21 thoughts on “Prudent Media Konkani News 10 May 19 Part 1_Prudent Media Goa

  1. What this BJP women r talking there is no logic in it. I want to ask them what did the BJP govt done to save the girl child. Thru out the nation there rape cases and none of the victims have got any sympathy. Similarly there was a child abuse case in Canacona where no Women from the BJP came to support . That moment u all were sleeping. As for Babush his case is not over. Awaiting the result of the judgement. So pls stop making issues during election time. There r many politicians in the BJP who r criminals, murderers, n corrupt who r involved in scams. If ur'll have guts than raise ur voices against them.

  2. The garbage problem in Goa is also because of the influx of outsiders. To control garbage population is to be controlled. And in Goa the population increase is because more and more non Goans are coming to settle in Goa. More job creation is more harmful to Goa.

  3. This is problem …What vijay said is correct ani vo shedo..mavin kon sagpak …Vo jikta election on non goan votes …There is no unity amoung goan to save goa….Vijay vos tu mukar ..Asa ami tujea fatlean

  4. mauvin does not matter. he is the juniormost minister etc Mr. Mauvin if you have one iota of shame or pride in you, I hope you speak now before it is too late.

  5. Vijay should remember that in Politics even if you are a mass leader …. and hold deputy CM in next election you can be Raj Thackeray … which means total Zero … which means total khatam … so please I think you need to calm down … Arrogance is not good

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