Otis Fashion Students Take On Disney Design Challenge | Episode 3 | Disney Style

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Disney Design Challenge: Frozen fashion, where fashion students at
Otis College of Art and Design are competing to win a scholarship
for their final year of school, and have their clothing brought to life and sold
by Nineteenth Amendment. Each student must create a collection,
inspired by the world of Frozen and the iconic styles of Los Angeles. After weeks of designing, the judges have paired down the competition
to six finalists. We said goodbye
to some of our favorites, like Natalie and Hanna. Left standing are,
Ahra, Yoo Mee, Minji, Jinny, Miao, and Alice. With only a few weeks left
until the design deadline, I’m going to meet with the six finalists and explore the unique neighborhoods
in Los Angeles that inspired their collections. First we hit the beach
with Alice and Miao. Alice started designing as a young girl, using excess cloth scraps
from her mother’s clothes to make doll dresses. After high school,
she moved to California, which made the beach the perfect
inspiration for her Anna collection. The style is going to be really flowy
because it’s next to a beach. Yeah! There’s a lot of wind. I want my garments to be like, really flowy,
so it looks like a goddess. For the color, I wanted to match
with the ocean, so I have like,
pink, blue, and green in my collection. Miao dreams of creating
her own fashion empire. She chose to give Elsa a
laid-back beach vibe with her design. Next, we go downtown
with three more of our finalists: Jinny, You Mee, and Minji. Minji loves to design menswear
and has an internship with a leading mens brand this summer. It’s no surprise that Minji
imaged the character Kristoff as a student living
in downtown Los Angeles. Well, Frozen, it’s an animation,
so it was really hard to portray that character in the streetwear design,
that’s really trendy and cool. Jinny started her career in fashion
at a young age, creating dresses for her paper dolls. She used that same ingenuity
in her collection to give Anna a stylish city vibe. I really wanted to take
street style vibe, really graphic approach, because I was inspired
by downtown L.A. and the art district here. Every now and then,
I’d see like, someone with a bright color or something that has a really big graphic. I utilize that into my designs a lot. Yoo Mee grew up in a family of artists,
which sparked her interest in fashion and her dream to one day
start her own company. She let the street styles of downtown
influence her quirky Olaf collection. My character is Olaf. I will style using big parka,
but it’s like very light fabric, it’s nylon. And then put on the graphic on the parka. And then put like, mesh or stripes,
like a T-shirt, and then like, maybe shorts
or baby pants on there. That’s really cool. Finally, we head to Hollywood Boulevard
with finalist, Ahra. Ahra is from South Korea
and hopes to one day be a fashion art director. She had fun incorporating
the glitz and glam of Hollywood into her Elsa inspired design. There’s so many talented finalists,
but there can only be one winner. On the next episode, our final six contestants
will face their toughest challenge yet: presenting their designs
to our panel of judges. It’s the final showdown. Find out who will rule the runway
on the next Disney Design Challenge.

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