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Oh my gosh, I had just gotten my prom dress
and I was eating dinner with my family. We had In-N-Out for dinner. I got a Double Double. I ate it, and I decided it would be a really
good idea to try on my prom dress. And I didn’t fit into my dress, so I had
a panic attack. My mom had to be like, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” In any sort of situation where there’s some
sort of emotional thing that’s happening, I deal with it by like talking about it online
to my Twitter followers. Which is what I did. I tweeted, “Crying in a prom dress. What a mood. Wait. I’m gonna write a song about that. Don’t steal my idea.” And then, a year later I successfully did
it. Yeah. “prom dress” was produced by Cavetown,
Robin Skinner. I did it remotely. He lives in London, and I live in the Bay
Area of California. The production process was interesting. It was just like, emails and texts about certain
things that I wanted to have happen in the song. He kind of took it and ran with it and put
in a lot of ideas, and was like “Are you okay with this?” Just open to pretty much anything at that
point, and it sounds amazing. Yeah. I mean high school in general isn’t good
for anybody, right? I mean, I think I really felt it in my final
year. You think a lot about what the future holds
for you when you’re at the end of your experience in high school, and I was thinking a lot about
it. I was making music and I didn’t know what
I wanted to do for college. I don’t know, I’d be surprised if says
they have a flawless high school experience. I’d like to hear their story, yeah. I’m a total introvert. Everyone in my immediate family is an introvert. We all hang out at home with each other and
just watch Netflix and don’t leave the house. It’s kind of bad. I love alone time. I think I kind of require it to a certain
extent because doing music and stuff is such a social job. Then like, posting all the time on social
media, or going to meetings and stuff. I love doing those things but I also at a
certain point need to go lie in my bed and pretend the world is just turned off for a
quick second. Admitting that you need somebody’s advice
on something is sometimes one of the toughest things to do and I think it’s a learning
experience that everyone goes through. It’s just being okay with seeking outside
opinions, and you know people lending a helping hand. When I wrote those two lines, I just felt
like there was something deeply ironic about this article of clothing that is representative
of the greatest time that you’re ever gonna have in high school, and then to have somebody
that’s wearing it having one of the worst times of their life. Even though I was an introvert, I definitely
like strayed away from party scenes or whatever Thinking about high school would be one of
those things where I’d go out with my friends on a Friday night, you know? I don’t know do fun stuff? I just never did that anyways, but I had all
these sorts of weird expectations from ‘High School Musical’, or other teen movies that
I watched that I was like yeah, like people are going to break out into song and dance
during our lunch breaks. Any sort of thing you go into in your life,
you probably want it to be the best possible scenario. But, you know. Life’s just not like that. I haven’t actually thought about where I’d
run to. I think the idea of moving away from something
was mostly why I wrote that line. In the concept of escaping, I’d just want
to be in a safe space, so if that was at home with my parents or maybe with my friends or
being alone. I think just escaping whatever situation that
feels hard to deal with in that moment. Music was my escape to be authentically myself. I think in life, we often as individuals wear
facades for the sake of other people and also for ourselves. To guard ourselves from other people. I’ve definitely walked through the world
sometimes wearing a mask, so that way I can kind of hide my emotions. I feel like writing about it in a song is
important, because it brings that fact into other people’s lives, and they can understand
that, and know that they’re not alone with that. Because that was something that I felt like
I was dealing with by myself when I was writing this song. I think about some of the decisions I made
in high school or the lack thereof of decisions. I’m an introverted person and I didn’t
really put myself in maybe more social situations or whatever. And I think because of that I felt left out
a lot of the quintessential high school experience. I mean I just think like as a person I definitely
ponder the hypotheticals a whole lot, maybe too much. I did go to my prom. I actually had a blast at my prom, which is
hypocritical because of the song. I went with friends, I had a great time, I
took photos, I looked bomb. It was great. Prom as an idea is so big and it’s supposed
to be this great event that everybody has a blast at and I’m thankful I had a good
experience. But, there’s also moments where it feels
really tough, and high school is in general I think. You watch the teen movies about high school
where’s everybody’s dancing on tables and having the greatest time of their lives
and that’s so inaccurate. I only stayed at my prom for an hour. I left at 10:30. I ate the free food. I talked with my friends. I did the Cha-Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle
and then I bounced out of the prom. My mom picked me up. It was great.

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  1. thank you so much for having me!!! also shoutout my mom for picking me up from prom (my dad was also there thanks dad)

  2. “Reality is often dispointing”

    No everything looks like off the movies life is harder then it seems, movies make everything so simple making great that won’t be having real life and because of that everything so disappointing, but in the end you just gotta suck it up and deal with it 🙂 just know you’re not alone and you CAN and WILL get through everything just look on the bright side of everything 🙂 😀

  3. I actually hate going to prom bcuz every time i do one of my friend ends up crying and then i do and i don’t dance and they also make me realize how much my life sucks and how fun other ppl are

    The only good prom experience i was kissed by my ex and now best friend

  4. Wow… she only recently went to prom wow!

    Edit: she wrote this in high school which would be great for the song 😂

  5. Having tried high school in 2 different countries I agree that high school in America is very stressful because of the way it works and there are kids on the other side of the globe that are actually having a great time just like I did 1 year ago before I moved to the US…

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