"PC Gaming Didn't Just Die | It Was Murdered"

become more and more parents that like the benefits the PC like PC gaming is losing all of its all of its appeal like you don't have mods anymore you won't have piracy anymore you won't have like your your high-end visuals anymore like there is nothing on PC that you cannot get better with more functionality more features more quality than on intend o switch this is where the fun begins well guys we are in for a very big treat today because we're gonna be taking a look at one of the worst videos trashing PC gaming uploaded to this wonderful website known as youtube.com this video is coming from probably one of the biggest nintendo fanboys on the internet called harman smith or as i like to call them a very low IQ person now i want to put this bullshit little disclaimer here because i already know some genius in the comment sections gonna go like oh you just hate nintendo you're just a cunt well that actually couldn't be any further from the truth the switch is like the only console that i've actually bothered to turn on in like the past eight months so if that tells you anything I actually do like the switch not that it really matters and it really doesn't make any difference when it comes to how literally retarded this video we're talking about is I just thought I'd throw it out there for all you big brained boys but anyway like I said this video is coming from someone named Harman Smith and basically he's like the J tech TV of Nintendo and if you don't know what that means just imagine a combination of a Nintendo fan and Isis so basically this little Nintendo extremists here thinks Nintendo is literally God on planet earth and that no other platform could ever possibly come close to it if you guys know me you know I love to laugh at people like this so today is the perfect opportunity to do so now the title of the video we're taking a look at is the decline of PC gaming 2019 it just brace yourselves for the uncapped levels of pure retardation about to take place here because they are very very high so I think without further ado let's go ahead and check out this amazing video only has PC gaming been on the decline over the past several years over the past year alone I've seen a lot of very negative new trends when it comes to the future of PC gaming in general it's kind of amazing how indie games which used to have their sort of bastion on services like Steam are sort of primarily gating Natori Rd and net for a re notoriety I mean I gotta say man we are off to a fantastic start here I love watching a dude filming himself on a built-in laptop webcam in 2019 digging earwax out of his ear while talking about all of PC gaming it's such a great combination and it's such a creative way to do a video especially in 2019 where originality and creativity are all but dead on YouTube but one other observation here like why is his wall broken up into different parts like I've never seen that before is that like his handmade little Nintendo switch lab oh cardboard safe space or whatever who the fuck knows man it's 2019 and anything is possible Tory Rd in popularity on platforms like the Nintendo switch so because certain indie games are popular on the Nintendo switch the PC gaming market is in a decline I mean a must same antenna a10 logic there buddy you know maybe I'm just wrong you know this guy may be onto something here maybe he's gonna become the next big YouTube commentary channel because you know he can see things that no one else ever possibly could services like the epic game store the amber go squad arlash kind of destroy the PC gaming market by stealing away titles from steam and dividing the user base and doing all these shady underhanded things to try and become relevant steam in having competition is in essence kind of taking away the value of PC gaming well man I can't agree that the epic game store is shadiest fucking overall bad for PC gaming I just wouldn't really say it's hurting the value of PC gaming I mean I got my first gaming PC in September of last year so what like 10 months ago and it was around that time that Tim Sweeney actually set out on his quest to piss off millions of PC gamers and it's still a much better experience than the consul's ever were even with the epic game store bullshit also steam really isn't even in competition with epic because no one's choosing to use the fortnight launcher over Steam they're just being forced to use it through exclusivity deals or you know maybe they're just choosing to take the less legal approach and sail the seven seas to play those games but even then it's really not hurting the overall value because that's only temporary epic can only hold up these exclusivity deals for so long until their fortnight money dries up mods are increasingly becoming paid the DES de in particular is pushing this angle of expecting users to pay for mods paid mods which is going to kill the long-term appeal market replayability of all their titles right like the Elder Scrolls and particularly all those pools Skyrim pretty much entirely relies on mods that continue to be playable ok you do not need mods for Skyrim to be playable with that logic Skyrim on your precious precious little Nintendo switch is literally unplayable also just because one company tried to get people to pay for mods doesn't mean all of a sudden modding is 100% dead plus I think Bethesda is starting to like distance themselves from that whole paid mod shit because it completely blew up in their faces when they tried it we aren't really off to a good start here dude you really don't have your facts straight oh and dude can I just ask you something real quick like it's just a quick favor can you please please stop digging shit out of your ear while you're filming yourself please like it's really discussing the watch and I