46 thoughts on “PM Modi Exclusive: 'I surprised Advani ji with his colour photo'

  1. Modiji doesn’t say it was his camera.. he could have borrowed it from someone.. stop making such a big deal of this.. Among all the other politician, he is the most serious and genuine.. if he is a liar, then Congress party are criminals.. we need to choose wisely.

  2. It looks like people are really not listening and/or understanding on what Mr. Modi is saying.

    Please take a note of two things that Mr. Modi says in the interview:

    1) He says that the size of the digital camera use to be quite big.
    Older models of digital cameras in fact were big.

    2) He uses the word "transmit". Images can be transmitted using fax.

    Refer to these two article swhere for the point one it says that digital cameras were available from 1975 onwards and for the second one the fax service started in India in 1980s.



  3. This sends an important message that this guy can lie casually, impromptu. And if you believe he makes poll promises he intends to keep, the joke is on you….

  4. मैं कब से कह रहा हु कि हिंदु विंदू कोई खतरें मे नहीं है,
    यहां तो गणित, विज्ञान, भूगोल सब खतरे में हैं !!

    #रडार #इमेल #कैमरा

  5. Well modi loves to entertain the Indian citizens with dramatics, theatrics and now laughter therapy…how nice of him to care for our well being 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Nikon Digital camera is there from 1986 .He said he transmitted photo (not emailed) .Who is actually telling lie .it's a digital world everyone can cross check informations Politicians and media be careful before telling anything

  7. Baat sirf modi ke email ki nahi hai, samne Delhi me jisne ye Email receive kiya aur vah digital photo ki copy lekar chhapavaya, vo sakhs kaun tha ?

    Modiji us vakht computer ke bhi achchhe janakar the aur computer konsi office se chalate the ?

  8. modi-मै तो फकीर इंसान हूं जी, लेकिन डिजिटल कैमरा वाला……use this sentence in grammar as Paradox figure of speech

  9. whatever we Indians have achieved is because of hard work of every individual citizen…..ye Neta aur abhineta…sab saale bak bak hi karna jante hai….na bjp na congress chahiye…..voting individual post ke liye honi chahiye na ki kisi party ke liye…

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