OFFICIAL TRAILER | Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes* on Television Season 2

Cobra Kai has a one hundred
percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. What's your
show's Tomato meter? -We don't have one. What do you mean you don't
have one? -Literally no one reviewed our
show the first season. And you got another season?
That's insane! We're back baby,
let's do this! Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes
on Television. Season two, bitch! Hey guys.
-Who are you? I'm internet actor Ryan Hansen. AKA Ryan Hansen from Ryan Hansen
Solves Crimes on Television. My show is a meta-comedy about
show business. You're not gonna ask me to do a
cameo are you? -No cameos. Ah, that God for that! For a minute I was worried
you were going to ask me to do a cameo…on f**king
YouTube! You're on YouTube? -YouTube Premium. Fewer people
watch it but it cost way more money to make.
-Good luck with that. -Ryan? -Ryan! -Ryan!
-Ryan Hansen -Ryan Hansen… Yeah? No I just thought somebody
needed to say your name one more time. I'm pairing you up with
a new partner. What's his deal? Too old for this shit?
Loose cannon? By the book? Dog cop? You'll have a human partner.
-For now. Cut the crap. Let's talk
about the murder. I will not rest until I find
the man, woman, or gender fluid killer.
Believe 'dat. We need to rule out
suspects one by one. Oh, like a bunch of cameos!
That's a great idea! You son of a bitch. This is a
cameo isn't it? I'd appreciate it if you didn't
credit me for this appearance. I like to keep my IMDB tight. Wow! That's a lot of cameos! -You mean suspects. That's what I said. It's Ry-guy ti–me. We're on TV Guide's top
one hundred shows. -And what number are you at? Ninety eight. Two from the
top, baby. We can save the big joke for
the end so that audiences feel like the entire show is
worth sitting through. Here's that coffee you asked
for detective. Ow! The only way to solve this crime is by going undercover.
-is by going into the dreams of the killer. How the hell are you going to
go into someone's dreams? -Two hats connected by a wire? Maybe like an "Inception" suit
or something? -This is a nightmare… Is it…?

22 thoughts on “OFFICIAL TRAILER | Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes* on Television Season 2

  1. It's funny that i'm listening to the early years of XFM(2001) with Rickey Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington where Steve is sooking about no one recognising him and now hes in a series where hes annoyed by someone asking him to cameo.

    Also I will watch this purely because I see Thomas Lennon in it, brilliant bloody actor who deserves an entire series of Reno 911 to himself. Oh and Avon Barksdale will be great to see playing someone on the other side of the law.


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  4. I like everything about this show that involves Wood Harris, and I liked every comment that was about Wood Harris, too.

  5. Кто нажал, увидев Стаса Давыдова из "This is Хорошо"? 🙂

  6. I love that this is essentially a continuation of his character Kyle from Party Down (and yes, I saw Ken Marino in his Party Down costume in this trailer). Or, is that just how Ruan Hansen always acts?

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