really don't want to see you make a candle out of your own fucking earwax while you're talking about the decline of PC gaming essentially what we're seeing here are graphics graphics are getting diminishing returns there is no value in buying a gaming PC you know building a gaming PC getting it the best you can be only perfect a hat look pretty much the exact same as the console equivalents um ok we need to stop here for a sec because that statement the pc games don't look that much better than the console versions that is completely retarded but you also forget literally the biggest selling point of PC gaming at least for me in my opinion the frame rates once you experience playing a game like dooms csgo or any other first-person shooter on a 144 Hertz monitor I mean it just blows your mind or like you play an open-world game like The Witcher 3 at over 60 fps you will never want to play those games on the console again man like it's really that big of a difference and in terms of an upgraded experience like it's definitely the biggest upgrade I've ever seen and it's honestly worth buying a PC just for the higher frame rates alone like I really recommend it that much but dude I'm sure you're right the console versions are the exact same as the PC versions because you know just looking at the upcoming Witcher 3 I'm sure that is going to look absolutely fantastic on the switch like there's honestly no difference between that version and the PC version running at max settings why are we still here just suffer piracy this is the big one PC gamers always use piracy and emulation to justify their use their use of it like I see this all the time whenever I bring up like how good but the wild is oh I can every blade of that on my PC oh you can't you literally pick the one game the one game on the switch that is extremely easily emulated on the PC and played and a far superior form of the switch and Wii U versions and with mods that add even more content to the game my bed you literally could have picked any other switch game at this point and you probably would have been right but no you picked the one game that anyone can play on almost any decent PC really shows you the intelligence level here guys stop lying you see this all the time right where you have these people who will try to devalue consoles by making up bullshit stories about you know how they can play all the same games consoles have you do but as time goes on that's becoming less and less true right like as time goes on we're seeing more and more situations like the red dead situation where titles are just simply not playable on PC but titles don't get released on PC as time goes on more more games are becoming intend Oh switch exclusives as time goes on more more games are becoming intend Oh switch exclusive so apparently dead redemption 2 is now a Nintendo switch exclusive I made the contradictions man I'd like the span of 10 seconds this dude proves himself wrong the switch can't even run Red Dead Redemption – it's not on the platform for that exact reason and Plus take two has literally all but confirmed the game for PC at this point they're just waiting now to get people to double dip on it like they did with GTA 5 they won't be able to buy it on console first and then buy it again on PC you know that's what Rockstar likes to do I would say this has to be a troll man but your channel is dedicated to literally sucking the tendo off like 24/7 so I don't even know man if I've learned anything in my time on the internet always assume the fucking worst so there's astral Sheen is it coming to PC you know firearm of three houses isn't coming a PC Mario Odyssey is not coming to PC like what holy shit guys this may be a little controversial to say like I don't really know how it's gonna go over but just bear with me here okay maybe those games aren't coming to PC just wait for it here okay way for it the payoff is gonna be great but maybe those games aren't coming to PC because maybe I don't know their Nintendo switch exclusives published by fucking Nintendo I'm gonna go ahead and speed this next part up cuz it's really fucking dumb it's amazing people like to make videos talking about how like great Xenoblade Chronicles is if you like you know go through all these steps of like pirating the game and implementing mods and playing it on your PC instead if I kept playing it on the actual hardware right like it's kind of a maze and it's ER just making it accessible just enjoying the game you have to go through all this nonsense Pat it right just to get not even like a superior experience like something that's just pretty much the exact same at this point it's well dude I would say that emulating a game they want to play is still way fuckin easier than you know having to buy a completely separate piece of hardware just to play that one game you want like if I want to play a Super Nintendo game it's way more convenient to just emulate it instead of tracking down a working Super Nintendo and finding a working pre-owned cartridge just to play that one game that Nintendo is not gonna make any money off of because I'm gonna have to buy a pre-owned at this point in that situation emulation is way more accessible then you know playing the game on native hardware but then again you literally have no clue what the fuck you're talking about and that is a very common trend in this entire video right we are going to reach the Google Stadium right where eventually we are going to reach the point where that's practicability eventually like that's not going to happen anytime soon right like I'm critical of Google stadia as well right like I'm very very much greater flow of Google Stadium but as time goes on right as time goes on more and more like hard the power of your hardware is going to matter less and less oh my god thank God dude I am so