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So, let’s talk about posing And let’s start with “Natural poses” OK, natural poses. For me it’s something classic Something simple… You’re just standing and make a bit of movements with your hands Turning your head left/ right, looking to the camera, looking away and etc ( just keep on changing your face position and point of view a little bit) It’s something really simple. BTW I don’t see it as typically Chinese poses. For example I can pose like these in Russia or elsewhere during any shoot… It will be absolutely fine These are just standard classic poses So, let’s speak about the simple poses then – It’s almost the same. – Yes, there’s a funny thing about it lol Actually for me it’s exactly the same as Natural poses. Then I come to a casting and they ask me to show them the “Simple poses”… OK, I pose like this for the clients… It’s fine So, I’m showing them something simple and nice. And then they ask me to show my “Natural poses” lol And I think I should do something else…. But for me Simple and Natural posing is the same… So, I keep on showing them the same poses… And they are actually happy with that So, the clients are happy, they like everything… And I don’t think there’s an actual difference between Simple and Natural posing… Really They are absolutely identical for me – The main thing is that the client is happy. Everything else doesn’t matter at all. – Yes – OK, “Big poses”. Oh, I guess it’s everyone’s “favorite”. Both clients’ and models’ lol They ( * mostly Chinese clients ) think it’s a High fashion poses. Something… Big, really! lol So, basically you’re taking all of the space on the photo ( if talking about the composition and balance of the shot) For example, you’re might be standing wide, so your legs will be on the photos’ corners. If you’re hands will be visually composing a diagonal line or smth like that it will be perfect ( just take as much space as you can ) So, raising your leg, leaning on the wall and posing like ballerina – it’s all about “Big poses” So, it’s your chance to show everything your body’s capable of. If you’ve ever done sports, yoga, – here you go… They ( Chinese clients ) really love it and I don’t know why… So, what is fashion for us ( Europeans ) ? Something classic, something really “high” and maybe sublime… And for them it’s obviously smth that takes all of the space on the photo… So, they will be really happy if you’ll just will be raising you hands and legs during the posing as high as you can. lol – So, girls, do the sport! lol – Yes. Yes, do they sports and you’ll be really successful in “Big poses” Because you’re being asked showing “Big poses” all the time on every casting. Even if it’s a casting for a catalog, they still would love to see whether you’re capable of posing like this Just in case if we’ll change their mind and during the basic job will ask you to pose in more “fashionable way” So, you’ll be like posing during the job for 8 hours or smth.. And after that they’ll decide to “shoot some fashion”. So, here’s your chance to show them “Big poses” lol – I think you’ll be really successful in China if you’re not only a model but a gymnast as well lol – Cute poses. – Yes, sometimes “Cute poses” are being called as “Young girl” poses in Taiwan as well So, it’s an image of a 14-years old girl, really cute and lovely with the pink cheeks… Something like that It’s called “Kawaii” in Japan… It’s a bit different in every country. But for me it’s an image of a typical teenager Who’s enjoying the life, really happy and funny You can amke a funny face… The clients love it as well They usually need such kind of posing for a “pajamas” and sleepwear kind of shoots… Some really cute girly underwear with lots of frills and lovely elements… Smth like that Or some cute skirts… Catalogs… Yep! 🙂 So… The catalog posing for me is… Well, when I’m being asked to pose for a catalog on the casting In my mind a have an image of a 30-years old mom, looking healthy She has 3 children and still is successful in doing everything she’d planned Just don’t forget elegantly showing your fingers… The gestures and poses must be very elegant, delicate and sophisticated… Something like that. And you have to change the poses as fast as you can Because on the catalog shootings you have to work really fast So, when you’re being asked to pose like this on the castings, they want to see how you will exactly for for their catalog How will look in front of the camera So, basically you have to show them like 25 poses per second lol And just have an image of successful 30-years old mom in your mind For me it’s something like that 🙂 Yes, they really do care about the ability of working fast because you’re being paid per hour of work Yes, no one wants to pay for over-time work OK, “Walking poses”… Sometimes they see it as a different tupe of posing They ask you to walk a little bit… What is it for me? OK, you just have to make some steps, walk a bit… But it’s a special kind of posing for them… I don’t know why they ask you to show these poses… Maybe they’d like to see how you look when you’re moving… I usually just walk forward, on the imagined diagonal line…. I can go back if they’ll ask… Look back, look to different sides…. That’s it. I don’t think it’s a special type of posing. So I just go here