Pacquiao talks to ABS-CBN News after defeating Thurman | 21 July 2019

we got about 20 minutes before they're ready money so we can do a couple guys kasam monotony ONC Manny Pacquiao yes zooming and zooming on course evening anchor okay good evening from Las Vegas Manny life tires a DS mm ANC Jocasta abs-cbn una una man-eatin autonomy on a team acababa Alchemist taka how do you feel right now how we sure conditions after that hard fight okay condition coca-cola you know scratch then Vaseline 11 Sebastian so you see I have a silly impairing my up Dale Vaseline yeah many um after that first round knocked down no do you think my cat a postman and Moraga you can fight that Laguna Cabana and a couple XE Thurman in the middle rounds because I wanna compare a delicacy my bigger than heavy-handed and so it's good I mean you know them putting an estimate who can you compare this fight to suck in Danang heat up what fight can you compare this to in terms of difficulty aalikoya Morales fight which were honest Morales won many thing afternoon incapable of nothing now original plan was to fly tonight muhaha become a Samana I mean dr. Koh pupunta is a ceremony on my teaching opinion wedding would you like next my yamuna trabajan assassin remember a selfish and in maraming salamat the palasa I think Malcolm abaya a Makita corner yoga videos uh Jim Nando's heal a new node put in Pune Youngjae Matt Messiah sila so selamat bogus a minor Filipino Malcolm what happened plan oh I'm planning nothing in Asia boom-boom Alec John a simulant about nothing maraming maraming salamat po attacking from banging on ceiling big a sardine in La Coste toe I don't tag um potato whom indeed elsa fennan indeterminate a vampire so selamat in at Cyprian and macabre by Nathan Bonsu been filipino salamat thank you selamat okay so I am bossy Manny Pacquiao locker room a press conference now Fred

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