44 thoughts on “Press conference on NYPD water dousing incident

  1. Dousing anyone with a bucket of water is terrible. I have had this done to me and it is never ok to do EVER! But to do this to an officer of the law is especially disrespectful. It makes me sad to think that this would be a behavior that is funny. It is not ok.

  2. Start bringing back the old laws. Bet people straighten up. Wece become a society of feelings and pansies. Lets crack down. Dont break the fckn law idiots

  3. Don't those keeds know that kind of behaviour can disbar them from membership in the New York Yacht Club?

  4. evil racist cops gun down innocent black people for throwing a water balloon in their general direction….oh wait that didn't happen.

  5. This bespectacled little guy saying police are proud of these officers restraint is lying or really stupid. Police and civilians alike are embarrassed and ashamed of these milk toast police officers so beat down from their Social Justice Superiors they can’t even act in a professional manner when being assaulted by thugs.

  6. I'm just going to say it… No one else will. If those "groups" of people want to go backwards maybe other things should go backwards, as in the treatment of those animals! Instead of being humane, beat the crap out of them and don't hold back. And preach it to the guy who called out the unions and the liberal politicians!! Amen brother! The dems are losing the Jewish and italian vote!

  7. When people cant even respect the life of an unborn child in its 3rd trimester by making it okay to have late term abortions, I'm not surprised this is happening in New York.

  8. Those people should all be arrested!!!!!!!!! That is disgusting that people think they can do that to police is insane!

  9. If I see this and the police don't do anything I'm helping the officer's they go through a lot of pressure stress they should be thanked for what they go through too keep us safe

  10. People of NYC start trouble is coming because your mayor governor city council are responsible for this action the people who voted for them .. then get ready for what coming. There no respect for one

  11. You couldn’t pay me enough to be an officer in today’s society! This will continue to get worse and people are going to die because of this willingness to attack officers! Great job DeBlasio. You wanted a lawless utopia, you got it! I will never visit NYC again. For that matter, I’m avoiding all large, democrat run cities from now on!

  12. Anarchist plain and simple. AOC, and it's cronies, and I do mean "its" are sewing seeds of rebellion and are as guilty as the trash with the buckets of water. If this kind of garbage is taking the levers of power in America then America is truly doomed.
    Enemies foreign and domestic ring any bells folks?

  13. Violence begets violence. They should ALL be held accountable. All people. Respect is earned. I don’t condone violence no matter what. However, this is what happens when you see time after time people of authority not being held accountable for clear violation of human rights. People fight back. It doesn’t make it right, but it is what it is. What should be the eye-opener is that people do not view the police as protectors anymore. With all that said, there are some great police. However, you don’t see them brought to light. Maybe do something about that. Bring to light the daily good instead of the terror.

  14. Blame the DEMOCRAT SATANIC CULT! They encouraged contempt for the law, when law makes tells people to break the law and not to work with them. Soon they be will rob banks and claim they are victims 🤷🏾‍♀️🇳🇬

  15. Thy always go after the cops that aren’t doing anything .why these bad cop get away with doing wrong.every cop not out to hurt you .have respect for the law.❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😇😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🤭🤭🤭

  16. I agree it’s a disgrace. But what about that reporter who was attacked, and the police stood by and did not help. He deserved the same protection from Antifa. It’s not ok for anyone to be attacked.

  17. Just pull law enforcement out of those neighborhoods and let them become ghettos. It's not like those neighborhoods are paying taxes enough to speak of. They don't deserve to have the protection and service of law enforcement.

  18. This is what the Liberal Left is inspiring in their followers, not only should those people be arrested…but the idiots politicization/leaders who inspire such behavior(through their anti american/law enforcement rhetoric,)I'd start with the squad…

  19. How about skipping the word "disrespect," as we all know that committing a crime is disrespectful in all cases, no exceptions. As the gentleman said at 1:03, "The law is there, by the way. This is assault." So call it what it is, and do not let any infantilized hoodlum get away with assaulting anyone, especially a police officer!

  20. Is it cause people have woken up to the fact the the police have been protecting the establishment pedophilia cult in the highest levels of power instead of the people n children their meant to protect!

  21. Disrespect !!! This is out right “Assault” !!! I have to fear for the “ Finest that protect me & my family as well as my family that serve. 5 years In Jail !!! Isn’t that the law ??? Insane !!! Animals !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yes it will spread ! More than disrespect, it's assault/battery. The officers should not have taken it, the shame will stay with them, and others, for a long time.

  23. Those officers showed great restraint I am proud of them, blue lives matter, it enabled the world to see the loss of humanity in these people on the streets. The rule of Law is Everything in America However, Cops need to weed Out the bad Apples, the Assholes, the Rambos etc in their ranks, people are sick of cops not respecting their rights ( good Cops know Who The bad cops are, There can be no thin blue line, law enforcers cannot be law Breakers) They Must Clean their ranks and any corruption until the people trust them again. Constitutional law should be a MUST in every Academy!

  24. Police are under attack in this country and the leadership just passed it off as nothing. Those officers should be given a paid vacation and a letter of apology from the goof mayor's office.

  25. This is what I think .,there was a leak before these officers went to that area for the arrest …someone notified the people there and the plan was put into action .I saw water pre put into items to be used to throw onto officials of law .There were children watching this and what a shame to grown people doing such evil . Laughing and saying sad things to officers of law .This is why cities are put under Marshall law .Why are your hands tried to arrest the Mayor ,you know he is behind these crimes ????? What is wrong with our Judgical system ??? I can't believe this .why is he not in hand cuffs ??

  26. The pathetic questions coming from the press is an indication of how the country is headed to a much worse state of affairs. I can't believe they have the heart to ask such pathetic questions. Shows they also have no respect for others.

  27. Those officers were so disrespected and it sickens me to the core. Stand tall my brothers your work means something.

  28. Remember when NYPD officers ran into two burning towers to sacrifice their lives to save complete strangers? Apparently these animals and De Blasio don't.

  29. Too stressful. No officers should be attacked by the public. Outrageous public behavior. Where's NYC mayor & police commissioner?

  30. Man, I wish I could transport 1970s officers and policies to this day and age. Those goofs would have been lumped up and thrown in jail. These officers were doing there job and those idiots should also be charged with obstruction of Justice or whatever the ny charge is.

  31. SMH that was 100% assault on our officers. The level of disrespect towards the officers was heartbreaking. This needs to be stopped. Anyone doing these type of things need to be arrested, thrown in jail and then throw away the 🔑.

  32. Not to be disrespectful to our crew in blue, but maybe everyone should start taking this milkshaking thing more seriously.

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