glad to hear that you're very critical of Google stadia I mean I can sleep better knowing the white night of Nintendo Harmon Smith is out here fighting the good fight against Google Stadium but to the power of Hardware won't matter only if you want to plunge balls deep in the game streaming exclusively like if that's the only way you want to play games than share but if you want any sort of native gaming experience the more powerful Hardware will always give you that better gaming experience we're sort of sitting this with a switch already but as time goes on and on and on there isn't going to be any value to having additional power torque towards your heart in your hardware because more power doesn't necessarily equate to better games oh my god guys are you telling me that my higher framerate doesn't mean my games are better than yours holy shit dude this is really an eye-opening experience here but no seriously though doom for example it's like a hundred times better on PC than console I mean that's just an undeniable fact I mean you could argue that power doesn't necessarily make your games better so I guess the best way to say it would be like sure power doesn't automatically equal better games but it does make great games more enjoyable I guess that's a good way to put it who knew the Wii was superior to its competition can tell you anyone who would tell say the the Wii U or the 3ds was better than the competition right no we were better than the competition I really wish that was a fucking troll but I told you guys this dude is like the extremists of the Nintendo community basically Nintendo or Mario Isis I don't even know what the fuck you want to call him so he's probably dead serious to be honest so the 360 I mean hands down was better than the fucking we at the ps4 and Xbox one both completely shat on the Wii U so great bait there buddy you don't need the Gameboy like you don't need power to make a compelling piece of hardware despite what like Sony and Microsoft have tried to train their audience into thinking you what the PC audience always tries to push oh I can always upgrade my PC I can always make my graphics look better just yeah we can't always make our graphics look better great observation there I'm not really sure what this has to do with how PC gaming is dying considering that's a pretty big plus over consoles but please man enlighten me what we are seeing is that we are constantly seeing this never-ending decline of PC gaming right like WoW is going downhill Blizzard as a whole is going downhill we're seeing what else even else is there so because the fucking Warcraft and Blizzard are going downhill that means literally all the PC gaming is dying I mean you honestly can't be this fucking retarded dude like I honestly hope you're trolling at this point I refuse to believe that anyone could be born this stupid there's nothing really on PC that you can't get on comp that you can't get on consoles and consoles have more like consoles have like the better games they have then Tendo consoles have the better games we say you have better features you have yeah man I had to spam the absolute fuck out of the ex hunt that one IB PC has way better features I mean you can literally do anything you want on the PC a console restricts what you can and can't do what services and features you have access to a beat shit you can't even send a message or party chat on the Nintendo switch its 2019 but who knows man maybe you'll convince me of just how wrong I really am actual upgrade you have control schemes like something like arms would never be made on PC right like because it utilizes the Nintendo switch to icons right like stuff like Star Fox zero stuff like that like experimental stuff stuff that's different than what you see from the general PC gaming crowd right like it's I think it's inevitable at this point that okay I've been wondering this for a while but what's up with these like really long pauses dude like if you need time to read your script which I mean that's actually kind of sad to think about that you took the time wrote all of this stuff down it's still thought it was a good idea to make this video but you know if you need time to read your script just cut off the dead air man like it's just really really weird looks like you're like getting lost in space or something like your brain needs time to recover and figure out what the hell's going on but back to the point here it's like you've never even heard of VR like a ton of games on PC have motion controls especially in the VR Department plus you mention actual improvements to hardware that's like one of the biggest appeals to PC gaming being able to upgrade your hardware and get a better experience when you want to not when Sony Microsoft or Nintendo's say you can and buy how much you can actually improve your experience you have a lot more choice on PC that PC gaming is going to lose a lot of traction like it's still going to have a market like I imagine I'm unlike older people who don't necessarily like want to play a lot of games like have a PC for work and kind of want to like you know place it or something like that like I remember like PI beer like you know big mananas player he was talking about like how he's really into sip 6 it's like pretty much the only game he plays any like course obviously not a gamer but obviously not a gamer obviously did you literally cannot get any more critic gatekeeping behind the word gamer like that probably has to be one of the craziest things I see on the Internet the people at Twitter who kill you're not a real gamer unless you play this type of game you're not a real gamer unless you've played this game you can't call yourself a gamer I'm a real gamer because I've played this I'm a real gamer because I've been playing since the Super Nintendo you're not a real