MOMON HappyGirl EP.2 – ตะลุยกินและเที่ยววังหลังแบบ MoMon Style (ENG sub)

Hello everyone. Today I will take you on the boat tour We’ll start our journey from Icon Siam and get off at the ‘Pran Nok pire’ or ‘Wang Lang’ which is our destination. Actually, I haven’t traveled on the express boat for a very long time Probably for 10 years! The boat is leaving at 10.48 Now is 10.25 so it’s only 13 minutes left. Right…? Oh no! It’s 23 minutes! Quite few people today I mean our staffs Nobody to play jokes with me Anyway we’ve gotta meet P’ Tong at Wang Lang. Or should I go with that boat? Seem Fun They’re getting people to come on the boat by saying “20 bath come over here” which means anyone who pay 20 bath can come over here. Oh ‘m lost! Whoa hot! Let me stay here. wanna borrow this umbrella. Share me the shade please Are you going to Pran nok? It’s good to chill out on the boat But we don’t really travel on the boat that much or live close to the river in everyday life. A friend of mine told me a story that she used to ride the boat to school through ‘Saen Saep Cannal’ (Khlong Saen Saep) The water splashed everywhere. Staff: Now they have tarps to cover it. Oh really!? I haven’t visited Wang Lang for roughly 10 years. For people at my age this was the high school’s teenagers’ favorite to buy second hand clothes. Something like that. We’re going to see if it’s still the same today Boat Driver: Pak Klong, Sanam Luang, Wat Phra Kaew. Be ready to get off! Ahhh….We’re not getting off here. That is Wang Lang pier. It’s our turn. We’ll leave the second hand stores for later. It’s lunch time now. We gotta get something to eat There’re nice food shops here like Orathai Sushi Khun Dang Vietnamese noodle soup and Chaowang fried pork opposite to Siriraj hospital. Just 3 restaurants , They could make our stomach full. Whoa wow! Desserts are everywhere! Wait wait I really wanna eat this one. Whao they’ve got Khao LAM here! Shall we come back to buy Khao Lam later? Let’s buy it. I’ll buy it now. I’ve always wanted to eat Khao Lam, you know? Just 3 restaurants are fine Tokyo Pancake… Is this cotton candy? Oh I wanna eat them all. What do I do?! Just 3 restaurants! Here we are. Orathai Sushi We’ve made it here but we plan to visit other shops too so we’re gonna have this Sushi at the Vietnamese noodle shop. Staff: Here’s the second hand shop We’ll come back later. Let’s have lunch first. So many desserts here… This smoothie looks yummy Can I buy it? Just 3 restuarants.. (Really!?) How long have you been selling this? Shop owner: Since 2006 2006? For how many years now?… Already 13 years?! Shop owner: Are you the one who played in the tv drama ‘Tee kai tee man’? Oh she has watched my drama. Shop owner: At first I really hated you in that drama. Oh don’t hate me. Am I beautiful in the Drama? Shop owner: Sure, You are beautiful. Staff: Do you love her now? Shop owner: Definitely! I do. And are you already in love with the guy in the drama? Nope. I won’t tell you. You have to watch it. You have to see what happen in the drama. Shop owner: The man protagonist is really cute You gotta keep watching until the end. No no! I don’t want to have it for free. Ahhh thank you very much. I don’t need a plastic bag. I really hated her at the beginning of the drama. Now I really her you. *The lady is talking about her favorite scenes. Thank you very much. Got a free drink. She treated me. I’m gonna try Sushi first. I like Sushi. Oh yum! So yummy. Really! No wonder why it’s selling like hotcakes. Reasonable price and good taste. Now let’s try Moo Yor (Vietnamese sausage) Umm good. I like Mooyor with crispy skin like this. Ohhhh Yummy yummy Love it! Before there weren’t so many shops like this. I mean the main shops still stay the same But there weren’t many small shops back then. There was one alley where all second hand shops were. Only second hand goods were sold there. No other stuffs. Let’s go check if the alley is still there. Should be this alley. Think this is the one. I remember. Oh how cute! This is really pretty. Right? Staff : This one is pretty. There’re belts and bags. This is nice for putting stuff in for picnic. A Picnic bag. So much stuff here. Can’t choose any of them. Awwww how pretty! So pretty How much? Ah 60 bath. I’ll buy it. Things are so cheap here. Shoes are 100-150 bath. Lots of lovely cloth bags here also. I love cloth bags I’ve got a number of them at home. I have more cloth bags than brand name bags. Oh 100 bath for two cloth bags. Definitely gonna buy them. What are you waiting for? Awwww this is cute! Staff: Is there any discount? For how much? We haven’t known how much. Don’t bargain the price yet. Don’t really know how I pick each clothe. Think I just pick what I like. I guess everybody has their own style. I don’t to wear the same clothes again and again. So I normally keep changing my dressing style. Like today I put on colorful stuff. Because I think that we’re going to visit the place that’s full of life. that’s why I put one colorful clothes. Can’t choose which color. Gonna open the vote on Instagram. The vote is now opened on my IG for 5 minutes. Green vs Purple Purple 83% Green 17% So I’m gonna get the purple one. P’tong (Staff), please try bargain it for me. P’tong is bargaining the price 20 baht discount is lovely Now we’re searching for Wanglang fried pork. At Siriraj hospital, very famous one. They’ve been selling it for a long time. I love fried pork so much. My life will be difficult without fried pork, fried chicken and sticky rice. Here we are! Chao Wang fried pork. Staff: Where are we going next? Done. Mission complete. I think that since we’ve come here we should go to feed fish at Wat Rakang. And I’ve put on proper clothes because I want to visit the temple So we’re going to the temple. Usually I like to visit Tewagunchorn Temple Next time I’ll take you there. This my first time to visit Wat Rakang. Never been here before. I don’t see any fish food sold here. Staff: Not allowed to feed the fish now. It’s written on the sign. No more bird food, fish food or any kinds of food sold here. But since we’re already here so let’s go to pray to the Buddha. Now we’re heading to Napasorn café the floral café. In fact I’m not familiar with this area But we’ve come here today so let’s take a look the café. Staff: It’s dark here. So can I do…. Like this? This used to be a flower shop It was one famous flower shop in this area I guess the shop owner was probably into café and decorations **MO has a plan of finding accessories and furniture for her condominium.** I’m actually fond of this decoration style But my condominium is not really big. So I need to pick some few things. Can’t take all of them otherwise it’ll look untidy. ** Previous situation before we get the table Awwww I like this candle. So cute This one is so cute Oh I’m losing my control I really really love this. I love them. I’m going insane. Normally I don’t like lemon cake at all Never ordered one. But it’s the recommended menu here. Oh it’s tasty! Good! This is chocolate cake Oh also nice. This one is yummy too. Let’s Try it Ouch hot! Today’s mission has been completed. We started our boat trip from Icon Siam to Wanglang pier. Then took a walk to look for something yummy to eat. Then walked to shop the second hand stuff And ended our trip at Napasorn café the floral café at Pakklong Talad. Don’t forget to subscribe me for the next episode. On Hunsub official Channel #Momonhappygirl Bye Bye

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