100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump’s Twitter Feud Against Media Raises More Concerns | AM Joy | MSNBC

  1. The one HUGH difference between the Nixon collapse and what we've seen so far with Donald Trump is that Nixon convicted himself on the White House tapes. His guilt could no longer be denied or ignored. We don't have that 'smoking gun' yet with Donald Trump. And we might never have it. Little by little Donald Trump and the Russians, whether or not it is collusion of just common interest, are eroding the electoral system and the Democracy upon which the United States was founded.

  2. Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the United States and the Republican party. But I for one am thankful that he is so incompetent. Otherwise the Republicans would achieve more in their goal to make Billionaires richer, the poorer poorer and eliminate the middle class.

  3. Im sure the Veterans are sooo concerned about Twittlers take on the "fake media" and not on real issues at least that is apparently what Twittler thinks. It is absolutely offensive and disrespectful that he spent any time during his speech on his war on the media.

  4. Twittler is destroying the integrity of the office he holds and of the United States one tweet at a time. I will never bow down to or call my president a man that is vile, crude, misogynous, childish, thin skinned, and absolutely pathetic. The world wasn't laughing at us before MR. Trump but they sure are now.

  5. Anyone notice that in the "Watch More" section at the end is, "Jerry Springer on The Dignity of The Oval Office"?

  6. Reagan in the US and Thatcher in the U.K. took just as much flak in the 1980s. Did they attack their adversaries like this moron?

  7. @trollhunter: how can you so easily sweep away all the nasty stuff trump is doing and saying. if there was a coworker of yours behaving like the donald, would you tolerate let alone embrace that? how can you pretend to believe a selfcentered man like that will do any good for you or the rest of the people.

  8. can I please get a shout out to Ashley on air, pretty please?
    as a half black youth in a ten year relationship with the love of my life. we have grown mature, and love MSNBC and your show. we're in the middle of a move and I are on YouTube and thought it would be great if you could Joy 😀

  9. Never before have we seen something so ludicrous taking place in our society. It was fun at one point, now it is just a tragedy.

  10. Trump never wanted to be president. I think he's trying to get impeached because he doesn't want to quit.

  11. If Republicans won't help us get rid of Donald Trump, we need to get rid of the Republicans. i'm a registered republican who has never voted for democrats (and I voted for neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton). It will change in the next election.

  12. is this dude f n crazy!? he is the president of the united states, one of the leading countries of the free world! Everything he says is presidential. Wow, Wtf?

  13. I think there's a coded being done when it comes to trump and his cohearts.  They want  trump to know his supporters by telling them, wear a "RED TIES". If they wear a "RED TIE" it shows trump they're HIS SUPPORTERS.  The "RED TIE MOB" is what I called this Administration, pay attention to this code play at public appearances, you'll see I m right?  Also pay attention to trumps hand signals, always throwing up the 666, this man represents the "DEVIL" and Jared is his spawn.  He also has a 666 address building, it seems people who thought Obama was the anit-christ was wrong "ITS TRUMP", everything that comes out his mouth is a LIE and there's NO TRUTH IN HIM.  His plan is to destroy LL THEM THAT OPPOSE HIM, WAKE UP Sheep!!!

  14. The very saddest part is that a million people could do so much better than this clown who is the equivalent of a five year old not getting his way

  15. Trump isn't losing his mind. It been gone for a long time. Home much did he pay for those properties that went bankrupt?

  16. That sounds like a fascinating book! I keep telling my kids to pay attention to all of this….their children will be reading about it in history books!

  17. The profile of a sociopath (antisocial personality disorder)

    • Compulsive lying
    • Lack of empathy
    • Extreme narcissism
    • Grandiose self image
    • Lack of conscience
    • Manipulative
    • Sexually deviant
    • Sensitive to criticism
    • Paranoid
    • Despotic/Authoritarian
    • Low tolerance for boredom
    • Impulsive behavior
    • Shallow emotions

    This is a listed condition. Inform yourself. Google it or ask a mental heath professional.

    Regardless of which party you adhere to, you gotta ask yourself if having a person with a mental disorder as the President of the United States of America is a smart choice?

    Over 50,000 mental health professionals agree: Trump is mentally ill and dangerously unfit to be president. He needs to be removed from office before innocent people get hurt.




  18. Stop watching MSNBC and CNN. Forget about getting rid of Trump. The Republicans would have to vote for any attempt to have him removed. Better start focusing on 2018 and 2020 or you won't see another Democrat President until 2032.

  19. not being from your country but im scared for your media people getting killed . and does he realize he going to be in office for only 4 years and he will be trying to get back on tv again . and nobody is going to have him on

  20. Joy, how can you think this "Voter Fraud" Commission idea came from Trump? The Right has been pursuing the strategy of voter suppression based on false claims of Voter Fraud for 13 years, the seeds of the myth were planted by conservative surrogates during the 2004 elections, and they pushed it without proof until 2010 when they started passing Voter ID laws. This  the reason the GOP is willing to put up with ANYTHING he does, because he'll give them anything they want.


  22. Look at this fool and every other fool that supports him. He needs help he is not a well man and anyone who accepts this behavior is full of hate.

  23. Trump is like a school ground bully. He is untouchable until somebody speak up? Will somebody speak up or let parent's pay some one off?

  24. well, the next time the oil companies pay you to report lies about the people that opposes Dakota Acces Pipeline, perhaps you could be honest and the people won´t believe Trump when he says the media is deshonest

  25. wow. Nixon was surprisingly honest in that clip. "perhaps what we did brought it on…" You'll never hear Don say that.

  26. trump the only reason he doesnt care for media is because there are those that tell so much truth it telks what is really going on.whats the matter donnie you dont like hearing and seeing your vile self being told to americans.you cant hide we will find out,the truth will set you free.

