Protect Yourself from Ransomware with Trend Micro Security

If you haven’t yet been a victim of ransomware, you’ve no doubt heard of it and worried about how you can protect yourself from it. Ransomware a nasty form of malware that locks your computer or mobile device, or encrypts your files until you pay a fee, usually by a deadline is now more vicious than ever as Trend Micro can attest from its own databanks on the Smart Protection Network. Trend Micro has blocked over 100 million ransomware threats since October 2015. And in just over a year, Android™ ransomware threats on mobile devices has grown 15 times greater than they were in April 2015. Ransomware can arrive on your device from compromised websites, a downloaded mobile app, spammed emails, or wrapped in other malware and it’s getting more expensive to pay off the extortionists. Ransom prices may start around $24 USD, but demands of $600 or more-or its bitcoin equivalent are becoming more common. That said, there’s no guarantee that, even if you pay the fee, the criminals will release your device or files. so how can you protect yourself from ransomware? Steps you can take include the following: Avoid opening unverified emails or clicking on their embedded links, which can start the ransomware installation process. Back up your important files using the 3-2-1 rule: create three backup copies on two different media, with one of the backups in a separate location. Regularly update software, programs, and applications, to ensure your apps are current, with the latest protections against new vulnerabilities. Last but not least, use Trend Micro Security to protect your computer and mobile devices. On your PC, enable Folder Shield to protect your valuable documents from unauthorized changes due to ransomware or other malware. Trend Micro Security blocks dangerous websites, including harmful links found in websites, mobile apps, social networks, emails, and instant messages, while safeguarding against viruses, phishing, and other online threats. It also provides robust protection against screen-locker and encryption ransomwares, using a multi-layered strategy to protect you. If it’s a known ransomware or variant, Trend Micro Security’s real-time scan can detect it and stop it from downloading or installing. If it’s an unknown screen-locker ransomware, Trend Micro Security stops any suspicious install behavior if it can, then automatically deletes the offending ransomware. If the screen-locker ransomware still manages to get around these defenses, and installs and locks your screen, you still have two remedies: Trend Micro Security Support engineers can assist subscribers to unlock the computer and delete the screen-locker ransomware. or you can download the free Trend Micro™ Anti-Ransomware Tool to unlock your computer and remove the screen-locker ransomware yourself. If it’s an unknown crypto-ransomware, Trend Micro Security backs up the target files immediately, right as the encryption starts, halts the encryption process, and alerts you with a popup: “Suspicious Program Blocked,” recovering the affected files unharmed to the same location they were before. When you click “Delete program” in the popup, Trend Micro Security also immediately deletes the ransomware files, then prompts you to reboot if necessary for final cleanup. In some cases, you will be advised to conduct a full manual scan using Trend Micro Security, to remove any malware remnants that may remain and to completely restore your computer to the way it was before the ransomware infection occurred. In short, your computer, your files, and your money are safe and the criminals are left holding an empty bag. Trend Micro Security and Trend Micro Anti-Ransomware Tool are your best defenses against screen-locker and crypto-ransomware so you can enjoy your digital life safely. For more detailed information from Trend Micro on ransomware, click here: For instructions on downloading and using the Trend Micro™ Anti-Ransomware Tool, with and without Safe Mode with Networking, click here: And for more information on Trend Micro Security, go to the following website:

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  1. Trend Micro anti ransomware tool is not very good since ransomware (screen locker) sometimes not also block the normal start up but also block the safe boot!

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