gamer because you started with the Xbox 360 I mean it's so fucking pathetic dude honestly it's just cringe II saying it like the only time ok this is like the only time you're allowed to say you're not a real gamer the only time is when you're dealing with someone who's talking mad shit and they talk about how they game so much and then you find out they play on a fucking cell phone ok it's like the one time that shit's allowed that's a PC gamer right like someone who maybe plays a couple of games in a lifetime you know just because it appeals them you know just to unwind something there's nothing wrong with that obviously but that is the future of PC gaming I mean honestly it sounds like the average ps4 owner to be honest they get a cheap console to play games like fortnight Cod FIFA and that's about it believe it or not most gamers got a really fucking using that word but bosz gamers are literally the casuals you just described and that's on every platform including your precious little switch this is the 100 million this this is the Steam audience this this is what most people playing PC are going to be in the future not not super dedicated hardcore players but just like people who don't necessarily want to invest the console people who like own a PC already or work and and will play games that are like compatible with that PC so with that in mind I I think it's time goes on right like as the EGS games traction as it takes more and more exclusives from steam as steam becomes more and more undesirable as valve becomes more and more complacent as like you know the switch continues to dominate continues to like be the definitive platform for like pretty much every genre of games imaginable right well except for first-person shooter sports games racing games open-world RPGs RTS games MOBAs co-op games mmo's and I could keep going on you know that switch really is giving us that definitive experience of all genres when every single other platform available has thousands more games than the switch not to mention the games that are on the switch and other platforms are in their worst form when played on the switch I mean I'd like my switch and everything but it's really not dominating any genre except for maybe like platformers and fighting games you could argue but that's about it man we are going to see PC increasingly become more and more undesirable this is very much a platform that has no future it really it really only remains relevant because of valve right in half-life half-life queue it's sort of like extending the lifespan of the pco2 so half-life 2 a game that came out 2004 is the only recent PC gaming is relevant today Jesus Christ man you might actually be retarded dude look really fun listen I'll be honest with you okay I'm willing to bet you right here right now if you count the number of fingers you have on one hand it's still probably a higher number than that IQ of yours man I mean let's just forget that there's literally over a billion registered steam accounts and let's just go ahead and press f to pay respects from the dead platform known as steam and the entirety of the PC gaming market the half-life 2 life-support has lasted this long but it's about to run out PC gaming as we know it is dead PC gaming didn't just die ps4 and the Xbox one are basically replaced the PC game it's like it's going to be they're going to try and create this business model where like those consoles kept like update themselves and like you know ps4 Pro where you update upgrade them periodically over a period of time right they're gonna try to do that like that is going to sort of up that they are going to compete with PC gaming and I think as time goes on it's going to become more and more apparent that like the benefits to PC like PC gaming is losing all of its all of its appeal so because Microsoft and Sony are going to upgrade their hardware more frequently PC gaming is gonna die I mean isn't the appeal of console that you just have to buy a console and you don't really have to worry about upgrading or buying new hardware for like five or so years I mean why not just play on PC if every two years you have to pay out 400 bucks for the new Playstation I mean what you're describing is literally what PC gamers do with graphic card upgrades but I mean thank god this it's almost over men like the brain cells are starting to we're out at this point I need some time to recover and luckily this video is about to come to its end just like PC gaming like you don't have mods anymore you won't have piracy anymore you won't have like your your high-end visuals anymore like there is nothing on PC that you cannot get better with more functionality more features more quality than on intend o switch well guys you heard the man PC gaming is dead in the Nintendo switch killed it it's a sad day for us PC gamers out there but at least we can experience true gaming at 5:40 P 25 FPS on the Nintendo switch with games like Mortal Kombat The Witcher 3 Skyrim and doom Thank You Nintendo for giving us the defense and coop caving experience but now guys in all seriousness this is why you never want to become a console supremacist and worship a piece of fucking plastic like this guy it just makes you say some pretty retarded shit and at the end of the day we're talking about fucking video games made for our entertainment so it's really not that deep so it's just funny to laugh at ass blasted people like our pal Harman Smith here I'll have a link to his video in the description if you wanna I don't know give him your thoughts on how amazing his video was but with that said guys that does it for today's video big thank you to the channel members and as always thank you guys so much for taking any time out of your day to check out the video and for all the recent support as well and I will catch you guys next time

