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hey guys welcome back to your video in my last couple blocks I have asked you what kind of videos you would like to see and a lot of you guys asked to do more fashion related videos so today I wanted to share a couple of my favorite basic summer items and I feel I wear a lot of basics because it's so easy I figure it's always looks like super classy so yeah expect a lot of like why didn't denim because those are the basics I wear the most yeah that's good to mine okay so this is part 1 of the walk-in closet and it's kind of you know in New York all apartments are so small so like every month I'm trying to like get rid of clothes I give them away or I bring them to like charity and I didn't like little clean up recently so that was really good um for me summer or winter it doesn't matter having a good pair of jeans is so important and I feel you should own a pair of jeans in each color and color I mean obviously start with white I think white is a super nice teen for like Anna summer it's super easy to combine I don't really wear white jeans in the winter I have to say I find it a little strange but in the summer it's really nice this is one from redone and it's kind of like a mom jeans it's really cool easy fit and yeah easy to combine with different kind of shirts obviously I need dark blue this one is a little bit more skinnies absolutely one of my favorites it's Alexander Wang and it's got like dark jeans a little more thick I think it's really nice to wear in summer as well because it has like zippers down below and you can open them and in winter it would be a little bit too short and then like blue jeans this one is from Levi's and I got this from Urban Outfitters again it's kind of like a mom Jean and that to be honest I really love the trend that all the jeans are way too short because that's my problem for the last few years all my jeans are too short this one is an easy fit and it's a lot of like summery tops you know what is I feel view online' these three collar jeans you can make so many variations on like different kind of looks and something you can see me wearing all summer long our jeans shorts I think it just looks so every lesson so like cool these are one of my favorite ones these are from girlfriends and I got these app revolve super comfortable and very cute and then another one which looks almost exactly this is hey this is another Levi's one from Urban Outfitters and I don't know I switched these off like all the time if one is in the laundry I put this one on I feel is super easy like on a vacation or yeah you just walk around in New York City so yeah besides the jeans having good tops is also very very important and a friend where I actually shop a lot of lot of tops you can actually see I always organize my wife my black these are just like short sleeve all over and these are like long-sleeve all over so this is actually a redone bodysuit and its really well fitted so that's why I like body suits right lately because if you put like jeans on top of it it's not baggy it looks chic super easy and then another brand where I got a lot a lot of my basics it's brandy melville i honestly find that they have so many easy tops and this is like just a black one and it's kind of like a crop top you see me a lot in crop tops during the summer because obviously it's hot in New York it's so hot and I just find it always make your eyes outfit like super cool this is another one from brandy melville and this one is even a little shorter then another place where I get really nice basics is are you my and it's a shame you guys can't feel the fabric true camera but the fabric is really nice and sometimes I really noticed you need to find like a good story really love because basics don't always have to be super expensive the one from brandy melville they last forever these from ru am I are amazing and they feel fantastic this is like a one sleeve and again like really really short very cute to wear with with jeans or something and then I have two other tank tops this one is from Wesley and I think I got this at NJ and this is just again very easy topple jeans or like the skirt and this again has a very nice very nice fit another one you can actually see how often I wash this I feel like every few days because this is another basic flow from redone and it's really really well and quality just stays amazing and it's kind of funny because I kind of like if they're a little bit washed it doesn't have to be like completely perfect also you can see me a lot and just basic t-shirts a white tee I feel everyone should have I have a couple of just blank ones and this one I actually recently gone it's all good baby from NASA go and compare this with like shorts or like sneakers or like little biker shorts and talking about the biker shorts I didn't know at this time I recently got these so these are for Maria and these are like jeans back or shoulders and I really feel that look sometimes a little bit more flattering than like the soft biker sword especially if you're gonna go somewhere in city so I would paired this with like a nice t-shirt and I think it's really cool yeah Trent completely changed but like a very influenced let's keep it that way so now I showed you guys like a couple of just like jeans and like a couple of like really really basic tops something I love to wear as well and summer dresses and I feel everyone needs like nice I mean a little black dress is obviously one of the best basics but now it's summer so I kind of like to wear like quite a little bit more and I'm actually I actually recently got this one I haven't worn yet because it's a very special dresses from Jacques mousse and I really love this brand it's kind of like a little sea true like perfect for summer and I think it looks really really chic and this is perfect like on the holiday the French Riviera or something oh it even says that there maybe you're right that's funny what else alright so we're gonna stay in the white and I feel sometimes I overestimate always the heat in the summer because sometimes if I go to Europe it can be really really cool especially in Holland where I'm from I had summers it was like raining all weekend and this is a very nice like white floaty top from Victoria Beckham and cut this is very nice it's nice to wear on top of jeans and this is something I'm wearing like a summer meeting and I feel you know if you work in