if as soon as you think that you're perfect that's when you screw you then you don't make any more effort so that's why I always say you know stay hungry that's what makes it makes you be hungry for being better and approving and more and all the things we always set towards and so as soon as you said the cold and you have a clear vision of where you've on the bill then you go after it and that is what creates the enthusiasm and that's what creates them in the passion and all of the stuff in order to be complete and that's where you really have a 100% chance at being successful when you have a complete situation that means that you have developed your body we need your help you strength your energy and all that makes much more positive right because it's when you wake up and feel strong it will fit did you write the price again and wanting you know the whole world is much so that ended the training of the body extremely important the training of the mind extremely important doing a Rex pump up the body and Ellen gets a lot in there then go and run go and run the stairs go and exercise whatever you can that is what creates kind of life in you and therefore more enthusiasm and you have a much more positive outlook on module looks like what you have to do evident inside said then hit the side chest and let it come out and if you don't have it don't hit it don't hit it don't hit it how much more goes into bodybuilding than just lifting weights taking drugs and eating enormous amount of food you know a lot of people come in to buy the building and they go they don't really never make anything out of it but muscles you know I think it created the personality claims of who you are we've all had hard times but you can't solve if you want something you have to keep going and you have to follow your heart man because if you don't you're going to regret everything now if you want to be a bodybuilder don't be afraid to say it do it the bigger you goes up in the wild rages they are then the people who always say this is crazy this will never happen you cannot do that if I can see that I can believe it till I can achieve it you can do it you can do it you can be the greatest do it go for it this is what we're doing here you know this is this is our days you know we inspire both a Golden Arrow were inspired by the camaraderie were inspired with their physiques but we are here to be better and to straight a better message about bodybuilding to show not just artistic side of is a positive side of it something that can improve your character you know struggling your personality gives you confidence that that's where you fear for women we are not superstars we're just in the way you know to the top if you want to inspire you to go to your own top or your own Mountain everybody is looking back now because it's beautiful and anybody can relate that a human I can relate to the beauty to aesthetics you when you when you see it you know it's beautiful I that's bad of a feeling back Oh ah book have a vision trust yourself break some rules ignore the naysayers don't be afraid to fail every day do something that scares you we should all stay hungry


  1. First motivation video I ever watched was this one two years ago and it got me into the sport that has changed the game , I still visit this every once in awhile to remind me of why I started.

  2. Watching this in 2019 and it's exactly what I needed to hear. I have a passion for bodybuilding and fitness, and one day I will become a known fitness figure!

  3. You don't have to become as big as the people seen in this video. You can just stop at the physique-level that you like.

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