NYC Ballet Presents: 2019 Fall Fashion Gala

[light music] – Oh, a costume can make you feel
a million different things. I remember the first time
I watched “Serenade” and I saw the very,
very lightweight tulle just billow. It’s like gravity didn’t exist. – We wake up, and we put on
different pieces of clothing to show who we are as people. Sometimes it can be our armor. Sometimes it could be where we want
to show our vulnerability. Every costume makes you feel
a different way. You almost inhabit your alter ego. It changes the artist. I think when people talk
about Anna Sui fashion, the first words that come to mind
are nostalgia, feminine, and a little rock and roll. One of my favorite things in ballet
is the fantasy of it, and I hope that the costumes will evoke something additional to the dance. – I knew that we had connection
with each other when both Anna Sui and I listened
to the music. We both took away the same inspiration
or vibe from the music. We were right there with each other. [music continues] That felt amazing, because, I mean, I’m working with Ann Sui. It’s really special for me to be able to create a piece
for this company. For me personally, it’s such a homecoming. It brings me back
to all those days and nights when I used to walk across the plaza
or go into New York State Theater and have these surreal moments of clarity. [music continues] I used to just think that this was
a little slice of Heaven. – I grew up in SoHo in Downtown Manhattan. I really grew up immersed
in New York City culture. It’s part of who I am. [music continues] It’s interesting that the costumes
kind of helped inform the story of the choreography. [music continues] I like this play of what can happen when you’re dealing with human expression and this idea of playing
with reality and the surreal world, fantasy and the physical. That’s a place where I think
a dancer needs to get to, a designer needs to get to. And I think that the costumes
hopefully will inform movement. – Zac Posen, I can honestly say,
has been the truest collaboration I’ve ever had
as a creator with a designer. Cutting up the design, starting over, really getting on the same page,
which I love. My emotions and my body are very connected in a way that I do physically want
to react when I’m feeling certain things. I was always like that as a kid. But we all have
that natural thing inside of us that makes us want to move or dance. I am sort of in my own world all day long. I’m in these spaces
where people rushing all around, and I have this film playing in my head
that just goes. And, you know,
what are these people doing? And what’s that woman’s story? And how does that look
in the body physically? [music continues] – When you put a costume on a young dancer and they realize it’s been made for them, I think that adds a layer
to their performance. It’s an amazing shop of artists, and many times we have a new challenge
that some designer’s thrown at us. It’s exciting for me to watch a shop full
of people come together and try to visualize
how we’re gonna make this happen. [music continues] – If you’ve ever had the pleasure
of getting to wear couture, it’s like second skin. I think that that’s one
of the amazing things about new work. It’s like couture. It is something that’s tailor-made
for your body and tailor-made for these artists. [music continues] What’s incredible about this project– it kind of melds these two ideas together in one idiom… the combination of both. [music continues]

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