an office or something like that is a very good choice to have like a nice white thin cheek and then this is more something where it is more like very loungy at home and when I'm like chilling this is like I'm really into SATs lately I love to buy sets and this is from Free People it's a very nice linen t-shirt with like linen shorts and this is like my ultimate chill outfit and perfect for when I am on the holiday or like out in the Hamptons or something and I really feel this is like a really good basic to have because when I bought it was like oh I will wear this like once in a while and I've been wearing this almost every every day right now then I got another top which is from Reformation and again this one is a little bit more warm and like the super floaty summary summary tops but it is very nice again if you're like in an office or if you walk in to somewhere where it's like air conditioning still has like an open neck so it feels kind of like summery but it does like cover you up a little bit a little bit more oh yeah I totally forgot to share this with you guys this is a black miniskirt and I feel this is essential in the summer skirts are super easy and a black skirt you can combine with everything and this one is from a new new brand new york coats take it and really love this one because it's kind of like this shiny texture but it has shorts it has like shorts underneath I really love skirts but to walk around it in sometimes you feel a little bit uncomfortable if I said like in a selfie or something and these are actually perfect because they have shorts and knee so they don't drive me crazy as you can see on top I have all my bags which is a complete mess I'm actually I already showed you guys a couple of like bags with with the looks but I do wanna show you our knees I recently got this hat from Mike Fossum in Germany it's from a little story in in Brooklyn so I don't know if you can buy this online I'm trying to find try to find the links also all the things I will link in the description down below so you can take a look at it what I recently got though for my holidays well is this little bag and I think this is like really fun summer festival back from Free People and yeah it's like super cute okay so this is always the challenge too this is how I do it okay then we go over here you know what this is okay this is another fact I really wear a lot in the summer and I kind of like those crossover bags and this one is from Zimmerman with like straw and it has like summer look you can easily put this as like a belt or you can like put this over your shoulder and I bought a couple of those I bought one at Topshop as well and this is like a neon and probably think oh this is myself I actually really like it and if you wear like a basic white t-shirt or like a black t-shirt I think it's really fun to just like add this over your shoulder little effortless weight like or something okay let's use this stuff okay then I want to show you guys a couple of my favorite summer shoes and this is not my full shoe collection because then the videos are going to take like one hour so I decided to take a couple of my favorites and first was these are my Gucci loafers and these are so easy the fact that I can just like slip in there and just like were them they're super comfortable they fit with everything with jeans it's fine with a nice dress it makes it super chic and they're just so easy and you can find them now I feel like in every kind of shoe store they have like these black loafers and honestly I won them in every these shoes from Topshop and these are like sandals it's funny because I hate ballerinas I absolutely hate and I love sandals though and these have like a little heel on it so I'm not too tall but it looks like fun underneath like a dress or or something I love these kind of little strings on it oh and these are like flip-flops perfect if you like walk around it's super easy these I got from Zara I hear them actually but yeah as you can see I go a lot for comfort about these summer issues like Esper dias I think are amazing basic to have these are from Nasty Gal that's like a straw here super comfortable and easy and then I got these are from Alexander Wang I got this on like a vintage in a vintage markets yeah I think it's really fun also to get like summer pieces in like vintage places but I feel if you have like brown shoes white shoes and black shoes you're done for summer okay I feel I shared my most favorite essential basics in this closet we're gonna hop to the other one we're just wanna show you guys a couple final pieces so tada closet number two it's kind of like shame on me and literally have on my back like all these vacuum sealed bags are it like all my winter clothes so this is not even it sometimes a disaster to find a piece on it in my bath but something what I find an essential as well is I really love like silky pinkish clothing this one I got at the Richa and it's like a nice silky it's super light and I feel a lot of people are getting marriage for some reason so this will be really great for a wedding as well and it's like light and easy and then I absolutely love jumpsuits I've never seen a jumpsuit I didn't like and this one is from Topshop I think it looks like super cool and it's like kind of it's white but not completely white and it has like this really cool bike I have another job suit looks almost the same but it's like it's a little bit hotter in the summer so that's why I got this for summer and this one for like fall or something and I feel this is deputy the fact that I already have two of those means it is an essential basically and then because it is summer and I sat already there a lot of like weddings going on a lot of like parties and actually this you cannot wear to wedding because it's white but this is a super long nice dress I feel when it's on hot like evening summer if I have a rose a party air or when I'm on a holiday I feel a long dress with long sleeve which is like light is a very nice basic to have as well so so guys I've shared a couple of my favorite basic items and honestly this video could continue for another two hours because I want to share so anymore I hope you guys enjoyed watching this more like fashion related minute video leave me a comment down below what do you think of it and don't forget to subscribe like this video and it will see you next time

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