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Today we’re going to talk about some skills that every Digital Marketer should know If he/she wants to become an expert in Digital Marketing. 1 Skill – Marketing Skill He/she should know basic know how of marketing skill I am not talking about the definition of marketing. Or he/she should know about what is guerrilla marketing. He/she should know who is his/her target audience? If there’s a product Then who’ll buy this product? He/she should know this. How to define this target audience. Let’s understand this first. Let’s say. I want to buy this watch and it costs 2.5 lakh Let’s say. and not everyone can buy this watch right? Only a specific person will buy this. male or female? This watch is for men. Only they’ll buy it. Who’ll buy it? Those you can afford it. Means they earn a lot So according to that You need to identify your target audience. Will that person be from a specific place? Chances are he/she will belong to metro cities. If he/she is buying an expensive watch. So when my target audience is defined. It’ll be easy for me. in marketing. Those who run ads on youtube/facebook , they know this There’s an option for targeting. If your marketing concepts are good. Then you can easily target. That’s it. This is the basic principle of marketing. Next point is Sales Basics. Means He/she should know what’s sales pitch. How to sell a product. Means whenever you want to run an ad. Or anything. Ultimately when you are doing Digital Marketing What’s your aim? Sell the product. If you are unable to sell a product then you are not a good Digital Marketer. Until and unless If you are able to sell products Then you are a good in digital marketing So in order to sell a product You need to learn Selling techniques. a way of Copywriting, If you are writing blogs Then how you should write it. That our customer reads it and feels the need to buy it. and if someone is doing video marketing then and think how can you deliver the message via video. If i am doing Banner ads Then what can we write on banner ads That our customer feels the desire to buy it. So i am recommending a little series which i always do :p Do follow my sales series. I’ve worked hard in making that series. If you understand one on one marketing Digital marketing will be easy. So if you understand it correctly. Third point is: Design sense Or i can say UI He/she should know basic knowledge of UI. Let’s say If you saw an ugly picture on facebook. as an ad campaign Will you click? Copywriting is good but their design sense is horrible. and it’s related to your use. Means his/her targeting is good and sales pitch is good too But that photo is not appealing Or that text It’s size is very short. Any kind of blunder in UI/UX. let’s forget about ad Website is same. Horrible It’s not appealing Impression won’t be good. So if you have a basic knowledge of design Then you can easily do Digital marketing Whether it’s an ad campaign or website. Visitor’s first impression is good. and first impression matters. What we can do? It’s possible that your design sense is not good. download pinterest. and according to your category research different things You’ll get to know new things. 4th point is : Idea of Profitability Calculation of profitability Let me teach you this logic. Let’s say there’s a product. whose manufacturing cost is 80rs. Now we have manufacturing cost=80 rs and i sell it at 100rs in the market. Now simple calculation. My profit is 20rs. Now with this profit margin And i need to use this money for marketing also. If my marketing cost is more than 20rs. That i need to sell it at loss. So if i properly analyse profitability. Of my clients. Or for my own digital marketing. If i do it properly. Then i’ll never be in loss. Now Biggest problem faced by digital marketers is They do successfully run ad. But they don’t know How much they should spend? In order to convert one person. Benefit? When you know the profitability, you can calculate That i can not spend not more than this. Talking about Google Adwords. There’s an option for acquisition right? Cost per acquisition If Cost per acquisition Is less than my profit Then it’s a profitable deal If cost per acquisition is more than my profit Then it’s a loss. That’s it. Means i should not work on that. We’ll talk about this in detail some other day about CPA(cost per acquisition) What is it? Some other day. Now Basic tools How people brag that they know how to use Google adowords. I know AHREF tool. I know photoshop. I know premier pro. These are just tools. Starting points of this video, remember? those matter not tools. You can even hire a person for tools. But If i am an expert in SEO. Then i should know some tools like ahref If i am an expert in social media Then i should know tools regarding social media. Designing skills are must. FOr social media and copywriting is very important. I’ve already told you video is the future. SO if video is the future then Video editing is a must too. If you don’t know then atleast Be aware about editing basics like lighting . basic know how otherwise Even if i hire an editor I won’t be able to guide him. Now next 2 point. And they go together 1 – analytical skill 2 – creative skill Analytical skill means Whenever i run an ad or facebook Google adwords In those tools You receive a report after ad campaign ends. Analytical report where You get the idea of who clicked on your ad. Where do they live. Everything. Now we need to analyse this data. That which thing is good for us and which is not. Earlier what we talked about marketing basics Let’s say I dont’ know my client audience. and our client too doesn’t know his target audience. What will we do? We test it first. In this we’ll try various things. On our target audience. And then after exploring the analytical report then based on that data I’ll be able to do result oriented work That this data is good ,and we should target this audience. Now Creative Skill means Let’s say Google Adwords I’ve a series on this too. If there’s a person who wants to make a series on google adwords. So what can he do differently in order to beat my video. This is creativity. Means there are many ways to do a single work. Finding these ways – Creativity Creativity is not painting. What a design Creativity is in my many ways If you are running a campaign in digital marketing. Then you can make 10 campaigns for one single product. This is creativity. If i say i want to sell this shoes. 80rs worth And i want to create a sale on 26 jan. Then on this you can make 10 ad campaigns. This is creativity. Now it has seen that Those who are creative can not be analytical. And those who are analytical can not be creative. And those who are hybrid – they are known as Sahil Khanna ๐Ÿ˜› I am kidding. I am talking about left brain , right brain But if you have more analytical skills then Pick that digital marketing niche Where you can use your skills to the fullest. Google adwords Social media’s analytical part. These things. And if you have more creative sense then Then you can do copywriting. Banners Social Media Marketing. Website’s UI/UX. Sales copy. Concentrate on these things. And if you are good in both Then you are GOD. I hope you liked this video. Like share and do tell me in the comments about the video. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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