Office Lo Horror Story || Part-I || Chill Maama || Tamada Media

Why is the whole office empty? So, I’m the first
to arrive at the office on my first day at work. Why did the lights go out? How I wish someone was here.
Whose phone is it? Do I answer or not? Welcome to our office!
– How did you like this welcome? It sucked!
– Cool down. – What stupidity is this? And you, stop recording!
– You seem to have got terrified. Me? Not at all.
– Whatever. Go and turn on the lights. But it does seem you got terrified.
– No, I’ve performed in theatres. So, I knew all along this was a set up, but, I played along
as I didn’t want to disappoint my colleagues. You played along? I don’t think so.
– That is maybe because I’m a real good actor. I hope the shot was good.
Cool. He says it was a good shot. Alright, I challenge you to something.
This office has a dark past. None work here after 8PM. If you work alone after 8PM,
I’ll go on a date with you. A date?
– Are you scared already? – Not at all. I’m never scared. Infact, scared is scared of me.
– Think well before accepting her challenge. Oh, come on. This challenge is child’s play. I’ll do it.
– You seem so confident. – Of course. I accept your challenge.
Get ready to go out on a date with me. You seem upset.
– I promised I’ll go on a date with him. Now, I’m scared he’ll win the challenge.
– We’ll scare the shit out of him. That isn’t needed. This office is already haunted.
– Come on! How can you believe in all that? You’ll know when you come across a ghost.
– I’ve an idea. We’ll dress Alekhya up as a ghost
and scare the shit out of him. I’m busy this evening. So, you guys do it.
But call me after it is done. – Done. I hate working in the nights,
all alone in the office. Who is it?
I was told the office would be empty after 8PM. Excuse me, sir. Who are you?
– I’m Vikram. You’re Vinay, right? Yes. How did you know?
– I know everything. I’m one of the most senior employees here.
I’ve been working here for 15 years. But, I was told no one works here after 8PM.
– That is because no one knows I work here after 8PM. I’m feeling sleepy.
I’ll go have a smoke. Could you come back soon, sir?
I’m glad I’ll have some company. Mr Vikram isn’t back yet.
Wonder where he is. Why are the lights going out again? I guess someone is pranking me again.
I better go get some candles. There isn’t even a generator
in this big office. Hell with these rains!
Actually, rains are fine but rains cause stupid power outages.
I can’t see a thing in this darkness. Yes, here are the candles.
Thank God. Now, I can get back to work. Just one candle in such a big office?
Misers! M-My phone!
I’ve brought myself here just for that stupid date. Y-You saw that? – Yeah.
– I told you this place was haunted. Vinay is all alone in there.
– Forget about him. Let’s flee. – This way. M-Mr Vikram.. No, no.. Vinay! What’s the matter?
Why are you lying on the floor? What’s the matter? Are you okay?
– Yes, I am. – I guess you got very scared. What? No way.
– Are you sure? – Yes, I am! Shall I confess something? – What?
– The ghost and all was my idea. Alekhya, Tarun and I decided to prank you.
– Are you out of your bloody mind? What if I had a heart attack or something?
– I’m so sorry, Vinay. – Oh, cut it! I didn’t know you’d get so scared.
Wait, let me show you a video. What video? Never pull these stupid pranks on anyone again.
– I’m sorry. – Anyways, do you know Mr Vikram? Mr Vikram? Never heard that name.
I’ll ask the manager if there is any Mr Vikram here. I’m sorry again.
I promise I’ll never do anything like this again. I’ll call you in the evening
and tell you where we’ll meet for our date. Bye.

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