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hi everyone I’m Neha Dhupia and I’m
about to reveal almost everything you want to know about my beauty secrets only
on Pinkvilla oh I actually had absolutely no skincare regime when I was pregnant
because the best part about being pregnant is that you’re feeding yourself
everything and good food leads to great skin and I would just completely hydrate
the one thing that I was concerned about and it got very few cures is stretch
marks so I would continuously oil my tummy because it was getting bigger and
bigger and bigger so I would put like coconut oil or any sort of oil that
would just make sure that I don’t have any stretch paths at all
post my delivery for me was coconut oil my mom always said that I should just
moisturize my skin with coconut oil in the bath and it’s just it’s just great
for you and as hard as it may sound like the egg and dahi and egg like you
know whipped up together for your hair that was a one remedy that was passed to
me but the smell was so bad that I’ve never done it I I mean of course there
were days when I felt very very under confident the one thing that kept me
motivated was the fact that I would always look at my pictures being fit and
I’ve been a marathon runner before pregnancy for me to be able to run a
marathon so I’ve set those targets for myself and I will be running marathons
next year I think one easy thing to follow is intermittent fasting so what I
do is I do about 14 to 16 hours of intermittent fasting I eat everything
except sugar and fried food and I mean basically home-cooked food is the cure
and the one other thing that I do is one day in the entire week when I’m not
working so I stick to like like eating soup so you know I do like I try and do
like a sixteen and eight so like for you know sixteen hours fasting and then
eight or ten hours of the eating time and then one non-working day
when I just do soups or liquid diet that it I use a lot of light tint so I use
like a glutton and a cheek tint and that’s it like I can do without lipstick
but I can’t do without my cheek tint at pass on to Mehr stay happy I
feel like I am she’s beautiful

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