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Yours truly, Mahatalli. Hey, guys! Do you remember my first video
was ‘Ammalu, Pelli Golalu’? Now that I’m married, the most frequently asked
question is about when I’ll have kids. People keep asking me this so much.
So, I thought I’d do a video on this. The question is the same, but different people
ask this in different ways. So, we’ll talk about
all these ways. Let’s begin. I guess your birthdays were cool.
You posted quite a few pictures on Instagram. So, how old are you now? 28?
– No, I’m 27. You’re 27 and yet you haven’t planned for kids?
– Why talk about it now, mom? I was 23 when you were born.
– So? – You don’t seem to understand now. But, you’ll understand when you attend
parent teacher meetings of your kids. I’ll leave if you don’t stop talking about this.
– Is Ajju 6 years younger than you? It means I was around 28 when he was born.
When I used to attend his parent teacher meets I used to feel so old.
All the other moms were so young. I don’t want you too to feel that shame.
We, moms, speak from experience. And you daughters think you know all
and never pay heed to what we say. What a visionary you are, mom! But nothing to worry,
everything would become online in the future. Try to understand me.
Everything in life should be done on time. Unless you plan your life well,
nothing would happen on time. When you have kids, you can’t laze
around like you do now. Mom, I want to do so many things in life.
I want to direct a web series. Travel solo in Europe. You mean to say I did nothing in my life?
I was 23 when you were born. I’ve never even experienced a snowfall.
– What nonsense! You experienced it as a kid in Kurnool. Mom, that was a hailstorm.
You call that snowfall? Oh, right! They both aren’t the same.
Didn’t we take you to Snow World? Didn’t you experience snow there?
– Fine. I’ll buy a baby doll. Play with it like it were your grandson.
– Tell me this. Why don’t you experience snow and Europe
after having kids? Go on a family trip, who is stopping you? Before getting married, she used to say I had to wait
until my marriage and then travel with my husband. Now that I’m married, she says I should wait
until I start a family and then travel with my family. Who am I as a person? I’m telling you, have babies. But not now.
You don’t want summer babies, do you? Try to have winter babies.
Then it’ll all be sorted. Exams and schools won’t be any problem.
So, plan winter babies. Winter is coming!
Very nice! Sure. Jahnavi, you got married a year ago, right?
– One and half years ago, actually. – Oh, I see. – Why? Nothing important.
– Are you planning on gifting us anything? Buy me a mixer. My friend got married too and his wife is pregnant already.
It hasn’t even been a month since his wedding. Naughty guy. How are you, Jahnu?
– I’m good, aunty. You’re here after long. Do you have any special news for us?
– Nothing, aunty. I just wanted to visit. No, special news? Then work on it.
– Actually, we’re planning to go on a trip. But, Sushanth was occupied with work, so..
– I was talking about having kids. – Of course. It has been a little more than a year
since you got married, right? So, plan something soon.
Remember this. Never say no to God’s gifts. Because God won’t give you gifts
when you ask Him to. Now, don’t get me wrong, Jahnu. But you can have
a second child only after having the first child, right? So, plan on your first child soon.
– Actually, we intend to have only one child. One child? What do you mean?
One won’t do. Two is good. For example, Jahnu and Ajju,
Chintu and Bittu, Chanti and Banti, Sanju and Manju. Two is a good number.
– Right. That’s why Leo and Bailey. Two kids are important
for a family to look lively. Whatever God has planned for us will happen.
– If you feel shy to ask your mom any doubts, ask me. Sis, you saw Swati’s kid? So, cute isn’t she?
– Yeah! Really! They are planning a second child also.
– Is it? Nice. – And what are you doing? I’ll start a family after you get married. Deal?
– Come on, have kids. I want to play with them. I should have kids
for you to play with them? How selfish. So, Jahnavi, when are you planning on having kids?
– In about 2 years. Will you plan in 2 years or will have one in 2 years?
– I’m not sure. I haven’t planned. It is almost 2020 already.
If you start a family by 2022 or 2023.. You’ll be 45 and Sushanth 48
by the time they reach class 10. It seems odd to even say it out.
By the time they get married, you’ll be over 60. So, hurry up and start a family soon.
– That’s fine, but what about you? How old are you? – I’m 23.
– And you don’t even have a girlfriend. Go now and try to find one. If you don’t hurry up,
you’ll be single even when I’m 60. Jahnavi, are you planning on it?
– Plan? You mean kids? No plans as of now. We’ll think about it
after we’ve saved up enough to start a family. Don’t think about money.
Money keeps coming and going. You should now think only about kids.
This is the right time. If not now, when will you have kids?
Money shouldn’t be an issue at all. You can get money any time
but you can’t get back the lost time. Take my word and have kids. Trust me, if you have kids,
your bond with your husband will grow even stronger. According to Google, divorce rates among couples
with kids is way too less. If you think you are in love wait until you have kids.
That is something else totally. I’m thinking about the future.
Who can predict the future? So, have kids.
What do you say? Google knows the answer to it. Just a little disclaimer,
I’m not pregnant, guys! No, I’m not. So, you see, in how many different ways
the same question can be asked? But what do I respond to them all?
I keep thinking about the responses in my head. So, you comment and tell me
what should my response be. If you liked this video, give it a like,
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