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  1. Riding the high seas… I "may or may not" have done that recently… 😉 The good ol' Epic Fail Store effect on gaming…increasing piracy.

  2. Enjoy ALL the things…. that you can provide for yourself. Don't get distracted and disjointed…

    $40, 2GB GPU from years and years ago..
    Don't care for MAX GFX.
    So….fun stuff,.. drilling holes into a 7870XT 2GB single fan shroud and taking 975mhz to 1200Mhz, lowering 83*c to 77*c and plays games at 80%-100% of 1080p and High settings low textures… 45-60fps+
    Accelerating Video encodes instead of CPU only..
    Passable and fun to drill into and attach fans, screw around with it., and its sub$50 spent and still usable…

  3. When he said that Red dead redemption 2 is a Nintendo exclusive, I thought I was deaf, but, he said it . I want to die.
    And I like how he had a Nintendo game in his hand.

  4. I don't like switch but i never attacked anyone who play on it nor the switch itself. We are all palyers who play games on pc and different console. If you want to play PC go and paly, if you want console go and play no one forcing you. I prefer PC for many reasons like:

    1_You can have so many games that worked on older PCs with the new ones, for example the entire "Resident Evil" series on one computer or laptop whiel on console you require a backward compability or a remaster versions if it exist first.

    2_PC games allow to anyone get access to the game's files and make some changes for some of them, for example Half-Life.

    3_PC games have a tons and tons of "FREE" mods that make the gameplay 20 times more fun and better and give the singleplayer games an infinite replayability from improved graphics to add new skins and maps, something that isn't available to all console games.
    Just look at "Half-Life", 90% of it's mods is a bunch new maps and stories like new HL games to play.

    4_You can download many singleplayer games easily on PC, with some multiplayer sometimes.

    5_If you want to play a console games, go and download an emulator and find the game on the internet, now we have both PC and consoles games on one PC and best part all of this can be FREE! I know that not every console game can be played on PC yet but there a good number for now.

    6_You can upgrade your PC to a better gameplay instead of buying a new one, like upgrade your PS2 to PS3 and then to PS4 without the need to buy a PS3 and a PS4.

    7_You want to use a console controller? PS, Xbox, Switch or any other console? Emulators for this on PC exist and some games have a controller support.

    8_PC games give you the option of changings the game's graphics and is very useful for those who have weak PCs. Not to mention that PC so far is the better and the easiest at running 60FPS.

    9_Even some console games have some mods on the emulators on PC.

    10_Not much a reason but all these console games were made on computers and laptops so the console players can play them.

    PC have many popular games that we loved from years and still love them like the "Half-Life" series, Resident Evil series, GTA series and many more. I don't like Fortnite but just look how much this game have players on PC. PC is NOT dead.

  5. Also beyond all the cancer whats with him opening and closing a fucking case ? That klak klak is annoying.

  6. Its funny that Griffingaming is hard on this guy cause he loves his Nintendo, yet Griffingaming does nothing else then jerk off to his PC gaming. Whats the difference between this guy and Griffingaming i just dont see it, both like there prefered platform and both jerk off to it. I mean just look at Griffingamings video's in every video his love for PC gaming is shown, nothing wrong with that do what you want but why attack a dude that loves his Nintendo then, yeah his points maybe absurd but still.

  7. Botw on cemu, running at 4k, 144 fps, higher render distance better far textures, more grass (No joke there's something to put more grass) 8 times the normal shadow resolution, and custom dungeons vs vanilla switch botw with vanilla stuff and 720p 30 fps, and the console still struggles at times principally when not docked.
    The guy could not pick a worse game to compare.

  8. Damn son, that dude is a dumbass, he´s talking like that because he doesn´t play on pc, just the fact that you have to pay a fee to acess your own internet and play the game you paid for online, is enough to take the "smash an xbox" challenge.
    The ear wax candle part was hillarious

  9. "A pc gamer that plays a couple of games"
    Meanwhile this basement dweller masturbates to Fire Emblem Three Houses, because it isnt on the pc

  10. The ignorance is mind blowing. This guy makes me want to grab all the info I know, share images if I could and blow his damn by making his little switch look like a thin brick of garbage compared to PC gaming and its options, features, library and graphic detail. I want to say he is a moron, but I'll instead assume he is a fan boy and doesn't do his research.
    Great video. One of the best I watched in a while. Full of laughs.

  11. To be honest PC gaming is slowly dying not because of the player base but because trash like epic and corporations are trying to bring cancer like payed mods and exclusivity

    Soon it will be just an expensive console

  12. The fact that he just stares off and like goes cross eyed pisses me off soooo much and the fact that he keeps playing with the game case

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