and there… That’s all Everybody’s happy lol I once had a job when I was jumping during 8 hours… lol I think I will keep on telling everyone about that job during my whole life Sometimes they ask you to jump as a bellerina… Freeze in the air in the pose like this like some kind of a yogi… So, speaking about Chinese clients… I guess they don’t realize that maybe you’ve never done gymnastics, ballet or yoga in your life…. They think if you’re a model you have to be able to do all that… You have to be perfect in it. That’s it Sometimes they ask to do some kind of crazy movements, to jump like you’re in “Black swan” movie… It’s crazy. I think I will remember that terrible work when I had to jump during 8 hours for my whole life… Really… Yes, it was a terrible job… I had to jump on the trampoline, I had to just jump on the ground…. And again and again all of that… I had an experience with “Lady poses” in Taiwan The models are being asked to show “Lady poses” almost on every casting I don’t know why but I have a strong image of posing with some kind of clutch or bag…. So, you have a small clutch or bag and you hold it like this, like that and like that…. I imagine it like this… And yes, they use has given us some kind of clutch, bag or a figure of a dog to pose with… So, again, you’re a successful woman and mostly “selling” some kind of accesories. I guess something like that Yes, you’re a successful woman who loves Chanel, but can’t afford it, so keep on buying stuff from Chinese catalogs Yes, Chinese cute bags… Or the puppy toys 🙂 Yes, you need to buy that things for sure Yes, here we go… 🙂 So, when you come to such casting, they give you some kind of a “fake belly”. Like 9th months belly, so you’re going to give birth really-really soon Yes, 9th month for sure. Really They can ask you to pose together with Chinese children as well So, you’re a happu mom of two children, being pregnant with 3rd Chinese baby… And being 9 month pregnant you have to show them the happy poses So, you’ll probably give birth in 2 hours or smth, but still have to shine with happiness and positivity Something like that Thank God, I only had few castings like that… I probably don’t fit the image of a pregnant mom… lol You probably have to have a bit more curves for that… Because moms are gaining a bit of weight during the pregnancy… Well, I don’t know what the clients want from us for the shoots like this… lol So, they usually pair you with Chinese families… Not even mixed ones… So you’re standing there looking 100% Caucasian with Chinese children… Yes, and the happy daddy is usually Chinese too Yes, on the castings there’s usually already being cast a Chinese boy, who will be your husband for the shoot. I don’t know, perhaps they’re trying to promote mixed-raced marriage or smth? They like it I guess that’s the simpliest thing for me It’s usually a close-p shoot It’s usually for TVC ads of creams, cosmetics etc Smth like that They usually ask you to touch your face, hair…. You just keep on doing it… Some gentle, soft gestures. It’s really easy for me, because for example on TFP shooting in Russia I usually pose like this too… So ,if it’s a beauty portraits shoot, it’s always the same Unfortunately they only ask for this type of posing on the castings for TVC Or for the magazine shootings… Jewellry and that kind of things Lookbooks are the most common jobs in Japan… At least in Tokyo, – I’ve worked there And around 90% of castings are for lookbook shootings It’s pretty much standard type of poses: you’re standing in front of the camera, left side, right side, back, 3/4 angle etc… So the people would see how the clothes will look of them. There’s nothing difficult and special in posing like this They don’t ask you for showing any emotions on your face, no strange or “Big poses”. Nothing like that lol Everything’s easy and simple. You don’t have to do any special gestirues with your hands. Maximum you can being asked to put them into the pockets or bend one of your arms… Smth like that I love Japan: you usually sit and having a meal break for 30 minutes, then having a 10-minutes shooting and having some food again… lol And you don’t have to show any special poses… It’s a perfect job in my opinion! I’d love to have these type of jobs instead of Chinese catalogs! – OK, thank you so much Liza! – Thank you too 🙂 They really pronounce it “giRl”, not the usual “girl” lol So, let me remember how to do that ( we speak about the “Cute poses”)…. It’s a rwally cutie-pie girl. lol I didn’t have lots of jobs like these… Probably I’m not cute enough for that… lol Let me think… OK, I’ll imagine the pink blusch on my cheeks Maybe some lovely song for background?

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  1. Татьяна, спасибо большое за видео! Давно искала что-то подобное, где были бы подробно разобраны все позы и показаны в приемлемой для анализа скорости. Моей благодарности нет предела :з

  2. dear models don't do poses that covers upper half of ur bodies(hands crossing) way too much for catalogs, it pisses the hell out of photographers 🙂 we trying to sell those tops not ur hands. peace.

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  4. Спасибо за видео, фотографирую, а о стольки категориях поз не знала. Девушка умничка просто <3

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