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Hey guys, I’m Priyanka Chopra. And I’m going to be taking you through my whole life. Now I’ve been in the beauty business for a while. I’ve been in beauty pageants. I’ve been a recording artist. I have done about 50 movies. I’m going to share a few of my tricks of the trade with you guys. In this series, I’ll be opening my little black book to share with you all the people and practices that help me live a beautiful life. You’ll be meeting with people that are closest to me and actually, you’ll see a lot about my life. Subscribe to the BAZAAR channel so you don’t miss an episode. Fashion is a huge part of my life and also a part of my job. I literally get photographed everyday I change five times a day. From red carpet looks to street style to television appearances I have a team of stylists around the world that work with me So I want to take you behind the scenes with these expert weighing in on my every look. I have a long press day coming up tomorrow so we are heading to my stylists, Mimi Cuttrell’s, studio I just love the creative process of working with her She gets my vibe, she gets that I want a point of view in every outfit and we put together some really fun, cool chic looks Hey guys! This is my stylist Mimi Cuttrell. We need four looks tomorrow I need four very different, really amazing press looks tomorrow and that’s my life, I’m always like changing out of clothes, changing into clothes and being really chic at it. It’s nuts, that’s why I need amazing people like her. Love it. Yeah, it’ll be perfect for like a digital interview. Yeah. Do you like it, do you approve, Mazie? I wonder if her tail wags, it means yes. I love this Isabel Marant. I feel like it’ll just be.. Do you think I have a pattern? I just want to know. Do you think I have- I mean we just started working together I want to know! You’ve done such amazing looks. Do I have like a kind of outfit? That I like? I think so. Like what? I think you’re into dresses You like a good shoe. I do like a good shoe moment. And I like not leaning into what the dress says. My teens were a little bit more tight pants ponytails, hoops puffy jackets. Yeah, I was that girl in the 90’s and then came the 2000’s and then came me becoming an actress and I started wearing everything. Jewelry, clothes, hair, makeup. And then I realized that I looked like a Christmas tree going forward. So then, I backtracked a little and then I became too simple. And then I had to come and find my middle ground. And that took a couple of years, but you know what? I think I finally found my feet in my 30’s as a woman and a fashionista. So a couple of things that I really like right now are smaller sunglasses which Mimi actually put me onto. The second thing that I’m really enjoying is- I am really loving like a monochrome moment. Like I love like sets and matching them. Like being a little bit more turned out. You know, using funky accesories to break the monochrome up. Tada! Oooooh. It’s perfect, it doesn’t even need tailoring. Isn’t it? I feel like it I feel like it- Like nowhere Yeah. This is good for what tomorrow? I think this would be. daytime definitely. Like a talk show. Yeah, your second look. Yeah. I love the shoes with it. I know, they’re fun. They kind of give a little bit of an edge rather than being too ladylike. I think also the color is like really nice on my tone. It’s so pretty. It’s like a little lady. Over understanding myself through my career I think I’ve realized that you know, I have to be really true to me and what I want to say, whatever the trends might be. What am I feeling at that moment? For a carpet, I always have one or two options just in case ’cause I’m moody. But when I’m doing something custom it has to be something that works truly for me. Fashion is such a person thing for each one of us. I mean we can get inspired by the people that we see all around but it has to be personal to you. And that’s when I started my love affair with fashion. The other woman that is hugely responsible for a lot of my iconic red carpet moments is Cristina Ehrlich. She has such a sense of classical beauty. She has such a sense of what makes a moment. And I love that about her. This year again, we are working on my Met Gala look So I’m really excited to share that with you guys. This is our second Met together and our second time with Ralph Lauren. So it’s our encore. And so talk to me about it. So when you have a canvas like Priyanka the skies are the limit and I think our biggest goal is always outdoing ourself from the time before which is a challenge because we always say this moment is epic. This will be able to undo and reveal and come back in a certain moment and this whole cape will come off and then you will have underneath it something that Ralph is so well known for which is this beautiful column dress. My favorite collaboration with you was the Met Gala last year for sure. Because it was such a departure for me because- I remember being so stressed out and the night before being like I’m wearing a trench coat to the Met Gala. She was so worried that she was going to disappear and not be seen when meanwhile the train went- When I had the train When I wore the train, then I was like there’s not way no ones going to realize that I’m there. It’s not just a trench coat. Also the Emmy’s. The Jason Wu. That was one of my favorite all time looks in my career. We’ve done some good stuff together. We’re having a good time. Okay so for tonight. We should do This awesome skirt- We haven’t done like a black moment for a while Exactly, so I thought it would just be kind of simple.. Oooh, It’ll have liek a really nice waist thing going. I love the textures. Oh my god, this is it right? It’s amazing, I love it. How do the earrings look? My favorite! They’re dragons, guys! What do you think? Perfect, yeah. Ready? Love it Ready, set, action! Where am I going? Oh. I think what people don’t realize is that Like literally today, I didn’t remember what I wore this morning. Like I didn’t remember what interview I did or or how the day started. People always ask me like “How do you look fresh all the time when you have a crazy life like that?” You just have to love what you do, you guys. Like very few of us are lucky enough to do What we love doing and I really think I was blessed with that. So try and find what you love to do or try and love what you are doing. That’s what I do. Even with this craziness I’m just like “I love it I love it I love it.” I just remind myself of that.

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