  27. The FAKE PRESIDENT is lying again. So what else is new? I am so sick and tired of this no-class buffoon.

  28. Trump is becoming unbalanced?

    Jeez, anyone who's been listening to him over the last year should already know that!
    The world is having a good laugh at Trump but he sure makes us look stupid for electing this hosebreathing goof!

  29. I finally figured out why such a ruined/damaged human being as Trump has supporters. They all have varying degrees of mental illnesses. I GUARANTEE that if they had a psych evaluation, they would fail badly. Their attitude is HOORAY!! we finally have somebody as mentally ill as we are representing us in the White House! To all Trump supporters, read up on your heroes condition (it's like reading Trump's bio):


  30. What I find so funny is that the media is actually trying to help trump. They tell him to stop tweeting because his tweets hurt himself. Not to silence him. Let's be honest here, wouldn't trump have a better presidency so far if he stopped tweeting? His travel ban was
    Blocked in the lower courts because of his tweets. Trump has a special prosecutor because of his tweet about tapes. What's also funny is that even trump supporters agree that trump should stop tweeting. That's what everyone agrees with.

  31. Facist doctrine burn the books control the press control people's minds through fear of there and intimidation by govt and civilian auxillarie acting outside the law in support of the facist govt. Billionaires own the govt the workers and are making a grab to literally control the people just as Oligarchs do in Russia and ex USSR states

  32. Wow. I can't believe MSNBC dedicates OVER 11 MIN'S about a couple of tweets. Is there nothing better in the world that you could spend your and the viewer's time covering? Are you really this obsessed with Trump? SMH…

  33. I think Trump is one of the characters the twilight zone, that wished to be some kind of dictator

  34. JOY Secretly prays every night at home , that ONE DAY Trump will mention her in his Twitt , and boost her Ratings..I bet Trump doesn't even watch her show

  35. Can Trump get the military on his side ? He can then run the dictatorship under his own rules !! Trump will not be impeached ! He will fight harder than Nixon ever did !!!

  36. I got a feeling after all these months trump supporters are actually pure innocent generally good hearted people, and trump took advantage of it.

  37. The Trump Administration and the Republicans "Trusted" and "Loved" the whole Media !!!… when the Media was reporting Hillary Clinton being irresponsible and wrong doing during Benghazi and during her e-mail crisis …..Trump was delighted with the "Media" at that time ……and many other times… !
    Trump, the Republicans, and their Supporters have always "Trusted" and "Loved" the Media news …..when it suits them….when it fit their bills……and they "Hate" and call the Media "Unfair" when it doesn't …… of course ….how irresponsible and unwise !

    ….It is a real shame that the Absence of Leadership, Credibility, Civility, ….particularly the Incompetence and the Disrespect for Trust of the Trump Administration have deepen the crisis and worsened the Domestic and Foreign Isolation of the White House… Outrageous !. Is that President who is supposed to " Make America Great Again " …?

    …." Men are seldom blessed with good fortune and good sense at the same time …" ( Livy ).

  38. These Evangelicals that supporting him are looking like the stupidest people on earth. There is nothing Christian about this man and he been caught many times lying straight to thier faces. He not running this country or doing anything for them instead he obsessing over CNN. And he just letting a foriegn government find ways to attack us from the inside the US has became the new Rome and we already starting to meet the same demise they did.

  39. and if anyone thinks trump isn't going to drop to his knees and blow Putin off when he meets him your delusional! #putinsbitchpuppet #openyourmouthwidetrumpy

  40. So let me get this straight, while one of the Republican Senators is still in the Hospital after being shot and the lady with Marty Feldman eyes says that Rump would never promote violence, he wants to show his common man image by showing a fake wrestling video from a fake sport. Wow I feel so proud

  41. Give a fat, flabby, incoherent, unintelligent, multiple bankrupt, serial liar who is so in love with himself that he believes he is the smartest (mad person) on the planet the job of president and incredibly the USA was able to get someone who fits that job description.

  42. Joy dose a good job as far as keeping her people on the DNC plantation by keeping them short sighted angry bitter and pushing her deep emotional problems on her viewers.

  43. The scariest part of this "News network" is people are taking it seriously Smh, Even when you have at your fingertips access to the greatest library of information ever created but people are going to listen to a bitter news anchor because her queen didn't win the election.

  44. what's really insanity, at the end of the 28 seconds video, it clearly showed FNN means Fraud News Network, yet she came up with Fox News Network

  45. Trump is tormented The devil is in the details in through decades of illegal business activities he's trying of push through the White House he will go to jail

  46. I'm calling on all liberals and progressives commonsense Republicans and independents to leave Trump and Trump country and that Trump and Trump supporters fend for themselves

  47. You buffoons are still talking about Russia? Ha ha ha ha – regressive liberals say the darndest things.

  48. President orangutan is using the dark art of cult strategy for creating his cult following. The media whether they like it or not is portray as the all powerful enemy which is a key component of his plan who are the sworn enemy of the oppressed disenfranchised discriminated republican victims. This orange wannabe cult leader wants to create the most powerful cult in history. Aspire to be the Biggest leader bigger than Jim Jones David Koresh Vladimir Putin Adolf Hitler and even Jesus Christ. AMERICA you are about to be the greatest ever in all human existence . Good luck.

  49. Control the 'media' and you control the nation!..Every despot who ever was knows this!..Trump is NOT a despot!..He is quite mentally disturbed..Psychotic..Ego maniacal..Delusional..And paranoid!..And he's the President of the United States!..He screams "Fake news.Fake news!" because he really thinks there is a conspiracy within the media to destroy him, and his wealth! He struggles with truth, this is obvious, you only have to hear his constant pathological lies to see he can't tell the difference!

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