New York Fall 2015 Fashion Week Street Style

I am wearing BCBG runway okay so my sunglasses are finding okay get into this look just a little cat eye real bad a little jewel you know I live live for the jewel I know and I know you're from Atlanta yeah you see this weather so how do you dress well you know our dress for fashion I don't dress for the weather and I'm viola from blink itinerary I live in San Diego but I'm originally from Mexico I am wearing BCBG and Sandro pants and sweater and Jairo boats soy boots I'm wearing the the for aware of the assembled a ferragamo salvatore ferragamo yes for the dress and the coach and also the background you're giving me Kim Kardashian are you wearing I'm BCBG and Herve the shoes are airbag and Jimmy Choo and what about your sunglasses they're Chanel my ensemble well let's start with the BCBG lovely BCBG shoes Louboutin the fur is actually by email Marcus and the handbag is she now sunglasses are mine from my store Blazers Hugo Boss red label Theory pan I have on custom shirting because I'm a monogram person so everything has my little monogram on the cosmic my name is Holly pan I'm wearing a print dress the white apron is comdev a shine and the codis Bottega Veneta the back is Mark cross and the boots is Mason as a Mason Michael Vaghela or Martin Margiela listen working the job you know better than me

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