36 thoughts on “Pak की Economy बर्बाद होने की कगार पे Pak Media को आयी पिछले 70 सालो की गलतियां याद

  1. Sale yeh pakistani bahat bade gandu hai,,, abe jo army ek jung nehi jit sakhi bo kya economy ki udhar karegi…

  2. Army chief of pakistan is economist, scholar, scientist , poet , business man, politician, all in one

  3. अब पछताए क्या होत है चिडियाँ चुग गयी
    खेत । पाकिस्तान की मयीसत तो अमरीका
    बहादुर के इमदाद पर टिकी थी कमाई कुछ नहीं इमदाद बंद कर दिया तो सब कुछ खत्म
    बचा खुचा फौज की लूटपाट जो अब भी जारी
    है । अब सब खत्म पाकिस्तान की बिक्री बाकी है जो अब शुरू हो गई देखते जाओ
    अब धडाम होगा लूटपाट भगदड ही होने वाला है ।
    खुदा खैर करे

  4. What kind of democracy is there in pakistan where genrals address the public meeting and judges frequently air their opinion on any subject.
    Then what is the need for election.

  5. Sidhi se Bat hai Ped boya babul ka tou Aam khaha se hoy ,Jo Dusro ke liye gaddhe khodtey hai usmay way khud hi girtey hai. Maro salo Pakistaniyo ,tumlogo ne India ke sath sath puri duniya ko behut kast aur taklif diye hai. Tumhara merna hi duniya ke liye achha rehega.

  6. pork eaters terrorist, traitor,lier, beggar, bastered, failed nation and cancer of the world pakisthan will die it's natural death due to it's Economic crisis.
    We INDIANS want complete destruction of pork eaters terrorist pakisthan.

  7. Kohi bi country me army economy chalate. Vaise to medal chaap pak army kabi bi economy nahi chalaya. Hakikat pak ka barbadi army se uva. Ye baat tub malum padegs jub kutte ka mouth ayega

  8. Abhi tu ye trailer ha picture baki ha October ma Pakistan ko Black list mey dal deya jayege 😄😄😄😄🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Jay hind Jay bharat India is great.

  9. It is only in Pakistan that the Army chief and not the Prime Minister, reviews economic condition of the country!
    The very agency that is responsible for Pakistan's poor economy is reviewing it.
    Some gall, this!


  11. Sudhar jao pakistanio, batao kahan par army ne economy par positive input diya ho. Duniya me kuch karna hain to apne economist ko power do, like India gave to Dr Manmohan Singh with out any interference. Bhagwan Aap ke adaron ko sadbudhi de.

  12. Pakistanis always lament on their economy but they don’t do anything to improve it. What does Army Chief know about economy? They just want more money and nothing else To really change their economy they have to build up an industrial base and get investments into their economy All they are taught and ingrained into their psychology is that they are in such a strategic location that everyone will fall on their knees and help them with economy

  13. War on Terr by NAPAK Armey 😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😉

  14. Duniya ka sabse chutiya desh Pakistan h, jaha economic muddo par army chief raaye deta h, inke har mudde par army hi expert hoti h, is desh k liye army nahi h, ye army k liye desh h

  15. Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world where the Army organises seminars on the "Economic Challanges"being faced by that country. In rest of the civilized world , its the Government and the economists who debate on such subjects. Also, Paki Army is the only Army in the world which runs its own businesses like having mines, controlling petroleum distribution and dealings in real estate. etc.No wonder the top army officers are making huge money, have big farmhouses and their children are studying in USA & West.Money and luxurious life have made them immensely corrupt, pot bellied and unfit to fight a war.

  16. Army waaaLoo nee ptaa nhiii kyaa bhrr rkhaa hh inkee diimaag mee..!!!saaLee hmeshaa army waaLooo kk टटे chaatee rhtee hh..!!

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