My New Gaming Rig

Hey everybody! I'm The Linux Gamer and I just built myself
a brand new gaming PC! I spent just under $800 on this rig and I’m
glad that I did. It’s fantastic and I’m very excited to
show it off. So let’s talk about what parts I used for
this build, shall we? Let’s start off with the motherboard. I selected the ASUS M5A78L­M/USB3 microATX
board as a base. Purchased from NCIXUS, this cost me about
$58. I chose the six core AMD FX-6300 as my processor. It runs cool at a stock speed of 3.5 GHz,
it’s overclockable, and only cost $95. For RAM I went with a single 8 gig stick from
Team Elite. It’s DDR3 at a speed of 1600 MHz. For my purposes, 8 gigs is sufficient, but
with video editing, I could definitely use more. It works for my needs and I plan on upgrading
with a second identical stick in the near future. And at $58, I don't see a reason to NOT upgrade. Storage was the easiest decision I had to
made. I chose a 120 Gb SSD from Kingston and a 1Tb
Western Digital Blue mechanical drive for $53 a piece. And then it came time to find a graphics card. This was the hardest part of the process for
me. I wanted to stay in budget, but also have
enough power to run the latest games at respectable settings. Given how much of a hard time I’ve had with
my laptop’s spectacularly awful Radeon HD 6620, I knew I’d be going with Nvidia. After several iterations of this build on, cutting corners and trimming fat in other places, I arrived at the NVidia
GTX 970 by Zotac. With 4GB of RAM and a clock speed of 1.1 GHz,
this beastly card rips through most games at max settings and buttery smooth framerates. The single most expensive component in this
build at $310; it was absolutely worth it. Powering it all is an 500W 80+ Bronze power
supply by EVGA. To encase this monster of a machine, I selected
the Fractal Design Core 1100. The case is sleek and stylish. For front IO it sports one USB 2.0 and one
USB 3.0. Assembling this machine was somewhat of a
nightmare. First, I bought the motherboard under the
erroneous assumption that there was a USB 3.0 header on the board. There isn’t. So I picked up a USB 3.0 PCIe card from dodocool
to power my front port. That hasn’t arrived yet, but it was only
$15 bucks on Amazon. In hindsight, I’d probably opt for a full-size
tower. There’s almost no way to fit this motherboard
into this case! Seriously. I had less than an eighth of an inch of play
to fit this motherboard. It literally would not fit with the IO shield
installed. So it doesn’t have one. To say that this midtower case is small is
an understatement. The novel design of the hard drive mounting
bracket is great. Except when trying to fit a full size three
and a half inch drive into place. There was only one way to fit the drive into
place and have the power cable reach, and it simply wouldn’t. It was blocked by the cases’ fan. So I’ve ordered a 5.25” adapter to fit
my 3.5” drive securely into an optical drive bay. I ordered many of my parts from different
retailers. The only problem I had with my purchases came
from NCIXUS. I ordered the motherboard, the case, and the
processor from them because they had the cheapest prices. Unfortunately; those were the last components
to both ship and arrive. To compound the issue; I wasn’t told that
my processor had been backordered. Granted it only delayed shipment by one day,
but splitting this single order into three different packages and waiting over three
days to actually ship my order just seemed… foolish. Every other retailer I used were fantastic. Amazon, Newegg, and especially OutletPC. I didn’t even use expedited shipping and
I had my OutletPC order on my doorstep in three days. I’ll definitely be using them from now on. I hope you've enjoyed some of this footage
I recorded with my new computer. I’ll be doing reviews using this PC from
now on. So look forward to more in the future. Also, be sure you check out my latest review. It’s of Luftrausers. If you enjoyed this video, why not click that
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23 thoughts on “My New Gaming Rig

  1. I go back pretty far in Linux, and I gotta say, I've been avoiding Nvidia for a long time because their drivers have (historically) been a goddamned chore to install. ATI/AMD has always been more streamlined.

    Now we've got Ubuntu and its "Additional Drivers" application. It makes installing the Nvidia driver a snap. And let me tell you, my kid's FX-6300 + GTX 260 beats the ever loving crap out of my FX-8320 + R9 270. The GTX 260 was given to me a year or two ago because it was old and the owner couldn't find a use for it anymore.

    I won't lie. I'm still pretty salty about Nvidia killing 3dfx. But I may have to put that aside in a future build. AMD has made some awesome strides with their drivers, but they're just not there yet.

  2. Hi, i like this channel and i enjoy very much the reviews of the games!
    I need to ask you a question: Your recommend a build a gaming PC with an FX 6300 ?
    If you had to build your pc again today. you choose the fx 6300 ?
    I think that is very good processor, but i prefer to ask jajajaj

    This would be my configuration:

    AMD FX-6300 ASUS
    M5A78L-M USB3 GTX
    950 2GB EVGA

    Of course is based in your configuration. 🙂

    I hope you can answer and sorry for my bad english jajaja

    Greetings from Argentina!!!!

  3. I am relatively new to gaming on Linux, and have yet to piece together my own PC; I currently game on a laptop running an Intel integrated card. (Yes, performance with recent games can be a roadblock, but the driver serves the hardware well.) Since I lack proper experience in both of these fields, I would like to know: can a system built for running Windows games net me the same in-game performance if I installed Linux on it instead, assuming that it runs on an Nvidia graphics card with proprietary drivers? Or would it lag behind, forcing me to purchase stronger components to achieve the same capacity in games?

  4. Would you recommend a full-size tower case for this build? Im just asking since I believe I may get this similar build.

  5. have you done any bench marks brother? i'm getting the info i need together to build my first PC and i'm honestly pretty curious what you get with the amd processor and that graphics card. overall it seems like an awesome budget build you got here man great stuff for sure

  6. Nice PC. Added that 2nd stick of RAM yet? Utilizing dual channel memory setup will speed up a few things especially in games (I've seen a 10% increase in most applications and games just on memory channel utilization alone). Cool channel so far, subbed!

  7. How are the Nvidia drivers vs AMD ones in Linux? I am going to upgrade my GPU, and I have had some problems with AMD drivers in Ubuntu with my r7 240 in games like L4D2, Portal 2 while in Windows they ran perfectly.

  8. Just thought I'd mention for anyone wanting to build the same PC I would recommend against the Kingston SSDNow V300, yes they are cheap but due to the changes that Kingston have done they aren't as fast as other SSD's for similar prices.

  9. Just one question. Do you think a micro-atx board like the one you used in your build is reliable? I heard many times that $50 boards die within 2-3 years.

  10. I have a question for you, is it hard to build a PC? I was just wondering, because right now I only have a Mac, and was thinking about buying / building a PC. Great video!

  11. Nice to hear you bought a new pc It will be nice to put on the description of your video ur new rig specifications, It easier to remember what kind of performance you had with the hardware. It will help a lot when you review a game. 
    In my case with arch is going pretty stable and zero problem everytime i update it.

  12. So happy that you got yourself an actual GAMING PC. I expect more videos from you in the future. btw I have the same processor. Which distro are you using with that beast of yours?

  13. Hey, really enjoyed your content, if you could check out mine as well I would really appreciate it! I subbed as well 🙂

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