style Condom style Hot dog condom style Condom style Hot dog condom style Hey , sexy horsey Hot dog condom style You , you want candy ? Hot dog condom style Yo guys , thank you so much for watching my Gangnam style parody If you wanna see the rest of my crazy parodies You can click this box right here , i got a bunch of ’em You can get this song on iTunes , the link is in the description box Don’t forget to facebook me , twitter me , all that social media crap Hit that subscribe button , because we got plenty more coming your way Until next time , i’m outta here.

100 thoughts on “PSY – “GANGNAM STYLE” (강남스타일) PARODY – ENGLISH VERSION

  1. Back when you didn't have offended LGBTQ Twitter on your ass and 14 year old feminists saying "this is offensive to woman, we are not objects" back when people actually had a sense of humor and didn't always complain. Now you can't even say FAG without being the anti-christ☻ and do not compare that word to the fucking N word. It is not the same nearly at all. I hate when mfs say that

  2. this was the kind of stuff i watched when i was younger and thought it was so funny but i understood the meaning or the lyrics besides with a fat man under the sun resting my head

  3. I remember watching This either when I was 9 or 10 and I never knew this was sexual and I thought he said Gangnam Style.

  4. even though this is very inappropriate I still really like it when ever i'm not really by my parents sometimes I will watch it and try and not get caught

  5. 2:46 Horse lookin' away in the back be like, "I hope some sucker is payin' me some good hay for this"

    EDIT: 2:53 Nvm, Didn't watch fully… He's thankful now

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